Sassa SRD Payment Updates for August September and October 2020

Sassa SRD payment Updates for August September and October 2020

For many applicants of the sassa srd R350 Grant, August has been one of their difficult months ever since the grant was instituted in April and payment started in May.

The grant has been saddled with so many challenges although it has chalked a net success.

Ranging from those who were earlier unduly declined to those who were approved but when they get to the post office only to be told there is no money.

The overwhelming number of people converging at the post office to collect their grants and in most cases disregarding social or physical distancing was worrisome and dangerous in the midst of this global pandemic.

In August, almost all those who were approved have had their status remained pending till the close of the month and as at Sunday 6th September, at the time of filing this report, the situation was the same.

From sources gathered by this news portal, the following are the key factors that may have affected the delay of the three remaining months namely : August, September and October.

1) One of the factors has to do with auditing done by the audit service which has brought to light some of the irregularities in the payments. It has been made known how some unqualified people were approved and paid. In view of this, sassa wants to do a thorough screening to make sure that monies are only paid to qualified applicants who are indeed distressed.
2) Because of the overcrowding and the disregard for social distancing protocols at the post office. Sassa has for the second time asked approved applicants to switch from the default payponit thus Post Office to their preferred bank account or vice versa. The latest window will expire on Sunday, September 6th, 2020. If you have not already done it, you can do before the date expires.

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This will help reduce the number of people going to the post office for their money.
For the first week of September, sassa/post office is paying grant recipients for the Old Age, Disability Grant, Child Support grant etc. In view of this the Post Office will not be attending to the srd applicants.

3) Sassa is likely to pay some applicants double for the month of August and September.
4) Sources also have it that they will relook at those who were declined using some flimsy excuses.
5)sassa, according media reports, has a backlog of hundreds of thousands of emails unattended to, a daily phone calls of approximately 40k (40,000) with only 26 of staff support. In the said statement, sassa intend to offer a third the opportunity to help manage emails and other queries regarding the scheme or SRD payments.

At this point, some applicants still have their May, June and July payments still not received although approved. In spite of all these things, sassa has assured the applicants that if only they qualify they will eventually be paid.

Post office is to resume payments of the SRD grant starting from Tuesday, 8th September 2020.

It is even rumoured on social media and other media outlets that sassa us likely to double payments or triple for the two or three months respectively.


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72 thoughts on “Sassa SRD Payment Updates for August September and October 2020

    1. That’s our useless government just blowing smoke about how they wanna confirm… Confirm what! I was approved in May 2020 and I only received an sms on 27 July 2020 for R350 and I only got the R350 in August! June, July and August is approved but still no damn money…

      1. Morning
        I have a problem with may payment , i did find only for September month all this month nothing

        1. My Son was also Approved since June,July,August and September Pending without pay dates my son never received any money from Sassa but they are busy telling us that the is money where is those R350’s.

        2. I get paid in May on the 24 was approved for all the other months and when I check again it show referred why ? The government treat me unfairly

      1. Me too,may approved got paid…
        June July August approved with paydates but post office said there’s no money for me……..but why coz I have paydates

      1. Inever get paid for my grante for January and February since I’ve changed from post office to account I don’t know what is going on please help my number is 0780597140

  1. I have added my bank details on 5th aug as on the 4th i saw I’m approved from may till July however I didnt get my money in my acc yet have psy dates for may June n July at post office say I’m not on system but ntng has come in bank I’m unemployed and suffering pls help

  2. I have been approved for May, June,July but only got paid for 2months 700r in July and now for September 350 what happend to the one months money

  3. I am stil pending for august and we are in september what is taking so long from the start i get paid but now iam pending

      1. Hi I have received my srd payment of August as I’m still waiting for the both payment can yourl kindly explain to us what going are we still getting this payments or yourl are just making false accusations because yourl don’t wanna pay us anymore cause if there people who applied and receiving employed payment every month the system should have pick up long time ago help with our payment we are disparate and hungry

  4. I received my first month payment on the 25 July
    Was approved for June and July
    Payment date for June was 31
    Still no money
    July approved no pay date
    And August still pending

  5. I got my first payment for may in june and was approved for june and july without payment or paydays and pending for August still and it is a month already been to post office and they said there was no payment made from sassa

  6. My September and October payment is still outstanding Got approved August but did not received payment for September only got paid on 12 of September for August payment why did Sassa not make a double payment for August and September it is already near the End of September.

  7. I, Patty-Anne was declined because of Identity verification from May ,June, July, I’m approved for August but and still waiting for my SRD Grant Covid-19 date and payment. I was struggling with the banking details and my application failed.
    Please I need your help I’m unemployed. Thank you.

    1. Thus the funny thing from SASSA, how can they decline applicant for identity verification in May, June and July approve in August. Meanwhile the applicant has not updated its personal info. For now please contact SASSA on their official Facebook page and inbox them your ID for investigation.

  8. Mine says May approve
    JUNE approve
    July approve
    August declined reason alternative income source identified
    How come cos m not receiving any incomes anywhere

  9. How come my August status is declined after pending for almost two months and my September status is pending but it paid me from May to July… Says I have a source of income whereas am jobless and no any source of income am relying on

  10. Im jennifer laport..applied for this sdr grant, been aproved for may till aug but only got paid for may.2ns aproved was only for june and july,with no pay outs for these 2_mnths.aproved for aug still no payment for it only showd approved for may..what is going on with this ppl working with your mind.its almost end of oct but yet im still waiting for 5months of srd.shame on me..

  11. I applied for this srd grand and im unemployed with no income or means of other sources, although i do hav a bank acc open, im not using it for my own benifit.its for the bennifit of someone else. i have been declined..and for some reason unknown to me.can you plz look into the matter as i have no other means to making use of this email acc çoz i hav no email acc or nor do i have a gmail acc.

  12. My status approved from August and september but never receive payment date or sms to ask for banking details.

  13. My status approved from August and september but never receive payment date or sms to ask for banking details.

  14. Mine has been approved for August and September, I even got dates but when I went to the post office on 26 of October they showed me null..why?

  15. I was approved payday 21 Oct 2020 still have not recieved payment in to bank account how can we get clarity on this

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