SASSA Applicants to be paid at the Post Office for SRD R350?

Reports just coming in suggest that SASSA applicants are to be paid at the post office for the special sassa social relief of distress Grant of R350.

Screenshots by some of the applicants seems to suggest that SASSA has now adopted to pay some of the unemployment grant applicants through the post office.

The said SMS which is supposedly emanating from SASSA is directing the applicants to visit any nearest post office to collect their srd Grant of R350 and they should go along with their IDs.

It seems this is a new twist of the whole payment process as that was not mentioned in the early stages.

The message goes like this:

Surname with DOB and AppID. Please Visit your nearest Post Office for your Covid R350 grant Payment from SASSA. Please take your SA ID with

supposed message from SASSA

It might not be that surprising as SASSA has come under intense pressure due to its inability to pay all the applicants on time. Most of the applicants have been looking forward for this money just for sustenance, but for more one month the cash was not forthcoming.

Below are some of the screenshots shared by some applicants:

Sassa payments message #srd #R350
sassa srd R350 payment message

Although SASSA has apologized for the mishaps attributing to the fact that all applicants have to go through vigorous screening and verification process to make sure that only deserving persons.

This will come as a good news because some of the applicants have no bank accounts and are at crossroads as to how to receive their money.

This will be a big relief for such ones as they only need to verify that the owners of the application by showing their SA IDs.

Developing Story: SASSA UNEMPLOYMENT GRANT TO BE PAID OMLY FOR THREE MONTHS INSTEAD OF SIX MONTHS ANNOUNCED EARLIER BY THE PRESIDENT. Information gathered so far seems to indicate that SASSA has drifted from its original payment period of six months for the special sassa social relief of distress Grant (SRD) or what is also called Unemployment Grant. For now much is not known as we delve into the issue , we will bring to the attention of all to see the very details of this developing story.

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17 thoughts on “SASSA Applicants to be paid at the Post Office for SRD R350?

  1. Good evening. I applied for the SRD GRANT for my brother on the 12th of May. Till now that he hasnt received a message of approval. Just says pending the whole time. And my neighbour also was approved 2 weeks ago and submitted his bank details. Till now no payment. What can we do about the matter.? Thank u

  2. I apply for my sister’s daughter with birthday certificate knowing kuthi they is option for e wallets now its approved and she doesn’t have I’d book only birthday certificate what must I do now

  3. Hi my name is winnie i apply srd for my little brother when i check the status is approved but i haven’t received sms or money yet i must keep on waiting or i must take his id to post office to check on his behalf

  4. Hi I applied for my brother on may till today it’s still pending and we were hoping that money would help us coz he’s not working and I’m also not working

  5. I want to ask like I apply for my sister’s daughter who pass away knowing kuthi she’s got birth certificate because they was option of e wallets boom now approved but she’s dosnt have I’d is it possible if myb my mom can go with her to post office to collect the money
    Other thing she can’t even go and do I’d because of lockdown can you pls assist

  6. HI I didn’t see any message from Salsa but when I check my status I says I’m approved, what can I do?

  7. Hi I didn’t see any message from Sassa but when I check my status it says I’m approved,what can I do?

  8. Can someone please explain or help me please. I have applied in may mouth and it telling me one thing
    “PENDING”much thanks to all.

  9. if you have received your first payment for your second payment do you have to apply again

  10. So the people who put in there bankung details must now go to post office what f#&king nonsense is this,??

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