Pressure Mounted on SASSA To Speed Up SRD R350 Grant Payments

Pressing Issues SRD R350 Grant Applicants Want To Know

The Social Relief of Distress grant which is coming to an end next month October has some questions and queries begging for answers.

Here are a list of some the queries

  1. How come people who been approved since June but without pay date? So sassa does not have a system that can sort out applicants who may have such issues and give them the needed support. Clearly, most of the applicants do not have some form of source of livelihood and are not tech inclined. Some of them have to resort to giving their IDs and Phone numbers to strangers for them to check their status for them. That pose a great danger as these people can become victims of identity theft.
  2. There are situations where applicants will have their application approved with pay date for a particular month and waiting for SMS asking to t post office only to be told that there is no money. Indeed, this in itself is quite stressing
  3. Why people who are unemployed declined with flimsy excuses without telling them what they can do so that they too can have some relief financially?

One of the requirements for applicants to be considered or qualified for the grant was not being employed. Clearly, this issue was not dealt with as more people who were declined was give reason as “checks shows that you have been working for the past 18 months”.

The database being used by sassa might not all be up to date and has to be rechecked.

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It is almost impossible to contact SASSA either by the phone or social media platforms.

One interesting scenario happened on Twitter, when Sassa page Admin asked an applicant to direct message (DM) them, meanwhile their Inbox is closed to the public and no one can DM sassa on Twitter. Then why do ask them to DM knowing very well that, that option is unavailable.

Some applicants have pressing issues which they will need sassa officials to address but seems no help is coming from them.

It was recently revealed that about 30k government employees names were found on the payroll of the SRD GRANT according to the Auditor General’s report.

This casts doubt on the authenticity of sassa’s claim why they declined people who may be qualified.

Government employees have been receiving salaries so how come their names we still captured in payroll?

Some even suspects that, the money may have fraudulently siphoned by some officials, leaving the needy ones with nothing. As such sassa is trying to adopt some tactics to sway away the applicants.

One of such applicants expressed his disappointment this way in Facebook post

” Have not seen a cent and im also approved from June and what’s worse you can’t get any answers or information from anyone. It is past incompetence’s and now criminal what they are doing. Can we as individuals or a group take it to court. Just asking. I mean why announce on national tv that a relief grant is set up for the unemployed during this trying period and yet so many haven’t seen a cent yet and the period is almost over. So how were we assisted during this period. Its a joke but yet very sad and disheartening to see what our government thinks of us South Africans and i wish one of the radio stations or some news outlet can pick this story up in the hope that maybe we can get answers”

Aggrieved applicant

Another issue also has to with the procedure to launch a complaint or appeal of one feels he or she was unduly declined. No single person has even received a reply from sassa email earmarked for the appeal and those ones are just wandering and do not know what to do next and the whole nation is simply quiet over these pressing issues.

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Why can’t sassa open up about the challenges they are facing and have conversations either on radio, or Twitter or Facebook or other media platforms and open for questions so that these stranded applicants can have sigh of relief?

We are calling on SASSA and The Department of Social Development to step in to help this innocent applicants so that they can have their fair share of the package.

When you observe the conversation SASSA Official Facebook Page and Twitter handle, there seems to b a templated answers given applicant seeking answers to pressing issues.


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3 thoughts on “Pressure Mounted on SASSA To Speed Up SRD R350 Grant Payments

  1. Im also still waiting for august payment been approved but no pay date and they started on September i received may,June and july but nothing since then been to the post office 2 times and no money but see a lot of people getting theirs when i was there so not really sure whats happening

  2. Morning minister I have been waiting for four months for sassa grant now I asked myself that what it’s hepening

  3. Since April I wait didn’t get sms I checked Moya Post Office send me around but no moneyi received can I apply again

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