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Top 6 Fruits That Gives Your Skin A Boost And Healthy


Most people are obsessed with frequent use of chemicals and are always trying to find a natural way to boost their skin and therefore their general beauty and appearance. Here we have rounded up top 6 fruits every natural-minded person can consider to boost ones skin.

These fruits are essential generally for health but also for the condition of the skin. Kiwi, lemon, avocado or strawberries should be indispensable in our diet.

Having a healthy and balanced diet is essential to achieve a good state of health but also to have a good appearance on the skin. Fruit and vegetables should be present in our diet not only because it helps us to be well inside but also outside because its assets can help us improve the appearance of the skin. Pilar Vela, well-thy expert at Royal Hideaway Sancti Petri, takes a tour of them:


  • Kiwi

Kiwis have more vitamin C than other fruits such as oranges, for example. “Vitamin C is the key to radiant skin, strengthening it and giving it a younger look, since it prevents photo-aging.” Vela recommends eating this fruit in the morning, to capture energy and for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-aging effect. To take it in a more attractive way, “it is best to make it in smoothie with a little vegetable milk or green tea.”


  • Avocado



Not only is it a very nutritious product but the avocado is made up of very nutritious active ingredients such as biotin and vitamin E, two essentials for perfect skin. “They allow to protect from free radicals and provide a fresh and rested appearance,” says Vela. To consume it, he advises “to take avocado on a gluten-free toast, spelled, buckwheat or rye bread”.


  • Lemon


In recent years it has become fashionable to drink a glass of water with lemon juice first thing in the morning. In her opinion it is a good habit because lemon is beneficial and helps to purify the body system. Like everyone citrus, its acid prevents the creation of sebum, “which helps skin with a tendency to acne.”

In addition, “it is positive to prevent redness, unifies the tone and lightens the skin.” She recommends “a smoothie with lemon juice because it will promote digestion, satisfy us and improve the skin condition.”


  • Strawberries


As Vela recommends: “You can and should eat daily thanks to its high content of Vitamin C, but also in acetylsalicylic acid, one of the main pain neutralizers.” An acid that, in addition, is often used in cosmetics, for example in facial cleansers to prevent redness or inflammation, in addition to deep cleansing.


  • Acai


There are many specialists in the world of skin who have spent years betting on these berries as something key to their health. In fact, experts like Nicholas Perricone even sell nutritional supplements from it to improve the condition of the face. In different juices or smoothies, “it gives a delicious flavor and improves the state thanks to its high degree of vitamins A, B, C and E”. It is a “powerful antioxidant that helps to be younger, repairing damaged cells and optimizing our hydration levels.”


  • Coconut


Coconut is that essential component of all diets and beauty routines. “It offers toning benefits for both skin and hair and even nails,” says Vela. It also “is an incredible natural moisturizer, accelerates wound healing and helps protect the skin, reducing even possible inflammations.”

All these pros “are due to its high content of fatty acids, lauric acid and the vitamins it contains, E and K, which help cell regeneration, maintain collagen levels and increase elasticity.” That is why the pure coconut or coconut milk, for example with the aforementioned fruits, “becomes a powerful combination for our skin,” explains Pilar Vela.

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