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Should Unemployed Mothers Be Given Basic Income Grant?

Should Unemployed Mothers Be Given Basic Income Grant?

When the social relief of distress (SRD) grant was introduced in May 2020, R500 extra was paid each child for the month of May. Afterwards, each cardholder was given extra R500, this time regardless of number of children, the amount remained the same.

In October 2020, the relief ended but was reintroduced in November but this time with a whole new payment plans.
The extra R500 paid to support children grants was cut off together with the R250 added to other grants.

But the R350 unemployment grant has continued till today and beyond till April 2021.

But the question most people are often confused about is “why unemployed mothers are not allowed to receive the R350”?

The Introduction of the Basic Income Grant!

Now that the Minister for the Social Development Department has indicated that government is fast at finalizing the proposals for the Basic Income Grant, although we have not seen what is involved in the criteria for one to qualify for the BIG. We hope and believe that, the framers of the grant will consider the unemployed mothers to also have exclusive benefits of the Basic Income Grant.

Per the requirement for one to qualify for the R350, the applicant must not be already on government grants.

Some have argued that, the R450, which has recently seen a R10 increase, is basically for the child but not for mother.

Civil Society organizations across the country are also calling on government to reconsider that clause, that denies unemployed mothers to access the R350.

Most of these unemployed mothers have added their voice to the call to impress on government to hear their pleas.

If indeed these mothers are not the direct beneficiaries of the child support grant, then it is more sensible that they too should be given the R350….

By way of this article, you can share in various Facebook pages and groups to get government attention to relook at their decision..

But, do you think these unemployed mothers be given the SASSA SRD R350 grant?

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