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Meet DJ Tira and wife Gugu

DJ Tira South Africa

DJ Tira and his beautiful wife, Gugu Khathi, are undoubtedly one of Mzansi’s hottest power couples and they are ready to rule 2020. When it comes to keeping their act clean and their relationship out of the media, Tira and Gugu are pros. knows what a solid unity Tira …

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Long Distance Relationship Quotes

quotes long distance relationship

Long Distance Relationship Quotes Are you in a long distance relationship? Do you yo need beauty quotes that are more memorable and funny that will always keep you smiling? Do you need to send long distance quotes to your partner who is living else? Do you want to sometimes want …

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Unhealthy Relationship Signs And Characteristics

unhealthy relationship signs lady

Unhealthy Relationship Signs And Characteristics In every relationship, there must be some kind of cordiality and commitment. It is the wish of both parties in the relationship to see the best for both, but sometimes it turns out that, the affair becomes so unhealthy. The result of such unhealthy affairs …

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Marriage Verses In The Bible

Bible verse on marriage

Marriage Verses In The Bible Many students and lovers of the Holy Bible would want to know marriage verses in the Bible. Here in this article, the verses are going to be discussed thoroughly. Each verse will be given a bit of background will be attached. As described in the …

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