SASSA July 2020 Payment. How Much To Expect

The global pandemic has disrupted almost everything not leaving grants paid in this country.

Earlier after reported cases of the virus, government announced measures to help reduce the spread of the virus. One major of such measures was the nationwide lockdown and as such companies had to close and more and more people lost their main source of livelihood, thus their jobs.

Government made plans to help cushion most vulnerable by increasing the SASSA grants already being paid. He also added special social relief of distress grant to cater for people who do not have any form of income as a result of the pandemic.

May 2020 Grant Payments

The child grant was increased by R300 rands per each child in May (paid once) and a such the following can be deduced:

  • One Child 440+300 =740
  • Two children > 2(440)+2(300) =
  • Three Children > 3(440)+3(300) =


Other Grants were increased by R250 each

June 2020 Up to October 2020

But from June to October, the formula is different

Child grant:
The increment of R500 is per caregiver. So in this case, it does not matter how many kids under a caregiver, the amount remains the same.

  • One Child > 440 +500 = 940
  • Two Children > 2(440) +500
  • Three Children > 3(440)+500
  • Etc

Other grants beneficiaries will receive R250 each increase.

Click on page two (2) below for the complete SASSA chart explaining all the details.

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30 thoughts on “SASSA July 2020 Payment. How Much To Expect

  1. So disability grants who lapse for those who have to renew or they will get their grants till october???

  2. I would like too know how long it’s gone take before i receive a sms if I qualify or not for the social relief fund

    1. According to SASSA, it should take three working days. But it seems SASSA is overwhelmed dealing with such huge data. Some people applied using almost all the four channels they will have to synchronize the data and sort and select those who qualify

  3. Someone applied for the unemployment relief grant for my brother without him knowing what must we do because he doesn’t have a bank so they use their contacts numbers to receive it is that possible?

    1. Thus impersonation, please report to Police or SASSA as soon as possible. They’re fraudsters

  4. Then If Your Application Is Not Approved What Will Going To Happen ? They Will Tell That Person The Reason Why He / She Is Not Approved .

  5. Hi i applied for grant last year using a proof of birth so the grant was stopped in February this year .can i reapply for my kids on level 3 lockdown?

  6. Hi there i since applyed 4 unemploment grant and havent recieved sms of approval , and i use a different number cz the one i used the network was low so wat must i do *134*7737#

  7. Hi there i since applyed 4 unemploment grant and havent recieved sms of approval , and i use a different number cz the one i used the network was low so wat must i do *134*7737# , 0630748808/0746045117

  8. I wud lik to know wat if i no longer hav access to the or whatssapp i used to apply on for the R350

    1. So this R300 per child will be now removed coz there have been lot of arguments about it?

  9. Hellow I applied for my brother unemployment money they said it approved last on Monday so he dznt HV account how will he get the money ND when

  10. I applied for my in May 11th and my money not yet been paid and approved but no pay date. What now?

  11. Plz I need help with this SRD grant been waiting for 3 mnths almost. Got approved but no paydate nor sms wen the money will b in . It makes one feels very dispondent about whether we getting this money or not. Like I’ve said it’s been 3 whole mnths

  12. My brother checked srd status online his application was approved on the 12/06/2020 but he did not received any sms to collect R350 .what to do in order to get money.

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