SASSA Beneficiaries Register their Displeasure with SASSA Payment Date Change

A notable number of people who are recipient or beneficiaries of the SASSA social grant are not happy with the new arrangement of SASSA to pay them starting on 4th and 5th of May.

Most of them parents have taken to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to express their displeasure over the new payment dates arrangement by SASSA.

Among their concerns are the fact that looking at the current situation of the nationwide lockdown as a result of the global pandemic, most them have run out of life essentials.

Life has become more unbearable due to that and looking at the number of dependents they are already taking care of.

SASSA changed their payment dates plan when the country was under lockdown and were asked to practice social distancing to avoid the spread of the global virus.

In April, SASSA in a statement made it clear that, due to the current conditions, they started payments for old age and disability grants beneficiaries on the 30th and 31st of March and the rest to take their grants on the 1st of April.

But it was later came to their notice that, some young people were struggling with old age people at certain pay points and shops since due to the fact that, some grants for children we’re linked to certain old age or disability grants accounts.

After such observation, SASSA adjusted the payments dates again, this time old age and disability grants will be paid starting from 4th and 5th and other grants will be paid on the 6th of May, 2020.

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It is this new arrangement that most people who are beneficiaries of this have shown no delight. They argue that, since they were paid on the first day of April, they expect to be paid on 1st day of May considering the fact that, the lockdown has made them short of foods and other essentials.

Below are some of the comments by people who are simply not happy about the new payment dates plan.:

SASSA beneficiaries


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