SRD R350: How to Check Status on WhatsApp

Nobody seems to grasp what is actually happening at SASSA right now! Others also wonder if it is deliberate attempt to delay so that more people will be fed up and gave up on their applications of the special sassa social relief of distress (SRD) which is a sum of R350 for six months starting from May through to October.

Now what become a hurdle for the applicants is to know their applications status whether they have been approved for payment or not.

SASSA Twitter Announcement of the Online Glitch

SASSA recently launched an online platform so that applicants can check the status of their applications but just yesterday in the afternoon, SASSA announced that they are experiencing a technical glitch and as such people can no more use their online system check status and enter bank account details for those who have been approved.

Using WhatsApp To Check Status

Meanwhile, WhatsApp is one of the channels which was used for the earlier applications. Below are the steps you can use as we wait for the online system to resume.

  • Save the number 0820468553 as say “Status” or any name that suits you
  • Launch your WhatsApp app and refresh the contact list of WhatsApp.
  • Make sure your internet connection is on and that you have disposable data for use.
  • Enter ” STATUS” and send
  • You will be asked of your reference number, this number was given during the initial application on WhatsApp
  • Enter the Reference Number and send.
  • If you are approved you will be notified, however it says submitted, it means your application is pending to go through the approval process.
  • Any other status will be self explanatory.
SASSA WhatsApp Status Check

Now what most people can not get their head over is the fact, no one seems to have the status that his or her application has been declined on the basis of not qualified.

SASSA has through one its statement said some applicants applications have been declined for not qualifying, wrong information and inadequate data to back their applications.

We are closely monitoring SASSA to see their next step in order to inform our cherished readers.

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5 thoughts on “SRD R350: How to Check Status on WhatsApp

  1. It’s strange it always say application pending e.g i applied on the 14th May via whatsapp my friend applied on the 22nd May via email. She has been approved for the 350 how does this work. Plse explain how do we no if its declined no no is 6703170070083

  2. Since i’ve been approved in may and I got my payday on the 26 of June but what amaze me is that i’ve never received any sms from sassa what should I do ?

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