how to appeal sassa srd grant

SASSA SRD R350 GRANT PAYMENT Options Now Activated and Running

SASSA Introduces Flexible Way To Access Your Special COVID-19 Temporary SRD

SASSA presents clients of the Special COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress Grant
with an opportunity to receive their grants at their chosen and convenient outlets.
Clients can:
� Change from one payment method to another;
� Opt from receiving their grant at the Post Office to a bank account of their
choice or vice versa;
� Move their payments from one bank to another;
� Even choose a cash send option; and
� Clients who opt for cash send must also use the cellphone registered in their
name only.
This flexible option will be open only from Monday, 03 August – Sunday, 09 August
2020 – 24 hours a day.
Approved applicants or clients of the COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress Grant
can change their payment preference by visiting
Responses to frequently asked questions about this relief grant can be found on
the WhatsApp platform on 082 046 8553, or the SASSA website

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123 thoughts on “SASSA SRD R350 GRANT PAYMENT Options Now Activated and Running

    1. Sure you can ….as long as you have provided sassa with your bank details-&
      Remember that the bank details & the cell phone number..that you are providing with should be at your name not someone else’s… THANK YOU 💓🌹💓✌️ PEACE…

        1. I applied in may I got my 1st payment Nd second Nd third but now when I check for the rest they say it’s declined rip5 form Nd u don’t understand cos I’m not working

        1. Since i was waiting for a response last year November,i went to department of sassa to make an appeal so that there’s nothing happened and I’m worried because is a longtime

        1. I lost my registration simcard so im using a new number please help me i applied on may but i cant see when to visit post office for my money cause i lost that old simcard now i want to put my banking details using this new number so that i can receive sassa notifications and receive my money in the bank

      1. I want to get paid on my account ……I changed my bank details to Capitec in February but since now I haven’t received my fund’s

    2. nginekinga ngalo R350 we grant ngaba nika ama bank account ama kanti i card alisasebenzi ngahamba ngayolibuselela still ayingeni kodwa mangi sheka iyavela izinyanga ezu 5 please ngicela ningisize

  1. I want to change my bank by using cash send ,0789151090at absa the number registration with esethu Mguzulwa

  2. I have provide an bank account number that were closed last year December and i did not known about it until i’ve checked for my srd sassa relieve payment. I have opened a new account. I want to update my banking details but they show UPDATE SUCCESSFUL.
    Can someone please assist me in this case?

  3. I’ve never worked before and I’m not getting money from sassa since I’ve applied on May it’s says identify verification failed

  4. I want to change from post office to bank account, my number 0730802452 and name Vumile Phehlukwayo

  5. I want to change from post office to my bank account, here is my number 0730802452 , name Vumile Phehlukwayo

  6. I want to change my money to be transfer by instan money or cash voucher on 0635449934 Keamogetse Evodia Kgalane

  7. I haven’t received anything, and when checking my status, it’s states I was approved for May, for June it’s pending, and I’m not working or receiving and income

  8. I would like to change my FNB ACCOUNT to Capitec my FNB account has been closed an I can’t reactivate it what should I do

  9. I was due to be paid on June 8 an July 23 I still didn’t get any sms my account has been closed an I can’t reactivate it I have a new one what should I do what should I do plz help my numbers are 0738835335

  10. Hi my name is karishma ramlakan and I have been approved for the grant but no longer have access to the contact number I used to apply how can I collect it without the contact number please assist

  11. Hi I want to Cheng but the banks do not open accounts for unemployed so what if I get my grand with ewalet or M number or EFT way that will be more effective


    Vusimuzi Mhlambi

    065 549 1551

  12. I want to change from post office to bank , Nd I would like the thank the Komatipoort post office employees for ur hard work u are really trying ur best keep it up

  13. I want to change my 350 sassa to Capitec so how to change it and how to check my next payment

  14. Hi i just want to know that how long does it take for money to reflect from Post office to capitec bank?

  15. Haikhona Sassa takes like forever to make following payments, they paid May in July but June and july not yet paid. What’s wrong with Sassa?

  16. My son was approof but till up today he still did not get payed SRD R350 he also did not have a bank account

  17. Social distress relief grant was decline since June my number is
    0730181801 I lost my phone and the sim I’ve regisrster on is gone my I’d number is 9907121268087

  18. how do i change my bank account number. i’ve tried the links but it will not accept my id no.
    my no. is 0744427820

  19. Guy’s I need help I do get 700 2months back I didn’t get it again I used cash sender at absa what must I do now

  20. I need help guys, I am approved for may and June and July with payday and they filed, but no money in my bank account, you only payed me for August and September and October

  21. I have been approved months ago i haven’t got my Sassa pension money seen November but it has been approved I don’t know why

    Please help I am not working I need this money please help me.

  22. I haven’t received my grant payment since last year November 2020 I’d like to know where do I go to fix this problem as there has been no payments coming in and I desperately need the money

  23. Am not happy with sassa srd grant for making us to wait very long jst to get 35
    and by that time we need tht maney bt jst coz this processe is so slow that its makes us have no percevirance

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