Please find below the official statement from SASSA concerning the decline of some applicants who applied for the srd grant of R350.

Below is the statement

SASSA Media Release
For immediate release
18 June 2020

SASSA Declines Un-qualifying COVID-19 Grant Applications

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is in receipt of numerous grievances with regards to declined R350 grant applications. Some applications have been declined as they did not meet the criteria. For one to qualify for the COVID-19 grant they must be either unemployed without any kind of income, or not receiving any kind of government assistance such as UIF and NSFAS, or social grants or any other financial support and must be above the age of 18.

The majority of declined applications are from people already on the UIF database or qualifying to receive it. In this case the applicants are advised to contact the Department of Employment and Labour to either apply for UIF or follow up with their applications. SASSA verifies all applications by matching their data with other public and private databases to eliminate possibilities of double-dipping, so that only deserving applicants receive this financial aid.
SASSA CEO Totsie Memela said the department is aware that this has caused unhappiness from applicants and thus it is important for beneficiaries to understand the criteria because this grant is not necessarily for everyone.

“We are doing everything in our power to solve the matter and a dedicated email address and phone number have been made available to process complaints. Those who feel aggrieved should either call 0800 60 10 11 or email with their complaints in order to access the recourse mechanism. Our aim is to pay the right grant to the right people,” Memela added

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So far 3.2 million applicants have been approved and 1.2 million have been paid. Payments are still in progress and SASSA still needs to do a verification check before any payments can be done. Applicants are processed daily but the major source of delays come from the necessary verification process which SASSA has to do with other institutions which are dependencies in the value chain.

“We continue to work hard to ensure that those who qualify get what is due to them. Our main aim is to support the government in alleviating poverty especially during these difficult times but we have to follow the required processes and we appeal for patience from those whose applications we have not reached so far,” said Memela.

Memela said beneficiaries are advised to use their own personal accounts not those of their neighbors and also ensure that their personal details are exactly as they appear on their identity document.
“Personal information is very important because during verification check should we find out that the information provided during application does not correspond with the Identity document information that might results to the application being rejected,” Memela Concluded

Issued on behalf of the South African Social Security Agency


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  1. Can one tell me why i am declined when i am not working or receiving any salary of any sort

      1. My husband has declined but he’s not working and was getting a uif last year then it stopped he tried to reapply for it but didn’t succeed his name is Khawulani Ntshalintshali

    1. Hi I have responded over 3 weeks ago to banking details message and chose cardless I still haven’t been paid

      1. My name is kefilwe Molamu .my may application was declined.june pending and I have no income not working I just finished school last year.

  2. Good morning!
    I would like to appeal the decision taken the department of Social development regarding the social relief grant of R350. I am currently unemployed, I don’t have any source of income. I would appreciate if the department can’t clarify on its decision to decline my application.

  3. I submitteded my application 19 May 2020. Why is it still pending? I definitely don’t receive any grant and I’m unemployed. Please I would like answers.

        1. My sassa grant applacation for unemployment r350 was declained and no more working and i dont have an income sorce since i was retrenched in april this year please check out for me whats the problem


  5. My application is also pending and I’m definitely unemployed with no income.
    Can someone please explain

    1. Good day i have my id but it is van vuuren got married and its van der linde now still waiting for my new id the declined me for that please help me

  6. This morning i received an sms that may brother’s application is declined problem is the names do not correspond with the ones on his ID so im asking how do one correct this because the call centre line is not going through
    Thank you

  7. Morning can u tell me which source that i get income because I’m not working,what the massage said thank you.

  8. Why do they said l must go to post office for that long quee while l have my bank account, they told us that money is finished l went to post office several times

  9. Hi my application also shows pending, can you please tell me why, and I have also applied for a friend of me and her application said declined why cause she had no income, please explain to us, thank you

  10. Hi can I pls b answered that y is my son not yet been not received any meesage from SASSA because the application is approved long ago I checked it was on the 26 he is still waiting is been love can we be answered

  11. My application has declined I don’t know why because I don’t receive any salary am not working at all please re check my application

  12. I applied for my uncle in May nd now that send me declined nd my uncle it’s been 3/4yrs sitting at home not working plz help us with answers

  13. I submitted my bank details so I need to know how long should I wait for the money?

  14. Hi I’m Allie Jacobs I haven’t been working for almost 3 years now. I was pending in May then got declined in June then on the 2 July got approved and an sms was sent about approval and was ask for banking details . Filled in the form and said no for bank cause I dnt hav a bank acc but chose Standard Bank to receive my R350 and they said it was successful. I haven’t gotten a payday. .nothing and recieved no sms after that . There’s people who got paid via cardless for whichever bank n I’m still waiting . PLEASE HELP AND TRY N SORT THIS OUT CAUSE IT’S BEEN 3 MONTHS AND STILL NO MONEY ..

  15. My name Malixole Zondeka is declined since May till now I wonder what is a problem my last working last year February

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