How To Unlock Your NSFAS Wallet

Are you a student and benefiting from the nsfas bursaries? In case you have lost access to your nsfas wallet and can no more use it for transactions, here is quick way to get wallet back and start using it for transactions.

1)Log on into your mynsfas account
2) Go to nsfas Connect
3) Submit a case ( report you have a problem)
4) Submit a picture of your ID with your smartphone.
5) Submit your current cellphone number and indicate that your nsfas Wallet is locked.

After that you wait as nsfas officials will have to review your submitted case and validate it before reactivation of the nsfas wallet.

If you have challenge accessing the mynsfas account, please lodge a complaint with nsfas on their official social media handles and pages provided below or using their official email address.


As a matter of caution always remember to keep your nsfas wallet account details safe so that fraudsters do not have access to it.

If you ever find any suspicious activities in your account, do well to report to nsfas immediately without further delay.

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