SASSA Unemployment Grant of R350 -What You Need To Know

Around the world more and people’s lives have been severely affected by the pandemic.  As part of measures taken by the President of South Africa to mitigate the impact of the virus, government during one of his nation’s address on the pandemic made mention of social support grant also called SASSA unemployment grant, for people who are unemployed or have lost their jobs.

Already, sassa has been distributing social relief support in the form food parcels to underprivileged households during the nationwide lockdown. That program is still ongoing.

People can request by calling a toll free number 0800601011 or e-mail;

But more and more people are complaining of having difficulties reaching that emergency number as it is almost always busy.

But sassa has clarified that, due the high number of calls (about 9000 calls per hour) and numerous emails they are receiving, it has made them to be under serious pressure.

But in all these, they are doing everything within their might to offer support to at least most people if not all. They also mentioned that the deliveries of the parcel has to ho through a system before disbursement and are therefore calling on the general public to bear with them.

The unemployment procedure is explicit on the page two.

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