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Top 10 Amazing Makeup Tips For Brown or Dark Skin Type


Dark skins have an exotic and exuberant beauty that makes them attract attention anywhere. Like all skin tones, they have some typical problems, such as spots that make the color look uneven. Fortunately, there is that magic called “makeup” and that serves any skin tone. We will know the benefits of makeup for dark skins.


If you are a black girl who loves makeup, we will give you some special tips for black-skinned women. You will know some mistakes you may be making and you will learn to put on makeup as an expert. Black makeup makes Afro-descendant women highlight their best attributes.


  •  Moisturizers and skincare

Believe it or not, taking care of the complexion is an essential element for makeup, as it helps the skin look better. The skin, before starting to make up, should be hydrated. Hydration not only protects you, it also has components that smooth the skin.

One tip that you should apply when applying makeup is to wash your face with a cleansing soap. Then you can apply ice to close your pores. Finally, put on the moisturizer before you start applying your black makeup style.


  •  The base must be the same color as your skin tone

The base is one of the first steps when it comes to makeup. It is what makes the skin look uniform and smooth. It all depends on those imperfections that you want to correct, either to clarify the tone a bit or just have a smooth complexion. It is advisable to purchase a base that has sunscreen.

makeups tips for dark skins

  • How to choose your perfect base?

As a first step, you have to know what your skin type is, if it is oily or dry, and what state it is in (if there is acne, you have spots, scars). To find your ideal tone, blur the base on your jaw. If, even if you massage, the makeup has not faded, we regret to tell you that this tone is not for you.


  • Does the brand matter?

Not everything has to be branded, but when it comes to makeup for blacks it is better that you go that way. Large beauty and beauty companies are approved by health authorities and professional doctors such as dermatologists. For these reasons, it is safer to buy original cosmetics from major brands.


  • The right way to apply the base on ethnic skin

To achieve a perfect finish we recommend applying the base in the middle of the cheeks, forehead, chin and nose. Then extend it to the sides and neck with your fingers or the accessory you like best.


  • Correctors, contours, and  illuminator

This is one of the funniest phases of makeup for blacks. That is why we will give you some very good tips so that your makeup for black is perfect and correct those details that do not favor you.


  • Skin correctors:

The correctors in black skins always have to be one or two lighter shades to eliminate imperfections. If you have dark circles, use a concealer of the same color as your skin and then apply a clearer concealer. The recommended colors are: salmon for dark circles, orange to hide spots and yellow for imperfections of the same color.

  • Appropriate contours:

A good advice when choosing correctors, is to buy the duos, as they are more practical. Women with cinnamon skin should be careful when applying contours of dark shades, as they can damage makeup. Choose 2 or 3 shades darker than your skin color and the light is 2 or 3 lighter shades.


  • Bronzers and illuminators:

The bronzer is a product used to sculpt and give warmth to the face. The applications have to be in a correct way, if not, you will feel a strange result. Unlike the illuminator, which is applied where it gives light, the bronzer is placed where there is shade. You have to know the shape of your face to make up in a professional way. When you place the illuminator, do it in a moderate way, because otherwise your skin will look oily.


  • Special powders for dark skin

Like the base, this type of products should be attenuated exactly with your skin. That way you will achieve a good makeup for blacks. The powder is a sealant that is placed after making the contour and illuminator process, among others.


  • Compact dust:

Knowing how to apply the compact powder is essential in black makeup. It is advisable to use a brush, as it diffuses easily.

  • Translucent Powder:


Translucent powders are ideal for sealing and avoiding impurities in the skin of black women. Translucent powders, unlike compact ones, serve to cover the area more by its tiny particles.


  • Brushes for a better finish

The brushes are recommended for a better finish in black makeup. Some people prefer to blur with their fingers, but sometimes that can affect the complexion due to the bacteria found in your hands. Well-groomed brushes will prevent impurities from taking over your skin.

  • The eye shadow and its different combinations


Black-skinned women have a wide variety of shadows, be they striking for the night or casual for the day. The tones for the day can be chocolate, copper, purple … And for the night, we have orange, yellow and fuchsia. It is not advisable to use gray or white tones. Remember not to abuse the glitter.

  • Perfect outlined


The eyeliner will always depend on the shape of the shape of the eye. The most seen delineated in black skins are those of cat, because it gives them a sensual touch. You can find them in powder, pencil and liquid. The most recommended are liquids, since they last longer.

  • Use a good make-up remover


Makeup removers are of great importance because they clean and remove even the last traces of makeup that are often not removed with soap and water. The make-up remover brand matters, as it must be clinically approved. If you think gel makeup is very cumbersome, calm down! You can also find wipes equally useful.

  • Cleaning brushes and makeup products


The cleaning of makeup products for blacks is essential, since if they do not take good care they can fill with germs and damage your skin. The consequences of not washing the brushes are pimples on the skin, fungi and other skin conditions. As for the sponges, we advise you to use a silicone one, which is more neat and durable when it comes to makeup.

In addition to cleaning, consider the duration of makeup. Putting on an expired makeup can have catastrophic consequences, since we are talking about chemicals that spread on the skin. Here are some tips:

As long as the product does not open it can reach a duration of 3 years with its properties intact. After this time, it is better to discard it.

If the container does not close properly, the product risks being oxidized.

To prevent makeup from drying out, keep it out of the sun as much as possible.

  • Recommended Makeup Brands for Dark Skin

Do you find it difficult to get makeup for blacks? To make your search easier, we present these great brands.

Magnet Cosmetic

Its products are aimed at African-American, Asian and mestizo tones. A brand with a good reputation. They are since 1994 in the makeup industry.

Black up

Work with shades for dark skin. This brand compares with Mac prices.

Black opal

A brand specialized in black skin that has been active since 1994 and is relatively inexpensive.

We loved sharing with you these wonderful makeup tricks for blacks. If you have applied some of these tips or have already tried the recommended products, tell us your experience.

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