Sassa srd Grant Second Payment Dates and matters arising

Since the introduction of the Special social relief of distress srd grant, sassa has been under serious pressure making sure that the grant is paid only to deserving people.

Payment Dates According to sassa

Most applications were initially declined, because according to sassa, they used certain old database of employment. It was later revealed that about 85% of the rejected applicants indeed qualified for the grant.

Now those who were lucky enough to receive their first payment for the month of May, the question they are asking is “what is the date for the second payment”?

After several checks from sources at sassa, it has come to light that, sassa does not have any fixed payments dates for the srd grant of R350.

In a reply to a question as to when the second payment will be effected, sassa said

There is no fixed payment date for the special COVID-19 SRD grant. Every month your application will be checked to verify if you still qualify for the grant. You will be paid each month, provided you still qualify for that month.”.

According to sassa

What then can be inferred from that reply? It is clear that, there is no clear payment date approved or payment timetable for the srd grant of R350.
Moreover, every application will have to be screened every month to make sure the applicants still qualify.


For instance, if an applicant who has been paid in May get employed or have other sources of income in June , such a person will no more qualify for the grant.

SASSA has called on all the applicants to exercise great restraint as they deal with the issues because of high volume of applications.

Those Pending Since May

If you have applied for the srd grant of R350 since May and is still pending, then please sassa advise to contact them directly to investigate your issue for you. Their Hotline 0800601011 is what they are still asking people to call. Most people who have called this number could not even get through to speak to anyone.

This is why some wonder if sassa is really want to help these applicants. How can a whole national entity have just one Hotline serving millions of people? You only leave these people frustrated the more . Sassa should up their game and can even decentralised their system regarding this relief grant.

Why can’t they make use of their regional offices to respond to queries and address people’s pressing issues and investigate pertinent questions as soon as people.

Because of the lock down, most people have lost their source of livelihood and depend on some of these stipends.

Submitted Bank Accounts But No Payment Yet

If you have submitted your bank account details but you have not received your money in your account for more than three weeks, please sassa advise to call them to investigate your issue for you.

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According to sassa, it takes 7 working days to process payments after bank accounts details s are submitted, but because of high volume of applications it might delay for more days.

They say, what has caused this mostly is the challenge or the failure of the verification of the bank account details. The bank account information does not match the applicant’s information submitted.

In such cases, the applicant is asked to go to the Post Office to collect his or her money. But they should only go there when they have received SMS asking them to do so.

Approved But No Pay Dates

If your srd R350 grant status says approved but no pay date, please exercise patience, it will be made known sooner than later.

SMS Link Failing when submitting bank accounts

If you have challenge sending your bank account details or when you click on the submit button and you receive fail reply, please you can use a different internet browser or clear your browser cookies or caches. You can also use a different phone.
If after all these, it keeps failing, then you will need to contact sassa immediately to resend the link or reset your account for you.

Contacting sassa For Quick Response

If you are having difficulty reaching SASSA Hotline 0800601011 as widely known, please make use of their social media pages avenues also.
You can contact sassa on Twitter and Facebook and inbox them your ID to investigate your issue for you.

Because there are lot pages and accounts pretending to sassa on social, you are advised to visit sassa’s official website, their Facebook page and Twitter page are found on the right sidebar of the website. Follow the link links there.

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SASSA must however be commended looking at the number of people they so far been able to pay. Hopefully they will speed up the process and bring some real relief to the people.


As at Sunday, 19th of July, 2020, most people have had their srd grant approved with payments dates set as 22nd July 2020.

It is clear that subsequent payments will be much more smoother than the previous ones.

Keep following us for more up-to-date information on srd and sassa payment.


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61 thoughts on “Sassa srd Grant Second Payment Dates and matters arising

  1. The number is not competing I was aprof the 14 of Jun but there is no payment made and no pay date

    1. Soon you will get sms to collect R350 at Post office. Just go very early as lines are very long…I was approved 3June for grant received sms 15th July to collect money at Post office. I have included banking details in application though.

  2. I was approved in May and my 1st paydate was 26 June..however I haven’t received any payment. I did give my banking details

    1. I only received my R350 on the 8th of June,and nothing in July.WHY?My ID 8007145327083

    2. Im replying on behalf of my husband he dnt have a bank acc but never got a sms since May for ewallet

    3. Am still waithing for the first R350 can get cant tolakala . N the number that i was using is lost …or can i add anther one

  3. Good morning ,thanks for last month 350 must I aply again for the 350 for July or did you aply only ones thank you

  4. Since I’ve applied on May never got my payment till now I’ve checked for my status its said approved but no1 bothered to ask me about my bank details or receiving any SMS… nanidlala ngathy nje.

  5. Approved may 10 but still no payday or sms to go post office how can you help me

    1. I didn’t get my second payment and I have send my account number and it said aproved but I did not get any payment .

      1. They send me message saying I was declined because I was receiving some income for the past 18 month and I am not


        1455814375 CODE 470010

  6. I applied for my son in May. Got a verification code said I was approved and asked for banking details as he dont have a banking account I chose the cash send at Standard bank. That was the last response. I checked online May is approved but June is pending. When will he receive the payment

  7. Hi I applied for srd grant I received first payment in June.
    So I’m still waiting for my second payment when will it be made please guys I’m suffering a lot I really need this R350.
    Thank you


  9. I apply for the unemployment sassa of r350 end of june 2020 they say its succsessful i went to find out by the place in shoprite the man said it will come in it takes a while so where can i get a card for it

  10. I gave them banking details but they don’t seem to put it into the account at capitec what seems to be the problem

  11. I’m still waiting for the second payment which is June, but the status is pending I like to know what seems to be the problem

  12. I applied on 13 May 2020, was approved on 11 June 2020, confirmed on 15 June 2020 that I do not have a bank account and gave FNB (Bela Bela) as prefered bank for my cash payment. Up-to-date have received not a cent yet and no further sms after the big yellow tick that was sent to me!!!!!

  13. Since I was approved two months back and I have a payday that was on the 29 of june i’ve never received any message from sassa and now I lost the that I applied with what can i do pls help

  14. I received my first payment on 28 may since then there’s nothing can happened

  15. Can someone please help me out and explain this to me please.
    I was approved in may 2020 still no payment nothing I check again now it’s telling me pending for June and it’s the middle of July

  16. Hi I applied and was approved in May. Banking details were required was given but no money ever since. Now it says pending what does that mean? Because I have applied for 3 other people with the same phone number and they also waiting. What seems to be the problem?

  17. ID:0105080786087
    Name:PONTSHO Seele
    Since I applied and approved may and June choosing ewallet but no any payment,them I did bank account when trying to update it keep saying failed help me with new link please on 0737086864

  18. I’m still waiting for the second payment please help us out we survive with income of one child

  19. I’m still waiting for second payment we surviving with grant of single child please help us we really need that money

  20. I received R350 on the 22nd of June and I was approved all info is correct and bank details. I did not yet receive for July 2020 a lot of people received R700 double payment but not me. And it is already far past 22nd again.

  21. Please help,my mother got 350 in July although she applied in may,I want to know if she’s still going to get that 350x6months,and when is her next pay date

  22. Hi my request is that can you please sort out eWallet problem to avoid long quess at Post office because there is no social distance between people this long quess will get the virus to spread it is not safe at all. Thank you

  23. Receive my 1st payment on the 25th of June and still waiting for second payment,and I prefer to collect my money at Post Office

  24. Recieved my 1st payment on the 24th of June still waiting for second payment , when i go to the post office they told me no money for me please help

  25. Hi I have made the application and I’ve approved. I received the first payment on May, which was the last. The following month’s results was pending because of the IRP5 which was on 2019. Would you please confirm with me if there is anything wrong with the delay of the payment. I would much appreciate to get your feedback
    Thank you

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