SASSA Applications 2020

New SASSA Payments Date 2020


SASSA has revised his payment plans starting from May 2020.
This has become necessary due the pandemic and its subsequent lock down across the country.
In April 2020, SASSA made a prudent arrangement to pay the elderly (Old age ) and the disability grants to receive their payments earlier than the scheduled date.

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Their payments started on 30th and 31st March followed by the other grants on 1st April.

Despite this arrangement made by SASSA, people thronged into the various points of payments on the 30th and 31st irrespective of the grant category. This made the original arrangement marred and some elderly had difficulty even to access their money. This also resulted in overcrowding at various ATMs and stores making it difficult to observe the social distancing.

In one of such instance at Dobonsville shopping centre in Soweto, a video which has been circulating on social media, captured a group of young people pushing elderly people in order to have their payments first at those facilities.

In view of the above, SASSA has released official statement after consulting various stakeholders including National Treasury, South African Post Office, Banking associations, retailers and the general consumer goods.

After the consultation it has been concluded that the following decisions will have to followed to safeguard the elderly and people with disability:

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39 thoughts on “New SASSA Payments Date 2020

  1. I applied Monday 11 May for the R350 relief grant using my cellphone with the ussd *134*7737# followed all the steps but i haven’t received any feedback from my application. WANDILE MABIJA

    1. As far as your application was successfully submitted, sassa will have crosscheck if indeed you qualify after that they will officially get back to you for your payment account. Patience is the key.

    2. I applied on 12 may but since there I never received any Feedback.All I want to know is that whether I qualified to be approved to this social relief or not because I’m getting worried now.

  2. I appied on tuesday using USSD sms,said succefully but i didn’t get approved notification yet!

    1. As far as your application was successfully submitted, sassa will have crosscheck if indeed you qualify after that they will officially get back to you for your payment account. Patience is the key.

  3. I have applied for the R350 unemployed fund via WhatsApp and email and haven’t get any feedback soI don’t know if my application was successful.

  4. Good Afternoon.
    I applied for a disability grant in March the 12th.
    A lady from sassa collected all forms that was required. Apparently my application went through to Home Affairs.
    No one has contacted me regarding my disability grant.
    Please let me know.

    1. For new application, you may have to go and check again at SASSA otherwise, after lockdown.
      However if it has elapsed, you will be paid without necessarily renewing it

  5. I like to know about the disability grant that has lapsed when we or you will renew automatically ,is for my daughter has turned 18and ihave
    Applied srd on Thursday ,but no response idoknow Why??

  6. I Applied For R350 using Ussd and WhatsApp but I did not receive any message

    1. No reply to indicate that you have successfully submitted your application?

      Wait for approval, they will contact you if indeed you qualify

    2. I apply R350 for my neighbour around May and he was approved and they asked for his banking details which submitted but still haven’t received it

  7. Goos day to u I have applied and notify that my application has been excepted can u please notify me what my next step is. Thank u for excepting Lydrich van der Merwe

    1. Hello dear, after submissions of the Applications, SASSA itself will contact you for your payment details after your application is approved.

      Thank you

  8. Changing the dates for payments was not clever, we rely on those grants on a specific day to cover our children’s needs, now you do what? Tell our children to wait a week, you can have food when your money comes in? It’s bad enough that they STILL make deductions on grants, wtf! You cannot but get because you never know how much you will actually get out from month to month!

  9. My daugter is turning 18 on 15 june.. she are in grade 11. Will the be any possibility that i can aplply for the childgrant to be paid out until she finished gr12? And if not until when will sassa pay out for her.? I dont know how to survife without her money as me and my husband are without work and any kind of income.

  10. Hi SASSA staff, thank you all that is working in extreme conditions during COVIS19, for the motivation, kindness and taking all the nonsense from the people comments who are applying for the grant what can’t wait THANKS AGAIN 👍

  11. I applied last month, my application has been decline, at the same time I’m not working, I don’t receive NSFAS. I do qualify for the social relief grant yet I’m being rejected, this is so frustrating

  12. My friend applied for SRD 350 on may he didn’t get the message of approval then he check the status… And the status said he diclined

  13. why am declined sassa,upgrade you system is to tight you end decline people who must qualify life me.i don’t know where is sin or because i worked before or what? because am telling you this i don’t recieve an income i applied my UIF last year i got it until it finished. but you declined my application

  14. I appy for my brother on April until now i dont get the feed back and when i check the status is failed i dont know why because i dnt get any payment. Pls help me what can i do now.and when i call 0800601011 is always busy.I apply using ussd and watsup.

  15. hi it said aproved and they gave me an id no but still i ddnt get payment on the bank but is ewallet.i want to make that is sassa doimg e wallet coz i ddnt have bank account

  16. I also did aply but nothing…y u guys are doing this to us how are we going to survive…im still waiting 350..till today

  17. I applied on my I don’t remember the date and my application was not successful for 3 months and August and September is successful but the is no pay date and im asking my self the Sassa is going to pay back the previous money or not?

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