SASSA SRD R350 December 2020 Latest Updates and Payments Dates

SASSA SRD R350 November and December Latest Updates and Payments Dates

Most applicants have received their double payments for September and October in October.

Since the president announced the extension of the SRD grant R350 grant to for additional three months up to January, there seems payments have stalled.

It will be recalled that the grant of R350 was to end in October but was later extended to January due to the grave impact of the global pandemic on the country’s economic conditions.

November 2020

As at today Saturday, SASSA has started issuing the November module on the SASSA SRD R350 grant status dashboard. Most of the applicants have been approved waiting for pay dates and subsequent payments into their accounts or post office for collections.

There rumours that payment for November will be double thus together with the December payment since SASSA will not work in December, but we cannot independently confirm that yet. We have our fingers crossed to see if indeed payment will double as speculated when payment is finally settled.

December 2020 Payment

Latest Updates :

As at now today, Tuesday, December 2nd, 2020, December module has appeared on the SRD status dashboard although it is pending. It is hopeful that payment will be made before the 15th of December 2020 for those using the banks as their mode of payment.

If you have not checked your status you can do by using the link below :

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Many people have lost their income and their source of livelihood. During the announcement by the President October, outlining his economic recovery plan, he also assured massive infrastructure development and recruitment in the public sector.

As part of this measure, the Basic Education Department is looking for a total of 300,000 applicants to assist schools across the country.

The program will start in 1st December to March 2021 and successful applicants will receive a monthly stipend of R3500 less 1% for Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF).

Meanwhile, SASSA has assured all applicants who have been approved that they will all be paid accordingly.

Those Declined
SASSA has admitted on some platform that although their system has relatively be efficient, they still believe that there might some anomalies one way or another.

In view of this, they they requested all those who have the strong belief that they were unduly declined to contest that decision to appeal using the email address :

Failure to appeal means you are satisfied with decline decision by SASSA.

After November payment we hope the December and January payments will follow suit accordingly.


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28 thoughts on “SASSA SRD R350 December 2020 Latest Updates and Payments Dates

  1. I’m been looking for assistance for quite some time now and just get a deadline I’m at West Coast College Atlantis through NFAS as our financial sponsor money was promised to us as students since we started with the course (ORP)but Everytime we raise qeustens about the money situation that we were promise as a monthly statement that we’ll received the answers that we get (We’ll get back to you eversince up until now )can someone please help us with this matter we wrote our last subject yesterday now what I wanted to know is what is going to happen to our monthly statement that we were supposed to be getting please and I mean help us out here

  2. Whatever you say SASSA I have been waiting for my August ,September,October payment since end of July!!!All three months approved pay dates and all but no sms from post office and I don’t have the energy to go and stand in line forever just to hear there’s no money or no money for me….I’m starwing my kids are suffering and SASSA is paying every one but me so I’m thinking maybe they don’t help white unemployed people…”not a rasist “just feel discriminised…

  3. I need to change by using e wallet ,at Absa,what did I do ,to do that ,I’m sick I’m no longer quing ,at post office , because,they didn’t care about us,they just , sitting without helping us,and we go back with , nothing at home,,,they helping people who ,paid them,to withdraw,them inside,then they paid them ,100 each person,,…it’s hurts crc ,we are suffering … Plz help usπŸ™πŸ™

  4. Approved from July till November
    With pay dates but no money received from bank account but why?

  5. IveI’ve been approved since July till now and only revived August payment of R350 all other months are approved but no paydates. I’ve been to the post office 5 times already and they tell me I’m not on there system. WTF…..

  6. I think all applications that was declined due to UIF must be investigated by the Hawks. How can you receive no payment because of this rubbish.

  7. I registered on November because my birthday was on October 16 i was turning 18 years and im no longer getting social grant n im surfering to get mai self somethi to eat,clothes and so on but when i check my stutus fo November they say declined and December pending at it still pending
    What must i do???? because i really need this money it will help me

  8. I don’t receive any benefits from governments throughout last year, but this year I don’t want to miss it again please.

  9. Thanks to sassa for every thing but i didn’t get my January payment it’s approved but no pay date can someone help please

  10. My first payment was in October I got money for 3 monthsthen r350 in December and r350 now in February …I just want to know if am I still going to get the balance for other months?

  11. Since from last I apply for srd I get nothing until now please help me how to get my money

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