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SASSA SRD R350 Unemployment Grant or Fund Complete Guide

The social relief of distress or SRD or sometimes called the sassa unemployment grant or relief fund was introduced by the President. It was named Covid 19, Social Relief if Distress for an amount of R350 per month for eight (8) months with target population who are unemployed, do not qualify or receive any form of income, social grant, Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) payments etc.

Qualification or Eligibility for the SRD R350

For one to qualify for the Unemployment relief fund and for that matter the Social Relief of distress, the person must meet the following requirements :

1. The supposed applicant must be at least 18 years
2. Must be currently unemployed
3. Must be receiving any form of income
4. Must be a South African citizen, permanent resident or registered refugees duly by the Home Affairs Department and residing within the physical borders of South Africa.
5. Applicant must not be receiving any form of Social grant from government.
6. Not receiving unemployment insurance fund and does not qualify either. (Applicants who qualify for the Unemployment fund can contact their former employer or department of Labour to access their funds
7. The applicant must not be receiving any grant from National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) and
8. Must not be a resident in any government funded or subsidized institution

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Totsie Memela, CEO of SASSA

Requirements and Documents For the SRD R350

The potential applicant must provide information from the following supporting documents
1. Identity Number for South African citizens or Permit from the Home Affairs for permanent residents or refugees.
2. Name and Surname just as it is on the Home Affairs system or ID card
3. Gender
4. Disability if any
5. Bank Accounts Details (that will be needed later for after the application is approved) the applicant must take note that the bank account must in your name as all bank accounts will have to be verified before payment can be made.
6. Contact details preferably cell phone number
7. Proof of Residence (not that important)

8. CAREGIVER who is unemployed and meet the criteria can also apply.

Applications Procedure / How to Apply /Mode of application

After gathering all the necessary information and documentation, you have the follow the instructions below to apply for the special social relief of distress srd grant of R350.
At the time of preparing this article there are four different channels one can apply namely
1. USSD code *134*7737#. With this any type of phone can apply using the code. In this case you don’t need a smartphone to use this.
2. WhatsApp : 082 046 8553. Save the number with a preferred name and send the keyword ‘sassa’ and follow all the screen prompts and take note of the reference number or the One Time Pin (OTP) code as they may be needed later to check application status.
3. Online platform This is the latest added to the application options. One has to follow the link and click on the apply button to start the application process.

Throughout the application process make sure you enter your details correctly just as you have on your various official documents. Failure to do so will make your application be rejected or declined.

Screening and Validation Process

Sassa, after submission of the personal information will have to crosscheck from various government agencies sources to make sure that each applicant duly qualify.

Some of the the agencies and departments are the Home Affairs, SARS, NSFAS, UIF, etc.

This will make sure the data you submitted are accurate and indeed you are not receiving any form of income or grant from government or enjoying government assisted institutions.

After this vigorous verification, the application is then approved.

If the the application does not meet any of the requirements, it is then declined or if there is the need to make corrections, the applicant is notified to make the necessary corrections.

On the onset, sassa was not giving reasons why applicants are declined and that generated a whole lot of confusion and agitation among applicants. Sassa then made a public statement to assure applicants that henceforth, they will be giving reasons why their applications are not approved.

Top among the reasons why some applicants are declined

1) The applicant has been working for the past 18 months.
2) There application has information which does not match with database of the Home Affairs and has to therefore correct them by calling their Hotline 0800601011.
3) PAYE with SARS

Sassa also added that if your srd R350 grant is still pending, it means it has not been approved waiting for confirmation and therefore such ones should exercise patience.

What if approved

If the application is approved, an SMS containing a unique link will be sent to the applicant to follow through to enter his or her bank account details. If the applicant is unbanked, or does not have any bank account, he or she is directed to the post office to collect his or her money. Such SMS come in the format as Surname and AppID and truncated ID and Date of Birth asking the the applicant to go to the post office for grant collection. At the post, the official will inspect to make sure that you have the message before cash is given out.

How to Check Your SRD R350 Grant status or unemployment grant application status

There are basically two ways to check out the status of the srd grant or the unemployment grant. They are WhatsApp and online platform (website).

Checking status on WhatsApp

With the WhatsApp, you have to save the number 082 046 8553 and send “SASSA” without the quote, and enter “status” and enter the Reference number which was sent to you during registration.

But the WhatsApp status response is not as elaborate as the website.

Check SRD R350 Grant Online

To check your srd R350 Grant status online follow the link below
When the web page is fully loaded, enter your ID and the phone number used to apply.
After that click on Submit button . The status page will show whether you are approved or declined or pending and the payment date.

The payment date is the date sassa issued the payment either to the bank or to the post office. According to sassa, it can take up to seven working days before the cash will hit the applicant’s bank account or SMS sent to the applicant asking them to go to the post office.

But due to high volume of applications, it may take even more than the 7 days and sassa has therefore asked applicants to exercise greater restraint and patience. They have assured applicants that whoever is qualified and approved will positively be paid what is due him or her.

If for some strange reasons, there seems to be much delay beyond normal, you can reach out to sassa on their Hotline 0800601011 or use use one of their official social media channels to launch a complaint.

Using Moya App to check status.

Although this is not officially sanctioned approach to check out the status of R350, it is one channel that has been embraced by many people.
Because it is a free data service meaning there is no data cost to user, most people prefer to use the app to interact with srd R350 site.

To check the status, just download the Moya app from the Android playstore (for Android users) or visit the site and follow the link to download the latest version of the app.
You can also ask someone who have already downloaded the app to share it with you via Bluetooth, WhatsApp or any other sharing software available.

After that install it and go to “Discovery” and go to ‘money and service”. Click on SASSA Relief button.

Enter your national ID and the phone number used in the registration and click on Submit button.

Payments of SRD R350 Grant

Payments are issued from SASSA to either the individual bank account or post office or electronic wallet (ewallet). In the case of Bank account and ewallet, the bank must bear the same name as the applicant and sim card must be registered in the applicant’s name respectively. SASSA has to verify all the submitted payment details to ascertain the accuracy and legitimacy. If a submitted bank account or ewallet fails the verification process, the applicant is directed to the post office.

They have therefore advised applicants to use their own bank accounts or ewallet registered in their own names.

Complaints and Appeal of the SRD R350 Grant

Despite the high volume of applications being worked on by the agency, they have had hard time responding people’s queries and questions regarding the unemployment grant of R350. As such they have asked applicants to channel their grievances to the email address below : or the Hotline 0800601011. Sassa can also be reached on their official Facebook page and Twitter page. The links to the official social media handles can be found on the official website of sassa :

Appealing the SRD Grant of R350

Although, most the people who were earlier declined (about 85%)were considered ans approved, there are still a number of applications that have been rejected. Such ones have expressed worry about their situation claiming the reasons why their applications were rejected have no basis whatsoever.

In such situations, sassa made arrangements and set up a dedicated email address and team to respond to such requests although up to now, no one has been given a hearing.
The dedicated email is found below:
All those who feel that have not been treated fairly can use the above email address stating the reason why they have to reconsidered and approved. Appeal process has been discussed extensively here

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the SRD Unemployment Grant R350

As part of effort to help solve the the problem of people not having their questions answered quickly or at all, sassa has set up Frequently Asked Questions to its WhatsApp and online platforms. This will help the applicants to have some answers to certain generic questions and reduce number of questions and pressure on their Hotline.

The FAQ has been thoroughly discussed in the article………

Sassa SRD Payment Dates 2020

Some applicants are worried about the SRD grant of R350 payments dates they see when they checked their status.

Please note that the payment date stated are the date sassa issued payment from their end and may take yet seven days or more depending on the number of applications being processed. So your payout date is not the date you will be paid. For those who use your preferred bank account details, the bank will credit your account when they receive confirmation from sassa.

For more information on sassa srd payment dates 2020

Changing SRD R350 payments Option from Post Office to Banks

In recent times, most of the approved applicants who were directed to go to the post office for their money had difficulties ranging from overcrowding to ‘no money’ mantra. Was very frustrating and irritating after boarding a taxi to the post office only to be told there is no money.

Also considering the fact that the global pandemic requires people to observe social or physical distancing, it was an eyesore to see such overwhelmingly crowd at the post office just to collect social relief of distress grant.

In view of this, sassa made an excellent arrangement for all approved applicants to change or switch their payments from Post office to their preferred bank and vice versa or use ewallet.

To change your payment option, visit the website and scroll down to the last section of the page and enter your ID and click on the submit button.

Read all the instruction at the section carefully to understand exactly you need to know and do. In case the your phone is not a smartphone, you can forward the SMS to smartphone and continue the process.

You will receive an SMS message containing a unique link. Follow the link and choose the bank as payment option and enter your bank account details. Remember your account number and name must be accurate and the name must be same you have on your ID, this will help make bank verification easy and smooth.

If you intend to use e-wallet, the sim must have been registered in your name.



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