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NSFAS Application Form 2021 Complete Guide

NSFAS Application Forms 2021

NSFAS application form is the forms used to apply for National Students Financial Assistance Scheme (nsfas). All the details and everything you need to know about the application form are provided here.

Application for the 2021 has not started yet, but it is likely in September to November 2020. Start reading about NSFAS applications and all other things you need to know here.

Take your time and read carefully to know all the details before applying for financial support.

NSFAS is the biggest public fund scheme which gives financial assistance to qualified individuals pursuing various courses of study at public universities and Technical, Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions across South Africa.

NSFAS Application form Download

nsfas application form for new applicants

  1. You can always check at the official website of nsfas to download a copy of the application form with all the updates.
  2. You can also check from the tertiary institution you intend to study’s official website.
  3. You can easily download a copy from the button below.
  4. The file is usually in PDF format. After download to the smartphone or laptop, get a printer to print it out for you.
  5. If you want to view the file, you should have installed any PDF reader on your phone.
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NSFAS application forms registration centres

The NSFAS has various registration centres across the length and breadth of the country. In the list provided in this link nsfas registration centres , it is arranged according to Province, districts and contact details.
You can download a copy of the application form from nsfas official website and fill it or be guided at the registration centres by their NSFAS officials. Any NYDP centres too offer assistance when it comes to nsfas registration, so visit there.

The following instructions will be a great guide

  • Read through carefully the form to become familiar with it.
  • Make use of black ink pen to fill the forms and make sure the letters fill the box and must be BLOCK/CAPITAL letters.
  • Avoid cancelling any text and your writing must be eligible and clear.
  • Your parents or legally qualified guardian has to sign the consent form
  • Attach certified copies of all supported documents and clip/staple them to the application form.
  • The certified documents should not be more than three months.
  • After filling all the required fields, give it nsfas assistant to verify and cross check if everything is correct.
  • A receipt card acknowledging that your application has been successfully submitted. The receipt card too can be used to as a proof to make any later inquiries.
  • You should always follow for updates for the closing date.
  • It is also advisable to apply earlier to avoid any last minute pressure and undue disappointment.


nsfas application forms - sectionB1

The application form has four main sections A-D with subheadings as below

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nsfas application forms - sectionA
Section A NSFAS Application form download
  • Section A: Contains personal details such as Surname, Date of Birth, Race, Marital Status, Grant Status, disability status, Education background, contact details etc.
  • Section B – This section has five subsection for parents or legal guardian etc.
    • B1 – For Family details of Father or Step Father. Details such as Name, ID, either living or dead, date of birth, employment details etc
    • B2 – Calls for the details of mother or Step mother just the father.
    • B3 – Calls for the personal and employment details of a legal guardian
    • B4 – Looks for the details of Next of Kin. As to who succeed the applicant if not alive.
    • B5 – asks for family structure details
  • Section C –  Has two subsections namely C1 & C2
    • C1 – calls for the details of the course of study or programme applied and it is first choice or preference
    • C2 – calls for the qualification or course for second preference or choice.
  • Section D – calls for the bank details of the applicant including: Name of the bank, Name of the account holder, Branch, Branch Code, Account number, Type of account (e.g Savings, Current etc)
nsfas application forms - sectionC
  Section C- Application form
nsfas application forms - sectionD_banking details
Section D – Banking Details

Below are the list of documents that will be needed to support the application.

  •  Certified copy of proof of bank account or bank statement.
  • Certified copy of Identity Documents (ID)
  • Certified copy Identity Document for parents or legally recognized guardians
  • For those less than 16 years and do not have green bar code ID, can submit their birth certificate instead.
  • If you have any exemption concerning school fees or other fees, submit a letter from the school to that effect.
  • Certified or official copy of recent payslip or letter of employment for both parents or guardian or the applicant in case the applicant is employed.
  • Proof of residency example utility bills etc, though not compulsory.
  • If the person responsible for your financial support is retired, provide e of e or e statement showing recent payments
  • If any of the parents or guardian is 3, provide death certificate, though not compulsory.
  • If parents are currently divorced or separated, provide details of maintenance order
  • If any of your sponsors are benefiting from SASSA grants, a certified copy of sassa letter must be submitted
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Please note that due to the global viral pandemic, applicants are not required to certify their documents by their respective referees. Please Take Note

Watch the video (kind courtesy of nsfas official YouTube channel) below for visual guide as they take you through the process. It is very simple and straight forward

You can always  leave a comment or feedback  using the comment box below

For further information concerning the NSFAS call them on Toll Free : 0800067527 or Email: info@nsfas.org.za


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