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What to Do with Wedding Dress After Divorce?

What to Do with Wedding Dress After Divorce

What to Do with Wedding Dress After Divorce? There’s no one right or wrong answer – it depends on your personal situation and emotions. Some options to consider are selling it, donating it, repurposing it into something new, storing it, or letting it go permanently.


Getting divorced can be an incredibly difficult and emotional experience on so many levels. One of the many things you’ll likely find yourself trying to figure out is what to do with your wedding dress. For most brides, the wedding dress is such a meaningful item and symbol of the wedding day. But after a divorce, it may now represent sad or conflicting feelings about failed dreams and relationships.

Deciding the next step for your once-cherished dress can feel overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be an urgent decision or one you make alone. This blog post will walk through different options to consider to help you thoughtfully figure out the best choice for you and your dress after a divorce. The options range from practical to sentimental, but the most important thing is choosing a path that feels healthiest for you emotionally and for your new future ahead.


What to Do with Wedding Dress After Divorce
What to Do with Wedding Dress After Divorce

Options for the Wedding Dress After Divorce

1. Sell it

If your wedding dress is still in good condition, selling it is likely the most practical option. This allows you to make back some of the original cost that was spent on the gown. Great places to list your dress online include StillWhite, Nearly Newlywed,, Tradesy, and more. You can include details on the designer, style, size, condition, and your asking price. Make sure to take very clear, well-lit photos to show its details. You may also consider consigning your dress at a local bridal shop – call around to bridal stores in your area to see if they accept consignments. Just keep in mind they’ll take a percentage of the selling price.

2. Donate it

If letting go of the dress feels right emotionally, consider donating your wedding gown to an organization or charity. Brides Across America is a wonderful non-profit that provides dresses to military brides, first responder brides, and other brides in need. You can look up local salons that partner with them to donate. Alternatively, see if a local high school drama club, community theatre, or dance studio could make use of the dress for productions or recitals. This allows your former wedding dress to still hold meaning and bring joy to someone else.

3. Repurpose it

Another option is to have your wedding gown repurposed into something new. Many talented seamstresses can take portions of the fabric, lace, beads etc and use it to make something freshly designed. Ideas include a christening gown for future children, a dress for your daughter, a quilt or other keepsake, jewellery, accessories, decorative pillows, lampshades, etc. This can give the material new life and new meaning.

What to Do with Wedding Dress After Divorce
What to Do with Wedding Dress After Divorce

Things to Consider When Deciding

Your emotions

Take time to reflect honestly on how you currently feel about your wedding dress. Do you associate mostly negative emotions like sadness, regret or anger with it? Or do you still feel positive towards it since it represented a happy time, regardless of how the marriage ended? This self-reflection can help guide you towards options that feel emotionally healthiest for you. Consider if letting it go entirely provokes relief or more grief.

Current value

Do some research into what pre-owned dresses similar to yours are currently selling for. Higher-end or designer gowns in good shape will fetch higher resale prices, which may sway you towards selling. Lower-value dresses may guide you more towards donating, repurposing or letting it go.

Future plans

Think pragmatically about what future plans of yours the dress may play a part in. For example, if you feel you may want to wear it again down the road or pass it down to a daughter, carefully storing it makes the most sense. If you can’t see it being used again, selling or donating may be better paths.


For some women, actively repurposing or even symbolically trashing the dress provides a sense of closure to the marriage. For others, this may seem too drastic or final of a step. Decide what feels healthiest for your emotional healing and closure.

The decision is an extremely personal one. Take time to weigh all the practical and emotional factors before deciding on the next chapter for your wedding dress.


What to do with your wedding dress after a divorce is ultimately a very personal decision – there’s no one “right” choice that fits all situations. It’s important to take the time you need to thoughtfully consider all your emotions and options. Think deeply about whether selling, donating, repurposing, storing or letting go entirely feels like the healthiest decision for you at this point.

Consider enlisting a trusted friend or family member to provide support and advice as you decide. But remember, this is your dress, your memories and your decision. Pick the path that leads your dress into its next chapter, while also allowing you to move forward into your new future after divorce. Letting go of the dress doesn’t mean forgetting your past wedding day. The memories will always remain, even though that chapter has closed.

Your wedding dress symbolized the start of a marriage that ultimately ended – honour it for the good that it represented during that time in your life, and know you have the power to decide what happens to it now. With thoughtfulness, care and courage, choose the option that feels right in both your heart and head.


  1. What are some practical things to consider when deciding what to do with my wedding dress?

Some practical considerations are the current monetary value of the dress, the condition it’s in, whether you have space to store it long-term, and whether you may want to wear it again or pass it down someday. If those factors don’t apply, selling or donating the dress may be best.

  1. How do I know if I’m ready to part with the dress or if I should keep storing it?

Take time to reflect on your emotions towards the dress. If it still brings you more joy than pain, you may not be ready to part with it yet. But if you’re feeling ready for closure, actively letting go by selling or donating may feel healthier for you. There’s no right timeline – listen to your heart.

  1. What should I do if I want to destroy or repurpose the dress?

If you wish to repurpose or destroy the dress for closure, discuss your ideas with a seamstress or trusted friend first. Hastily damaging the dress in anger may leave you with regrets later. Explore intentional creative ideas for repurposing it into something new.

  1. How do I clean and store the dress properly if I’m not ready to part with it?

Consult a wedding dress preservation service for advice on properly cleaning, boxing and storing your gown. Avoid plastic bags or containers. Store in a cool, dark, dry place to prevent damage from light, pests or humidity.

  1. Where are some reputable places where I can sell my used wedding dress online?

Resale sites like StillWhite, Nearly Newlywed, and Tradesy are great options for selling your gown. Make sure to take clear photos and provide details on the designer, style, size and condition. Realistic pricing will help it sell faster.

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