SASSA added Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to its WhatsApp and online platforms.

SASSA added Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to its WhatsApp and online platforms.

In an attempt to make sure all the applicants have better understanding of how the system works, sassa has now seen the need to add a quick frequently asked questions to I take WhatsApp and online platforms.

This come in the wake of agitations among applicants who seems to have no where to turn to when faced with challenges regarding the special social relief of distress grant which was announced by the president couple of months ago.

As we write this piece, most people have still not received their first payment grant since May 2020.

Some too have been declined by reasons they have no idea of or what they can also do in order to receive some form of financial incentive or support.

In a Facebook post, sassa has laid down all the procedures that can help one to find real time answers to some of the mostly asked questions about the srd grant of R350.

Below is post, you can have a read to satisfy your curiosity.

Covid19SRDGrant Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) have been added on the SASSA Whatsapp Line for your convenience:

Step 1

Add & Save “082 046 8553” to WhatsApp and type “SASSA”

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Step 2

Then type “FAQ”

Step 3

“Select the Frequently Asked Questions Category”

  1. Qualifying Criteria for Social Relief of Distress
  2. How to Apply for the SRD grant
  3. Status of my application
  4. Banking and payment related queries
  5. Multiple applications and Rejections
  6. SASSA Contact Centres

FAQ’s have also been added on the website #SASSACARES


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14 thoughts on “SASSA added Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to its WhatsApp and online platforms.

  1. The are people who applied for R350 grant on may and they have been approved but they are not yet receive their money,how is that happening,yet the are people who applied later and they’re earning their money

  2. When is May and June applicants are going to be paid because they’re approved with no pay date on?

    1. First I want to know why I’m not qualify for the SRD350 May2020 they say Declined June 2020 the out come pending I don’t have any income the last time I was applied for UIF was 02/08/2019-30/12/2010 period paid I don’t have no income I can’t live from my mom pension because it’s her money during lockdown I don’t have no income but friends help me with food because my mom visit her other daughters I’ve got a paper from UIF the time I was applied for Sassa Disability but the reason I was not help is the doctor appointment is cancelled that why Sassa cannot help me for grant I hope you understand

    2. hi my applicants has been approved for may and june but no paydate when i check at the postoffice nothing on the system what is go on but i have sms that say i am approved

    3. My application for unemployment relief grant for May is still declined and for June is still pending,even though I’m still unemployed and not receiving income from any source.

  3. My name is Ezra Mayekie I.d. nr 7410235257080,I didn’t receive an SMS R350 Sassa Distress money,,for July,still wading,my due date,was the 13 July,phone nr 0723627408

  4. My daughter SRD sassa is approved and date of payment she didnt get May and June if she go to post office they say no payment recieve from sassa she also didn’t get sms from them what must she do please help she phoned no answer please help

  5. My son applied in May and recieved an SMS for bank details but when he submits his details it says failed what’s the reason

  6. Hi im Luvuyo Sinyongo nd i never receive my first paydment bt im aproved for june nd july bt still waiting for a pay date

  7. My naam is Hanolene Dore-Ann May ek en my broer Roger Rechard May ons approved vir June July en August maand ma geen datum of uitbetaling is by poskantoor vir ons nie wil net weet wat die rede davoor is

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