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SASSA 2021 Payment Calendar (Dates)

Welcome. We have all the SASSA payment/payout dates for both the SASSA regular grants thus Old Age / Pension grant, Disability grant, Child Support grant and the SRD R350 grant. Find below the payment dates for June 2021 and remaining of 2021 and even into early 2022.

SASSA has recently released a new payment calendar for the payment period for the year 2021 /2022. The calendar starts from April 2021 to March 2022.

The arrangement is categorized into three main groups namely: Old Age Grant (and other grants linked), Disability Grant (and other grants linked ), Child Support Grant, and the Rest.

Click the link below for the May/June 2021 Post Office Payments Dates

Click Here For SASSA SRD R350 June Payment Dates

Click the link below for the June 2021 Payment Dates

Click Below for Disability Grant Payments Dates 2021/2022

Click Below for the Child Support Grant Payment Calendar


Child Support Grant Payment Dates 2021

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19 thoughts on “SASSA 2021 Payment Calendar (Dates)

  1. Honestly it seems like the people who are receiving grant are being punished because of the late dates that we are been given. The 1st was already hard for us but we got used to it, now because of “Corona”we are been given later dates, how are we to survive ,by the time you receive your child’ grant you already owe people money cause you have to feed your kids. The dates are truly unfair NJE😭😭😭😭😭😭

    1. That’s really the truth,can our government make some changes about the payment dates back to the 1st please we are facing a serious issue when caming to our kids ,bcos crΓ¨ches, transports they need their money end of month

    2. I concur, I couldn’t put it better myself. Instead the very same fathers who don’t support their children are getting paid (R350) for not supporting. πŸ₯Ί

    3. Capitec no payment for my brother he received only 700 in two months after that no payment what happened??????

  2. I’ve been approved but not received any grant relief of R350 R350 since December last year go to post office regulary but told no money at post office paid for me system shows it’s not in its frustrating as I lost my job due to covid how do I survive

  3. Good day, im not one to complain but there’s things that I don’t see fair the sassa people don’t get alot of money we not allowed a loan finance and now all the people suffering and struggling the groceries are double the price petrol to R17 a litre electricity gone so high. Come on think of the people that are really struggling I cant speak to the president to help me get all my money from the Sa Reserve bank so that I can use that money to prove to the country and the president how sa will be saved with money out of my pocket I only get sassa so I can’t afford to get all my parcels that belong to me at OR Tambo Airport and maybe they at the treasury already but I really need my stuff.
    No one believed in me on my link no one gave a cent go look its 0 Link :

    Please President help me please.
    I will prove to you S.A. can survive this we must stand together as a nation and share ideas im going to help S.A. and many other individuals and orphans aids foundation the poor blankets clothing beds a few churches so much I will make video’s for you to see.

    Thank you
    God Bless S.A.


  4. Can we please go back to our normal date of payment ,we struggling with this date 5_6 no it’s too much.1 was fine for us please man.

  5. Please leave the date as the 1st of every month.

  6. Good morning! Could u please give us the specific days as u used to do.U go to post office they sand u back not giving u the correct date
    What is going on with the paymentsfor people hind almost 3 and more?

  7. I support the the idea of pensioners and child support grand NOT being paid on the same date, however the dates are unfair as sometimes they are on different dates each months also confuses most pensioners each month. My please is for the minister to set same payments dates each months. At least by the 5th everyone is paid.

  8. Gun hierdie regering nie die seniors die spesiale aanbiedings wat elke maand aan kliente gegee word deur die besighede nie. As hulle hul geld kry, is daar geen spesials meer nie, want hul kry hul geld te laat. Kan daar nie iets aan gedoen ward nie?

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