SASSA September 2021 Payout/Payment Dates

SASSA payment dates have been fixed at the first day of each month unless the day falls on weekend or holidays that it is shifted to the previous working day.

Since the inception of the global viral pandemic and subsequent nationwide lockdown, SASSA made a very nice arrangement for the payment dates to help avoid overcrowding at the various pay points during the payday.

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After they witnessed a very bizarre scenario on how people were struggling and pushing away old age grant beneficiaries at various pay points, they decided to strictly separate payment dates of old age and disability grants from the rest of the beneficiaries.

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September 2021 Payment Dates



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95 thoughts on “SASSA September 2021 Payout/Payment Dates

    1. Could you please check for me the reason why I did not get paid. I applied in May and my application was approved. My name is Xolani Ngceba and my ID number is 7010107549083

      1. Hi l applied for SRD grant and got approved for June,July and August but when l check with the post office there is no money.What could be the reason

        1. What is the meaning of “Not being on SARS BASE”?

          I applied, the reason for my declination, they say I’m not on SARS BASE, what do I need to do? I don’t understand anything because I’m unemployed

          1. Go to the post office to check.. my sister’s status was the same… “Not on Sars” base but when she went to the post office she got paid … It’s not fair that people don’t get notified when they are approved.

          1. Please tell me if I am qualifying for my total
            SASSA amount though my husband does not qualify yet.

      2. Hi xolani this is Tuso. Please remove or edit this post. You should not include your ID number on the internet unless it is safe and what you have done is carelessness. You will be a victim of scams.

        Please delete that post and repost it if you can not edit.

      1. Hi i haven’t received any R350 of Ramaphosa since the lockdown started and I feel that it’s not fair for us who don’t work and yet we still get declined to the relief grant. My phone number is 0788771899 even you can offer me a job I will forget about this R350 because it’s hard to get it.

          1. i have done an application for my child and i didnt recieve his grant they told me in December and December is almost over so what is the problem

  1. Lesetja Samuel Masipa Id7704035446087 I hv apply for the grant and I have not received any reply

    1. Attention!
      To those who do not yet link your bank account, do your self favour & open new account to use it.

      Once u link your resent bank account, they will reject your apct


    1. Me also I never got a paydate even on Jul ..Aug.. Sep waiting to approve October I need the money…curtlye terrblanche

    1. I have applied for SASSA unemployment distress Grant as I got no earnings per month but nothing as parent of young girl

  3. I have been approved on the 12june and received a link to provide my bank details I did,but I have not received my money

      1. I receive a message said my declined because my details do not match.and I am not working

  4. My niece applied but was declined. Message show that she is registered for PAYE with SARS. She’s nevee held a permanent job. Who then registered her with SARS. She casuales at Spur for tips. Please explain

  5. I would like to know about the Care dependency grant,if it has lapsed February, what steps to take?

  6. I have been approved
    Still waiting ,they did send me banking details not payment since 14 may

  7. I’ve recievd da sms 2day sayng dat I waz recievng mony 4 da past 18 mnthz bt hw come coz on dat 18 mnthz i waz nt workng.

  8. Hi Sassa,

    My cell no has change please advice whom to contact.The new no is 0744939328

  9. Hi my application has been declined but I don’t get any income and even my brthr is been more than 6 yrs not working but he is also declined.My cell number is 0735042771 and my brothers number is 0670886805.

  10. I’m waiting frm last mnth 4 payment dnt knw wht is going on.plse advice wer I can collect cos we need the money.i dnt hve banking acc n wanted 2 collect with ewallet.

  11. I have received a message of approval for my application,but I don’t have a bank account,what do I do?

  12. Im waiting for my compensation fund i felt injury on duty so on April idont know whether my employer applied for me

    1. Hi I’m mahlatsi ever since may 28 being approved then June still approved then July I don’t know whether is approved or not but still waiting no money and whats worse it just say approved nje no payment dates nothing it is just approved for all this months and when I call their number it keeps on telling me all their agents are currently busy my call will be answered shortly basically nobody to talk nobody to tell me anything I’ve even emailed them still no response

  13. My dad applied for me but i haven’t receive the money…they sent a link for bank detaild i fill all the details next day tgey sent message that my bank details was successfully but i haven’t receive it the money …i did go n check it at post office there’s no money there

  14. Hi I did get my first 350 grant on the 22 second of June and did not have a payment yet in this month

  15. Hi I have been declined may,June and July reason irp5 registered I have never worked so why and how can someone help me

  16. hi im phylua afrikander im also declined since now not even working but i gave the right details here is my nmr 0739917848 i gave this right nmr.

  17. Weziwe Ngubane .since i appliedon May but my status keeps saying declined the reason says I’m UIF registerd of which I’m no longer working and I don’t get any income.

  18. Hallo there. Im writing this due to not receiving my grant for july and august now pending and no word on september. I keep on checking but nothing. I tried getting hold of sassa cant get through. Please assist me on this
    I need that money very very urgently for medication to get for my mom. Please

  19. Guys i harte to to say this but the truth is some of us didn’t get paid due to fraudulent and corruption occurred thus why sassa didn’t pay us. But i don’t know it’s for how long

  20. The outcome of August says decline the reason is that i get an income somewhere and i’m not working I don’t know what is going on here guys. I want to know where i get that income from and September still pending plz help me

  21. Good afternoon my daughter’s application was approved but when we went to the post office they told us that the payments are closed.want to know when is the next payment.

  22. If I still had unclaimed Srd payments by post office am I still able to get it? I would really like to know. Cause at post office they told me that they don’t pay out unclaimed money for previous month’s. Is that true? Even if all my payments was approved with pay dates given?????

  23. I was approved in October and I started to receive my payment of R350 on the 24th of October, November 27th and December 14th. What confuses me, is that, I never received the May, June, July, August, September srd sassa unemployment grant whereas most of other applicants did received these past months from June in double and triple payments. I need a clarity on that, and didn’t I received the same treatment like others, and where is the rest of my srd sassa grant that is rightful benefits from the government?

  24. My problem is that I was received R350 since from may . But now when check its says uif Registered what must I do because I’m not even working where did they get that wrong information

  25. my problem is that i did’not receive R350 since 2021 starts,i want to know that what can be the problem

  26. Why are our pension not paid. It supposed to be paid in by the 3rd of each month. I have an account to pay before the 5th of the month. Who has to pay the interest. No we cannot even enjoy Easter. No money. WHAT A SHAME!!
    My phone number. 071 008 3977

  27. I didn’t receive my 350 grand some past month some I got for this April I didn’t receive any.

  28. on January 20-21 I tried to change my srt grant from Post office to my bank account but then I realise that the number that are registered with has to be also regarding the money and it was required under my mum’s name so I had to reach change my payment method to post office again since the last time I got my City ground was only January February March and April is approved but there’s no paid it please assist

  29. Meant to say I tried changing my srt from Post office to my bank account,but realized that the number I registered with wasn’t rica (Ed) under my name!!so I went back again to change my payment method to back via post office….that was on JANUARY
    FEBRUARY APPROVED -no pay date
    MARCH APPROVED -no pay date
    APRIL APPROVED -no pay date


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