SASSA Explains The Online Status Check Glitch

South Africa Social Security Agency (SASSA), the agency under the Department of Social Development, has come under serious pressure as a result of the special social relief of distress (SRD) which the president announced during one of his addresses regarding the global pandemic.

Since most business were closed down due to measures to curtail the spread of the virus, the president announced this package to help people who have lost their jobs or not having any source of livelihood.

The affected people were asked to apply through four channels which SASSA claimed they millions of applications. Some of these applications were double or triple meaning one person could apply more than once using different channels.

This gave them (SASSA) a hectic duty to sort out and synchronize all the data so that they can do a thorough screening in order to pay to only deserving and qualified applicants.

Most the applicants after submitting their documents couldn’t trace or know their status.

SASSA then set up an online platform for the applicants to check their status.
The link is found below.:

Today, Thursday 04/06/2020 in the users were greeted with a login screen prompt requesting them to enter username and password to login.

Login Screen when checking Status

It was very strange to the users who are already obsessed with checking their status.

Later that afternoon, SASSA through its official Facebook page indicated that their online system is experiencing a technical hitch and therefore advised users to try the following day as their IT department is tirelessly fixing the problem.

sassa srd status check online glitch
Sassa Statement Regarding the Online Status Check Glitch

Most of the applicants are already worried not knowing their fate as to whether they will be approved or not as they see PENDING greeting them every minute.

Meanwhile, SASSA has assured all qualified applicants they will pay their May grant as their applications have to go through a rigorous screening and verification process.

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13 thoughts on “SASSA Explains The Online Status Check Glitch

  1. Thanx SaSa for my payment last month on the 29 the ,would like to know if I am still gonna be paid every 29 th each and every month ⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️plz help me on that ‼️‼️

  2. Good day I applied in May and my status showed pending until I just now checked and it shows declined. How the hell can I be declined but I don’t even have a job or any other income. This is bullshit man sassa is not doing their job right. 😠😡❌

  3. I applied in July via ussd stringI’m still waiting for a message don’t know if I approved or what please help

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