Unemployment Grant of R350

How to Apply For the Unemployment Grant of R350

The long-awaited unemployment grant of R350 will be paid to individuals who are unemployed and do not benefit from any social benefits. Below are the Application procedures, which are LIKELY to start on the 8th of May, 2020.

Electronic Approach

  • Using the WhatsApp: Send WhatsApp message to 0600123456, just send “hi” or “hello” to the WhatsApp number. Enter “SASSA” and follow the next screen prompts.
  • Using Email: You can send all your relevant documents to srd@sassa.gov.za
  • The other electronic means are being worked on such as USSD or SMS, help desks, or online application platforms. The agency is working around the clock to make sure all qualified individuals are given the grant due to them.

Manual Approach:

  • For people without access to any of the techniques discussed above, volunteers will be trained to help applicants and will be provided with the necessary gadgets to capture the relevant data of the applicants. People from NYDA and NDA¬† and Community Development Workers have shown interest to assist in some provinces.

Feedback or notification of the outcome for an application for the special Social Relief of Distress grant will be provided in the same manner as the application was captured.


So Basically get all your needed documents down

Click on the button below to see the Needed Documents and Requirements:

Click Here For Application Requirements


6 thoughts on “How to Apply For the Unemployment Grant of R350

  1. Can I apply for a part time job? Seeing that they going to need people to help the less fortunate with applying for unemployment grant?

  2. Hi there! I am self_employed individual and hereby apply for the Social Relief of Distress Grants to the amount of R350. I am further not registered for UIF, do not receive UIF, do not receive any type of grant and do not benefit from NSFAS financial support, do not live in government subsidised institution.

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