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Teboho Tsotetsi Wife Biograhpy And Lifestyle

There is very little information available concerning his employment or any other sort of company that he may be involved in.

However, based on his online films, he seems to be a respectable businessman.

He was born in South Africa and now resides in Pretoria with his wife and his decuples’ wife, Gosiame.

Teboho Tsotetsi Age?

It is assumed that Teboho Tsotetsi is in his mid-to-late-forties, even though he has not revealed his exact age. Sibongile, Teboho’s legally married wife, is 47 years old.

Teboho Tsotetsi Marriage

There has been a great deal of curiosity about the miracle baby’s parents’ lives since birth. Later, it was reported that Sethole Tsotetsi was not the legal wife of Teboho Tsotetsi. When Sithole became pregnant, the two were having an affair.

The Citizen reports that Sithole has five more children, including three sets of triplets and two sets of twins. Because she had not been using birth control, Teboho allegedly mistreated the woman while she was pregnant.

Father of decuplets Tehobo Tsotetsi

When Teboho Tsotetsi’s wife, 47-year-old Sibongile Gxekwa, found out she had given birth to 10 illegitimate children, she was devastated. Furthermore, according to News24, Tsotetsi’s estranged family does not get financial help from him.

After becoming the first father in the world to give birth to ten children at once, the Tembisa 10’s father is indeed blessed. On the other hand, the severe cheating claims threaten to tarnish Teboho Tsotetsi’s reputation.

Teboho Tsotetsi’s wife’s Career

Gosiame Thamara Sithole, who is stunning, works as a retail shop manager in the province of Gauteng in South Africa.

She will want the assistance of a saint to bring up her newly expanded and young family.

Teboho Tsotetsi Wife’s Birth Challenges

During the first few trimesters of her pregnancy, Gosiame Thamara suffered from several uncomfortable symptoms, including frequent heartburn and leg discomfort.

She has described having concerns about the well-being of her unborn children.

Gosiame Thamara faced a complex and potentially dangerous situation when she gave birth to ten infants.

As a result, a group consisting of ten doctors and twenty-five nurses worked together to ensure that the birth of the cesarean section went well.

The infants that Gosiame has conceived spontaneously are all healthy and are now being monitored.

Teboho Tsotetsi Children

The youthful and lucky Gosiame family has 12 children, including twins, decuplets, and other multiples of two.

It must be a wonderful experience to have all of them come from just two births.

Teboho Tsotetsi Wife in Guinness Book Of Records

Teboho Tsotetsi’s spouse, Gosiame Thamara Sithole, the mother of the Decuplets, now holds the Guinness World Record for giving birth to the most children of any individual.

Gosiame claimed ownership of the record, which had previously been held by Halima Cisse and her husband, Kader Arby.

After giving birth to nonuplets in a hospital in Morocco on May 4, 2021, a woman named Halima Cisse from Mali, who was 25 years old at the time, was officially placed into the Guinness book of records.

It hasn’t even been a month, and all of a sudden, Gosiame Thamara is pregnant with bouncy decuplets.

How Teboho Wife Was First Scanned With 6 Babies

The medical records from Gosiame’s past have shown that she was scanned with six children.

After further investigation, records revealed the birth of two more children, bringing her total childbearing to eight.

After 29 weeks of pregnancy, everyone in the delivery room saw her miraculously giving birth to ten healthy children.

Before being released from the hospital, the decuplets delivered prematurely will be kept in an incubator for six months.

Teboho Tsotetsi, who is emotional and delighted, is all pleased about the fantastic news about his wife and their ten newborn children.

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