Zandile Christmas Mafe Biography

Zandile Christmas Mafe, a South African citizen, was born in Mahikeng, He became the topic of the town when he was accused of setting a Parliament in South Africa on fire. Due to this, he was apprehended. He appeared in court on 4th January 2022, for his trial.

Zandile Mafe Early Life

Zandile Christmas Mafe Biography

He was born in a place called lonely park in Mahikeing, where he started his early education at Signal Hill primary school before moving to Sebopiwa Middle School, It was revealed that he also attended Lapologang Secondary school, before Finally, he proceeded to Cape Town in 2000.

According to sources Zandile, lost his parent while he was still young, His Mother gave birth to six other children, but sadly only two are left, as of the time of this writing.

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One of his two siblings left is Khalephile Mafe, A south African civil servant, who worked as a National Defence Soldier.

Zandile Christmas Mafe Trial

Zandile Mafe Spouse

As of the time of this writing, it hasn’t been ascertained whether he had a wife or not, But According to gathered research, he once had a lover (Mbinde Andoni), when queried above him, She stated that; she last saw Zandile on Christmas day, Another shocking revelation she made was that; he was putting on the same outfit, Which he appeared in the courtroom with. While Defending him, She speaks about how he was homeless, and queries, where he got the idea to gain entry into the parliament and know what set of documents to burn, Adding that all this doesn’t add up.

Zandile Mafe’s Case

Zandile Mafe Trial

Made is being accused of housebreaking, two charges of arson, possession of an explosive device, and damage to vital infrastructure, as stated by the National Prosecuting Authority. According to the charge sheet that was filed against Zandile, it is said that he was discovered in possession of the stolen property, including computers, dinnerware, and papers, all of which were taken from the parliament.

On January 2, 2022, Zandile was allegedly seen in the legislative area where he had been hiding out.

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Zandile Mafe’s Investigation

His home in Khayelitsha was searched by investigators and members of the media on the 3rd of January 2022 to find evidence that may connect him to the arson attack on the parliament. They discovered political newspaper articles from the 1980s, a T-shirt from the African National Congress (ANC), and banners calling for the release of Janusz Walus, who was jailed for the death of Chris Hani. Along with his identification cards, this paraphernalia was discovered in a suitcase inside his residence.

The assertions that his client was homeless were denied by his attorney, who said that the guy has a permanent residence and that he has resided in the Western Cape throughout the last six years.

How He Was Described By His Neighbors

Zandile Mafe’s goods raised eyebrows among his Khayelitsha neighbors, who viewed him with wariness. People who work and reside in that region do not have access to items like refrigerators, satellite dishes, or televisions, yet he had all three of those things. They also disclosed that he had the financial means to purchase alcohol and that he often drank by himself. However, although his next-door neighbor said she never saw him working, he was never late with the rent payment.

In contrast to Khayelitsha, his neighbors in Langa seemed to have a warmer relationship with Zandile Mafe. They said that he was an animated individual interested in discussing political scandals and scandals in general. Doreen Lekoma claims that Zandile had worked for a bread firm but that he was let off from his position in the early years of 2021. His neighbors in Langa said that the fact that political paraphernalia was found in his home in Khayelitdirectly resulted from his deep interest in the political process.

How His Family Reacted To His Crime

Social Support for Zandile Christmas Mafe

When his family members heard the claims, they were in a state of bewilderment and shock. During an interview with SABC News, his brother, Alfred Matiwane, described him as a quiet, courteous, and solitary person who does not consider the idea of violence. In addition to this, he voiced his displeasure with the allegations that were made against his brother.

Zaliwe Matiwane, his other brother, gave an interview to SABC News in which he said that his sibling was being unfairly persecuted and that the family needed to be informed of what occurred before his detention.

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