Takeout From Sassa’Response to the Declined SRD Applicants

We have gathered some of the salient points of the official response from sassa regarding those applicants that have been declined declined for the Special Social Relief of Distress grants.

  1. The submitted information by the applicants are matched/compared with government agency such SARS database for the confirmation that the applicant does not receive any form of income.
  2. The personal details are also matched with the database of the Department of Home Affairs to confirm if the said ID and other details are accurate as they appear on the ID card. If they are not the same, the applicant is notified to rectify it using the online application platform.
  3. SASSA has admitted that the initial notification message sent to affected persons was vague and lacked clarity. Subsequently, all applicants who have had their applications declined will receive specific and detailed information of why their applications cannot be considered and hence rejected. Now sassa gives clear reasons why the application cannot be accepted.
  4. SASSA is working on an appeal mechanism to pave way for the affected applicants who still have issues to lodge appeals.
  5. By the close of the week, applicants will see the full reason why their applications were rejected.
  6. The appeal process will also be in an electronic format and its modalities will rolled out and communicated publicly later.
  7. A total of 1.3million applicants have been paid as at the close of Wednesday 17th June 2020. 6.9 million single applications were received and 3.2 million applications approved.
  8. All those applied in May and approved will paid their first payment by the close of June, 2020.
  9. SASSA will be crosschecking once again the submitted information of the applicants to verify if their financial circumstances have remained unchanged before payments are made for each of the subsequent months.
  10. In view of the just above points (9), there is no need to reapply for the subsequent months. New applicants who think they meet the criteria for qualifications can apply.
  11. Majority of the applicants who were declined were as a result of people who have their details in the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) database or qualify for UIF. Such ones are advised to contact the Department of Employment and Labour’s to apply for UIF or do a follow up if applied already.
  12. SASSA says it has dedicated the Hotline and dedicated email for the SRD grant. Tel:0800601011 or email : srd@sassa.gov.za
  13. Applicants are advised to use their own personal banking information to receive payments NOT that of their neighbors or friends as that might lead to the application being denied or rejected.
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86 thoughts on “Takeout From Sassa’Response to the Declined SRD Applicants

  1. Your declined my application what is confusing me is that I never worked before and I don’t receive any allowance why

    1. I am confused about the reason of declining my June , cause is been more than 10yrs without a job , dont have sars no as the said IRP5 for my declined, I only receive one payment for May , then after my status was pending almost for 3months suddenly change to declined IRP5

      1. I apply for srd than approved on the 10 of June but still now l never get payday or msg to go post office what can l do l really need this money

  2. I applied for my dad whom his been unemployed from 2000 and not receiving any source of income..his status was approved and I even confirmed cellphone no and bank where he can get the money. Now his status says failed. Why ? M really confused and heartbroken as he needs this money

  3. I applied for my dad whom his been unemployed from 2000 and not receiving any source of income..his status was approved and I even confirmed cellphone no and bank where he can get the money. Now his status says failed. Why ? M really confused and heartbroken as he needs this money

  4. Hey i was declined bt i dnt receive any grant. My ex girlfriend receives grant for my child

        1. Hey I was aproved on 11june still waiting for sms and pay date I upload details for ewallet but till now I’m still waiting for firts payment haven’t received any pay date sms or any thing what can I do need help please thank you

        2. I was given pay date of 6 but haven’t received any message to say where I should collect my grant,I would also like to submit my banking details as am injured and can’t wait in long ques

  5. I applied for my brother and I just found out now that his application has been approved and when I asked him about communication smses he told me that he never get any. I heard some people have submitted their bank details and I just want to find out where do they submitted them so I can help my brother to submit his

  6. Mine says decline when i check my status bt never reacive sms i dnt knw why they rejected my application coz im not reaciving any income i was registerd by Sars before bt i lost the job in 2015

  7. I applied but declined because of the few rands that were and still in my account and some that money is for my cousin just to keep it active, she’s using it. I’m struggling as it is and living on handouts from her. You are declining people without even knowing the whole truth which is so unfair. I wouldn’t even bother apply if I a source of income. Reconsider please…

  8. I’m ntombifikile I declined idont know if what happening because idont have any allowance bt it says id doesn’t match why and how because I’m using this is

  9. I applied but the applications declined i am not work or get any finacial i am in the poverty i wish u can respond me so that i can have food on my table thanks
    I wish u can help because i dn’t have anything now

  10. To whom my concern.
    Hi there i Sifiso Shezi confirmed my banking details with my FNB account on the 6th July 2020, but still nothing has came in to my bank account.
    After confirmation of banking details what is the turn around time for the process to proceed?

  11. I was approved 6May and check my status yesterday it says june pending but still no payment

  12. I applied during June for the R350 SASSA Covid19 srd grant. I have not heard back from them at all and wpuld like to know what to do please.

  13. I applied for my sister and my brother in law,my sister when she check the status she’s been approved ,but didn’t get approval message,
    My brother in law ,got and approval message but when he fill banking details it fails I don’t know y ,,plz help

  14. I was approved in May with no pay date and my money not yet been paid. I want to know if is going to be doubled?

  15. My sassa grant have been approved from 29 may and I’m still waiting for massage that allow me to collect in post office how come is taking so long,why?

  16. My mom’s 350 application says approved since May but no money she got. If she goes to post office they say she’s not on system what can she do?

  17. I’m still waiting for my first payment (R350),iv be approved and I sent my bank details and it was successful but I haven’t received anything till now..I got approved on the 24th May and my status says my paydate is on the 8th,so we past 8June and 8July so I’m confused… please help I really need the money it’s hard…

    1. Myself got for May month but nothing for June n its July now my daughter was also approved but waiting a months since then with now SMS to collect money why make people wait so long if they really need it even thou its so little plz get back to me thank u

  18. I was declined, due to personal details verification. I called the call centre but still there’s no change on my status.

  19. I checked my status it says aproved for May and given payday then June status says pending for june what must i do

  20. My status says approved but I lost my phoneso I don’t know if I must send bank details or go to post office . What can I do?

  21. Hey.i have applied for my lil brother and my uncle.they have been approved.since they don’t have bank accounts i used standard bank which will be cardless wedrawing but they didn’t receive anything. Am confused. I need a answer n they think i have eaten their money.

  22. I never received any feed back been applying since May.
    Did not recieve any responds approved or declined, what’s happening 8108210177088.

  23. I lost the link. I got approved saterday then my phone felt in the water on Sunday with the link they send for banking details. What must i do?0714603434

  24. I was declined yes i had a part time job before lockdown now nothing at all so what must i do now

  25. My mom Thandi Beauty Mcube received an SMS requesting her to confirm certain information but no contact numbers. now it says declined.

  26. I don’t read questions that are not being replied to. I scroll to see the replied ones but most of people who are been replied to don’t make follow up on their questions and that could help some of us with the information we need if they do. Ai

  27. Why they don’t answer our e mails or messages. I tried the toll free number 455 times with out any luck this is for my son Rudolf Frederick Wittstock. Since he was approved on 29May he didn’t receive any pay rent. He is using my cell number and e mail because he don’t have a phone. Cell no 0722385132

  28. Good day
    I applied for my friend from my phone for the second time i would like to know how long does it take to get a reply from SASSA for this 350 please

  29. Hi there, OK so in the event that someone uses someone elses banking details, what do one do in this matter. Should the applicant reapply or how does one change that. Pleases advice.

  30. Hi there, OK so in the event that someone uses someone elses banking details, what do one do in this matter. Should the applicant reapply or how does one change that. Pleases advice.

  31. I was working the past 4 years and lost my job March so I tried to apply SRD grants unfortunately got the massage from sassa says Lerato your SRD declined because you have other sources income I was surprised because I don’t have any income by now

  32. Hi I was declined but have no incomes from any other sources…I’m at home for four years now …

  33. My application for R350 for May was declined I want to know more, that why was declined.

  34. i applied for my mom but it declined due to error in identification. kindly provide with link wherein same can be fixed.

  35. My name is Tyron Freeks i applied for the 350rand Sassa grant assistance because of unemployment but was declined in May for no apparent reason,presently my status shows pending for June and its already August

  36. I did register frm April or May it was pending twice the third time approved now im checking its declined nd im not getting any funds cox last year i did resigned from my company towards my health till now im not working. PLZZZ help m 0617186667

  37. Im so so disappointed in this government using and abusing our people we all struggle due to this covid 19pandemic now this relief fund was made available for unemployed but all our people are still struggling to get access to this fund my application went through but I still receive a message if it was approved or decline nor what the reason is for uphold on application even if I check my status it said failed send emails after emails but no response 😡 what’s wrong with you people why keeping us in suspense please I need help on if my application is approved and not why? Please respond to our cry out

  38. August status says declined after pending for almost two months and September status is pending but get paid from May to July… Reason for August decline is “you have got a source of income” but am wondering why because am currently jobless and not having any source of income, how can I get help from this incorrect reason from our SASSA???

  39. My daughter was declined and she is not receiving anything she has never worked she was only receiving grant n it stopped once she turned 18 please help

  40. My sassa srd grant it says declined irp5 registered but I’m not working anywhere and their no monthly allowance I received

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