srd status explained


Ever since the president of South Africa, His Excellency, Cyril Ramaphosa announced the Special Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant which also known as unemployment grant as a way to cushion the populace who are not having any sources of livelihood.
Millions of applications were received from the people for which SASSA has to sort out all these data and make sure only deserving people are paid that stipend for sustenance.
Now the problem has been since 11th May, 2020 when the application was officially announced up to now more and more people who applied have not been able to go through the verification process in order to receive their cash. What does srd status mean?

Something which was supposed to help alleviate people and support them has taken more than expected.

Checking Status SRD R350

Sassa instituted an online system where applicants can check the state of their applications at the website below.

It turned out that most of them are on pending others approved.

The Process All Applications Go Through

But before the status terms are explained, let’s diverge a bit as to the process all applications go through before payout.

  1. Once the application is submitted it goes through a system for screening and verification process before payment is made.
  2. The Home Affairs department will have to verify the authenticity of the ID submitted.
  3. After that, the South African Revenue Services (SARS) will also verify if you have any form of employment or already subscribed to any government-funded grants or bursaries.
  4. After all, if you meet the requirements Sassa will then clear you for payment
  5. When it comes to payments, Sassa will request from the applicant how he or she has to be paid through an SMS containing the link.
  6. The applicant provides the bank account details or if no bank account, you can use e-wallet registered in your name as Sassa cannot guarantee if the number provided by the applicant is for her or him.
  7. Sassa has also made arrangements with South Africa Post Office so that those people can go there for their stipend with their ID card.
srd status explained


Below are few things we have gathered concerning the status of the Special Social relief of distress grant.

  1. SUBMITTED: This indicates that your application is successfully submitted. It is an acknowledgment receipt.
  2. PENDING: Pending means the application is going through the screening or verification process which is yet to be completed. As explained in the above, it will go through Home Affairs, SARS, before coming to Sassa to process payments. This is where the problem lies. After the screening, if it is found that the person does not qualify, Sassa does not inform the applicant. Most people have complained about why their statuses have remained in PENDING for almost a month now. Always the answer remains the same. Others also wonder why those who applied a few weeks after they applied are receiving their approval messages to submit their bank accounts details? It gives an indication that there seems to be an approval algorithm SASSA might be using which is not known to the general public.
  3. APPROVED BUT NO SMS: According to Sassa, if your status says approved but not received SMS to submit your banking information, just relax and wait patiently for the approval message. At first, they said, it takes 3 days to process, but later they said 7 days and as at now, reports indicate it can take more than the 7 days. But the applicant can rest assured that their SMS will be.
  4. Approved with payment Dates but no payment yet: Here, the applicant has submitted successfully the bank account and given payment date which has elapsed. If your condition is like this, please be patient and keep your phone active for the payment message or sometimes you can check your bank accounts to see.
  5. SASSA has assured all applicants to be more patient with them as every applicant will be sorted out accordingly.

Sassa official hotline 0800601011 is almost always busy and people find it difficult to get through.
You can also follow Sassa through official Facebook and Twitter Pages for assistance. You can also direct message (DM), Sassa, on Twitter for a quick response. For their Regional offices, please follow this link (SASSA Contact Details) for more information.


SASSA has explained the reasons that have contributed to the delay

  • Some applicants applied using multiple channels. SASSA has to sort out all these in order to only one.
  • It is not only SASSA that screens or verifies the submitted information by the applicant but, other government departments such as the Home Affairs and SARS have a hand it.
  • At the time the application started, they had a small number of workers at work due to the lockdown and the social distancing protocols.
  • A huge volume of applications was received. According to sources at SASSA, they received approximately 13 million applications across different channels. All duplicate applications were identified and deleted. A total 6, 578, 762 single applications remained. Out of that number, 3, 277, 660 applications have so far been rejected.

We are aware that there are so many questions regarding this srd issue and we are trying our best to get answers for our cherished readers. Please stay tuned and be informed

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  1. I have applied for the srd R350 grant bt as from now i have not receive any approval sms

  2. Want to knowwhy I ave been declined when I am not wirking, I don’t collect any UiF , no social grant , & don’t collect money from any other source, explain why

  3. Berly khutso Mamabolo is my daughter she was under care dependency she turned 18 last
    Year November iwas strakling
    For I’d when I got it was locked
    Down iplyed for srd but no luck itried
    Always pending idont know why

  4. My Husban applied and gof the Sms in may but he dnt have any bank account butbhe choose cardless servise but yntil now he never get his money what he can do?

  5. hiy i have received an sms asking me to submit my banking details for covic distress grant, but i cant find it in the given link.

  6. I got approved I lost that phone with my link of sending bank details .can you help me

  7. Approved in 29 may,30 may I send banking details, its July now I haven’t received even my 1st payment,my question is it taking so long to get paid? couse now I see my June status is pending,

  8. What does this mean I got this and from sassa ..
    (sassa otp code 544324)
    What does that mean.

  9. Hi applied for r350 srd grant, been approved, submitted babk details,for may and june, may has been filed on the 22 july with 24th july as payday, but stiil no payment , cn u pls help

  10. I applied for SRD R350 sassa grant and it said successful and is pending verification. Then they sent me a code number via SMS . Until today i haven’t received any response

  11. Hi pls assist me, my june,july and august sassa srd grant has been approved and september is pending, but i selected a cardless cashsend payment but when i purchased my mtn sim card it was already rica.
    so what do i do now to receive payment, because it is said that your cell number must be rica in your name enable to receive a cash send… pls help

  12. My name David Tema since I got my last payment by july, august status shows approved no payment yet,sep,Oct,status shows referred no payment yet,still don’t get any source of income,pls follow up my application, I’d 8208046064086 cell nr 0781917883

  13. I also send my details an they send me iam not approved to get sassa money iam declain but how I don’t work an i don’t go to U.I.F for my money so what must i do

  14. My mother received a sticker at her post office and was told to keep it in her id, i want to know what is that for

  15. I’m being approved and I have apayday dates and no sms since I started to apply the SRD grant and even try to collect it and said no money

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