Why Your Sassa June 2020 payment is pending? Find out Here.

Why Your Sassa June 2020 payment is pending. Find out why.

It has become completely common among applicants if the sassa srd grant of R350 that their June 2020 grant status is pending despite the fact that they have been approved or even been paid for May payments.

Yes thus the case of most people. Sassa explains that, the reason why such is the case is because applicants are not automatically paid all the amount of money throughout the designated six months as announced earlier in April this year by the President.

SASSA says every month, all applicants including new ones will have to go through a verification process to make sure if each applicant still qualifies to receive the Social Relief Grants.

It is believed, according to sassa that, some applicants might be employed within that month therefore will no more be eligible to be considered for the money.

It can also be that, one is declined in May but might eligible for a grant in June 2020.

SASSA is working around the clock to make sure that all qualified and deserving applicants are given their share of this national financial support for all.

Once again, sassa and SAPO has urged applicants to only go to the post office for their cash after they have received SMS notification to do so. Remember to take your ID card along for verification.

Once again, no one can collect this money on behalf of other people. Remember to keep your AppID (Application ID) private and don’t share it with anyone.

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Since sassa had to rescind its earlier decision of declining more people which was later turned to be false.

Later, sassa said about 85% of the Declined applications rightly quality and more eligible to receive the payment.

All those who have had their srd grant application declined can now check their status to seen the current status.
The online platform created by sassa to manage this special relief fund

The link is provided below :

SASSA has also advised applicants of the #srd #R350 grant not use other people’s bank accounts since they have to verify banking information provided by the applicant to make sure payments are made to the rightful owners.

SASSA promised to add to its online platform where applicants who had their applications declined to lodge an appeal or request a re-look at their decline.


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148 thoughts on “Why Your Sassa June 2020 payment is pending? Find out Here.

          1. May has been declined June is still pending, however I am unemployed, I have appealed against the status 3weeks ago and have still received no response.

      1. I received my last unemployment benefit in May which was 400.. I’m 53 years old but Sassa keep on declines my 350… I don’t understand…Tersua

      2. Since i applied in May I didn’t receive any payment ..may says decline even June decline why how is that possible because I don’t receive any money

        1. From the beginning of the covid 19 that grant 350r i did not see that money every time is declined but now on Desember the show me pending after that they show me declined because of a irp5 whats wrong im unemployed my idnr is 7508045117087 cell nr is 0640858181

      3. I’m still waiting for Sassa Grant ….may …June…July until now ..I want to know what is going on..??

    1. Dear applicant this for your information

      No …you don’t have to reapply again as you applied at first… you only apply once… all what you must do, is to wait for a confirmation as it happened at first ..in order for you to get a second payment etc…

      1. Kindly help I applied never received an SMS till now when I check my status it says fail?

    2. Dear Thandi Rejoice Mapanda

      Good evening… please do note that this information is accordingly to your question… now this is your answer.
      Yes.. you should go to post office and collect your payment there.. but first note that before you go should be notified by an (SMS), From sassa as it is to prevent unnecessary over crowding at post office ..during this pandemic covid19 for keeping social distancing…
      Thank you ..for your cooperation.
      Take care and good night 😴😴💓🌹💓✌️ peace

  1. Hi… I never receive my R350 in June… My first payment was on the 29th of May and I never received my Second R350 for June… Why is it not being payed into my account for the month of June? I’m currently unemployed and there’s no money going into my account… Please email me.

    1. I only received my payment on 26 may 2020 srd R350 and I never received June payment

    2. My application for may is declined.June is pending.I don’t get any income or grant and I’m unemployed for more than a year .Id nr:730125742080 Sellnr:0797283445

    3. when sasa will pay me Cos
      My thinks its been approve
      and i give them and my account number

    1. I applied on May for my sassa relieve grant but i didn’t get anything May decline and june pending and said they got my application in process and i must check the details and try again so i dont understand because my details are correct what must i correct can you please specify on what was wrong on my application so that i can fixed it

  2. I didn’t get any payments and any message since I already applied through my email address in May and I don’t know what is the problem or the reason of the delay

  3. Why my srd hasn’t been payed I’ve long applyed since April till now haven’t received any srd why

    1. I have aplyed since april but even today i couldn’t receive money but my request wasn’t declined so i am confused because i really don’t understand why .

    1. I applied on 6th May but still i didnt received even a cent😭😭😭😭

  4. Good day I got my may payment buy June it days pending with I received my second payment on the same date as last manth

    1. My uncle applied on May but hasn’t find his 350 grant no message no nothing I would like to know what is going on

  5. Good day I don’t understand. My status said approved may. Pay date the 16th.June pending. But I haven’t received any money for may.best regards. Jodre Klein

  6. My application says approved for May and for June it says pending what do I do for June then i have used this link to check

  7. I have been asked for bank account by sassa I provided it not awere that acc have been closed. So what do i do in such case

  8. My second payment for June is pending, I want to know why because I’m not working

  9. Mina nangi check I status sami I ngoMay Decline ibuye ithi ngo June pending angisazi☺️

    1. i apply in May Idid’nt get any sent its near august now why Mara its say June pending May declined

  10. Hi I did not get June payment ,still pending and am unemployment struggling please approve my June payment

  11. Good day i wynad and my br dit apay and may show aprove i sent the details to get my money via nedbank ewalet my br dit not recive a sms about bank details so how do we get may s money myne also not in yet

  12. Hi, I applied for the srd grant in early May. And I was declined for no reason.
    The reason for them to decline me was as follows.
    Other source of income…
    Of witch I don’t have,and they have all they need to do a background check.
    Now it’s pending for June, and for how long it would say pending. when am I going to get my money. People are going to get there srd grant now and I am still waiting for my first pay out….

  13. I never received any payment since I applied May declined June Pending and I appeal as other told me so now I don’t know what to do because I don’t receive noincome

  14. I Goisamang Matthews Matlhako apply on 11may 2020 for srd grant and end-up pending now decline n I’m currently not working not receiving any income.My I’d: 8111055801085 cell phone number 0836179153 + 0736582273.

  15. I’m still waiting on the R350 & yet I’ve asked for my funds to paid to FNB cause I don’t have a bank account. Can u pls assist me in this matter. Thank you

  16. Hi me and my son were both approved and didn’t receive payment yet.we applied for e wallet at absa how does the ewallet work,cause it has been 3weeks since approved.

  17. My question is that I never get the answer why I was declined on the first place what will happen with the 2 months that I was declined which is May & June? Will I get that back pay?

  18. Sanibonani ndifake isicelo ngoMay kwakhona nda aprova kwangawo uMay xasendibheka kuthwa Pending andisazi kengoku andisendelwa meseji ethi mandifike ePost office neID yam sacela ningisize bandla ngenze njani ndiyatholakala kulezi number ingakumbi leyokuqala(0608912762or0785711394)ndingajabula kakhulu ngosizo lwenu(Ozithobileyo_SIYASANGA BOOI.

  19. My issue with the Sassa reloef gra t is that my applications does not indicate any outcome, it does not say approved, declined or pending, it just says that my application form exist but some documents are shot, when I check the status using the status link it says fail.
    What should I do?

  20. Hi there just want to find out i did applied in may but was Declined im getting money in but not working from 2007 and June is still pending what must i do thanks from Judith

  21. Mayb you will get it i just checked now mine was declined in may till now ,ny kids are hungry am jobless but people are getting it left and right even rich people

  22. The time I apply covid19 grant, I send my bank details, but I received a message that I must go to post office. It almost 2 weeks going to post office to collect money, every day full of peoples.

  23. You keep on talking June and July now. What about us who applied in May and approved for May and June?

    1. My brother status still pending I applied for him on the 14/05/2020 still pending even today.
      My cousin status also it said failed I don’t know why he is also epelepic nerver benefit from food parcels and even voucher nothing at all he is was last employed in 2006

  24. Mine was declined now its pending and still heard nothing , sent emails logged on whats up did that * 137*7737# still nothing

  25. Hi I applied in May for grant haven’t received anything yet. Please give me reply? Thnx

  26. Good day.
    I applied for my son on my phone and up till today he has not recieved any payment. We keep on updating his details as requested but the sassa system does not allow us. The hotline no does not work at all. I phoned and a hold on for almost an hour leaving my phone on loud speaker. That dear Woman throat must be very dry or she must be very thirsty the way I hold on. On messenger they just say that they will come back to you asap. They never do. I left about 10 messages in their inbox nothing has been done and they dnt even come back to you. Sassa did the very same with the food parcels as well up till today nothing has been recieved.
    I’m 58yrs old why do they have to check from month to month if I’m working, who and which company are hiring people at our age as the president said that companies should let their employees go on early retirement. It’s only in parliament that the old people are still working. We as senior citizens does not stand a chance to get a job it’s off course just the youth.
    This is very heart breaking to struggle like this in your own country when we fought for liberation and to break the apartheid laws . We senior citizens are treated like beggars by our own government.
    Very frustrated

  27. My son’s applications for May says Declined, and for June Pending is he going to receive this Sassa money or not?

  28. Can you please clarify for me, I have received the first payment on May but did not receive any for June and July and I am not yet employed or receiving any relief grant from government within these 2 months. Why is that happening ?

  29. Applied in May and approved for May- pay day 24 & June payday 25, no SMS from SASSA still

  30. I applied in April but I was declined stating that my ID don’t match..i use my old surname because I don’t have money to change to the one I’m married to now I’m pending for June.. And they said one must apply with what is written on the ID

  31. Hi Sassa I want the clarity on this plz
    My application was declined i wonder why bcoz I’m unemployed im recently from school to finish my diploma but at the moment I’m unemployed why why!!!!

  32. Good day I apply on may when I check my status say decline
    June say pending untill today please sassa give my money I didn’t work n I’m not receiving any income please sassa I need that money

  33. I applied may still nothing and i check my status it says i must contact tried sassa no respond

  34. Hi I was declined on may reasong being “verification of ID failed” I have appealed,wrote an email to sassa and even registered again but still no luck please help

  35. Good morning, June approved with payday 25th when will I be receiving the sms to collect it from the post office?

  36. I want to asked for my friend status, may status was approved & the paydate was 26 June he didn’t receive any message from sassa & June also approved we were waiting for the paydate but Today say failed we want to know what’s wrong

  37. Was approved for May got payment 18 June and now pending since den not working pls advise wot is going on. Thanks

  38. I apply on May and my son also it says pending we are lost cos we are not working other people are getting their grant why us?

  39. Im stil waiting 4 the second mesage for the money mesage how long does it take to get the second mesage can someone give me info

  40. I was declined in may and I’m pending for June who do I need to prove my situation to , not being nasty but our leaders are still lining there coffers , it’s a disgrace and treasonous to leave us like this unable to find work and unable to make a living 👿 may God work on the South African leadership

  41. Applied in May, declined in June and pending in July what I dont understand is that this is for South African which is unemployed for a relief, so frustrating

    1. My application is approved June, Jul with 31pay day and August pending but no money in my account and post offers what must I do?

  42. Hi I applied in June and it declined then I applied again in July on WhatsApp but I’ve never received any message on whether I’ve being approved or declined .. . what’s really happening though???

  43. I applied in May and my application status was declined irp5 registered 😪,and since now it says pending 😭i don’t receive any tax income but it says I am😪

  44. I applied in April , May was declined and the was no reason, Now June pending .
    Im not working since last year August due to health reasons so i dont know why am i not getting the SRD because im un employed.
    I even applied several times via email no one is getting back to me .

  45. I live in kby n my child lives in JHB with my mom with the child’s grand card
    I receive no income n I live with family there n there..it’s hard on me cos sometimes I can’t buy toiletries…I know my child’s grand is in my name but she lives in JHB with my mom n the card is with them I am in kby

  46. My brother got massage says id not match the details n he check status may decline reoson identity verification failed june is pending

  47. I’ve been waiting from the 23rd of July for my June and July money it’s at the post office but whenever I go there is no money this is not on

  48. I applied in May……I did not get any message……..nothing……2 weeks ago……get message is Approved……I must full in my bank details……I did exactly what you people told to do……I’m unemployed….for very long time….like 4 yrs…….I’m also very sick with my health…….like osteoporosis….every day in pain…….also Rottary cuff……no husband…….I’m 56 yrs old……no income from no where….I also is on treatment for anxiety…..stress disorder and depression………so where is the…..end of May payment……June, July and August…..I’m Approved but nothing happens…….why?…….I like to know….otherwise I will report this case………my e-mail is reneecloete528@gmail.com

    My cell. Nr is know…..0835933734…….my OPT NR ….WHEN I FIRST APPLIED…..IS 300003…….PLEASE LET ME IMMEDIATELY KNOW….
    ID. 6405040171089……..PORT-ELIZABETH, EASTERN-CAPE……..

  49. I applied for cash send via nedbank but i don’t get sms to get my OTP pin or what must i do please help.

  50. I applied in May got approved, may , June and July only got R700 in June and now my status says pending why help

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