Paulina Cruz Biography and Net Worth

Who is Pulina Cruz?

You might be wondering who she is, right? Well, as you may have guessed, she got famous when controversies about her came up, stating that she is in a relationship with one of the famous musicians in Latin, Nicky Jam. Although both hadn’t aired their opinions on this issue, they shared intimate photos of each other on the internet, especially on social media. The picture showed both of them cosy with each other. In this article, you can find out more about the lifestyle and facts about the former’s biography and the relationship with the musical artist.

It should be noted that Paulina Cruz wasn’t famous initially if not for her rumoured association with Nicky Jam, the celebrity musician from Latin. They were believed to be together when the latter finalised the divorce papers with his estranged wife.

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Paulina Cruz Biography

Paulina Cruz was born in Viterbo, a town in Caldas, based in Colombia. She was born in 1999 as a single child bore by her parents. According to facts obtained from sources, there are no facts about her parents and childhood upbringing because she keeps her entire family away from social media. Note that she chose to have nothing doing with social media after a piece of leaked information regarding her secret relationship with Nicky Jam.

Paulina Cruz Biography

About Paulina Cruz’s Educational Background

Even though she keeps her life a complete secret, there is no doubt that this beautiful lady is an educated person, and this is due to the kind of life that she lives. In a nutshell, Paulina Cruz studied aesthetics in college.

Paulina Cruz Career

According to research, Paulina Cruz primarily works as a model, but the brands and agencies where she promotes are not known by the open public. She even lived a very personal lifestyle and had decided not to open up about the agencies she had collaborated with, owing to her issues. According to, it has also been tipped that Paulin Cruz once worked as a staff in a powerhouse, and there’s equally nothing much about her work history there.

Paulina Cruz Biography and Net Worth

Paulina Cruz Relationship Status

Sources gathered rumours that the famous model was in a relationship with Nicky Jam, the renowned Latin musician, but the both of them haven’t said anything about the issue of their alleged intimate affairs. As per, the two were nothing but close friends in the first place, and this was even before Nicky had tied the knot with his divorced wife. It became so surprising that their bond of friendship got to another level.

Their alleged relationship started to spark reactions when they posed romantically in a photo that was posted on social media. As posted by the Spanish People’s magazine, the two were seen looking happily on a yacht. The second photo showed them in casual dress walking together. These rumours came up due to their level of closeness with each other and Nicky Jam’s process of getting a divorce.

Paulina Cruz and Nicky Jam’s Relationship

Since numerous links pointed to her romantic relationship with the Latin musician went viral, Paulina then decided to close all of her social media accounts. Some people even anticipated that this drastic movement might be taken to cover up or burn down any leakable information relating to the alleged affair with Nicky Jams. After all these claims, there has not been any affirmation or denial from the two about whether they were in a relationship.

Is Paulina Cruz on Wikipedia?

According to an analysis from the google search engine, Paulina Cruz’s profile has not been uploaded on Wikipedia yet.

Paulina Cruz Net Worth

Paulina Cruz’s net worth ranges from $90,000 to $100,000. She still works as a model to date. She gets her earnings generally from modeling assignments and brand influencing.

Social Media Accounts

Paulin Cruz can be followed on her Instagram handle, @paulinacruzpel. She has over 37.9k followers and more than 300 posts on the platform.

Paulina Cruz Physical Stats

Paulina Cruz has an average body, and from her social media pictures, one would realize that she works out in a gym. Paulina has shared photos of herself gyming and displaying her perfect body shape. After all she’s a model and what do you expect?

Why Nicky Jam and His Ex-wife Got Divorced After Within a Short period

Angelina Cruz and Nicky Jam got married in the early period of 2017 after they met for the first time on social media. This marriage was held in secret and far away from the eyes of the general public owing to Nicky’s status in society. The invitations were only made to notable celebrities like Vin Diesel and J. Balvin.

Unfortunately for these lovely couples, their union never lasted for a significant amount of time as they got divorced due to marital issues. However, there are no reasonable grounds as to why they parted ways with each other. Their untold story of a failed marriage remains a mystery today. They also sold the house they bought together and divided the properties they collectively owned. Angelina Cruz was a mother of one from her previous marriage with Orio Casero in 2008.

Paulina Cruz Biography and Net Worth

Before hanging out with Paulin Cruz, Nicky Jam has four children from his previous marriages: Yarimar Rivera, Alyssa Rivera, Luciano, and Joe Martin. As for Paulina, she has no child with him from their relationship.

Is Paulina Cruz Related to Angelina Cruz?

Many people have pondered the possibility that the two women who have dated Nicky Jam in the past could be linked to one another. Well, the answer is No. Angelina Cruz, Nicky Jam’s ex-wife, should be not brought to your attention. They are both from Colombia, you should not be misled by the fact that their surnames are the same. This is the case even though their first names are different.

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