Nelli Tembe Biography and Life

Anele Tembe, known by her stage name Nelli Tembe and having been born in South Africa on October 11, 1999, was a model, businesswoman, and social media star.

Her love involvement with the well-known South African rapper Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, better known by his stage as AKA, was a well-known fact in the public eye.

The public’s awareness of Nelli Tembe’s romantic involvement with a well-known rapper contributed to her rising stardom.

She was at her prime in youth, beauty, and vitality. She was so vibrant that she never once felt self-conscious about flaunting her good looks on her many social media platforms.

Nelli Tembe Biography Photos

Let’s take a look behind the scenes at some of the fascinating information that surrounds this young and dynamic figure.

Nelli Tembe Early Life

Anele “Nellie” Tembe was born into a wealthy family in Durban on October 11, 1999. Her full name is Anele “Nellie” Tembe. Her late mother, Lulu Msumi Tembe, was a well-known business magnate who passed away in 2004 due to an illness. Her father, Moses Tembe, is the chairperson of Phumelela Gaming & Leisure Ltd. Her father was a well-known business magnate also.

Following Nellie’s passing, rumours were going about that Anele Tembe’s mother had also taken her own life. These rumours were propagated after Nellie’s death. After hearing the rumours, her elder brother Vukile debunked them.

She has an elder brother named Vukile and a sister named Nosifo Temba, who were Anele Tembe’s two biological siblings.

Why Nelli Tembe Took Her Own Life

Following the unexpected passing of their mother, the three young children were brought up by their father until he married again. Princess Ntandoyesizwe, Anele Tembe’s stepmother, was the daughter of the 8th King of the Zulu country and was known as the Queen of Zululand.

Mbali and Zomatanga, who were Nellie Tembe’s half-siblings, were born in their father’s second marriage, resulting in two additional children. She was related to the actress Nondumiso Tembe.

Because the late Nellie Tembe was considered a very secretive lady, very little information is available about the connection she had with her family. On the other hand, it would seem that she had an extraordinary relationship with her father since her elder brother said she had been a “daddy’s girl.”

Nelli Tembe Education

Although the specifics of Anele Tembe’s early schooling have not been disclosed, her family has said that Anele Tembe was an engaged and attentive student.

Nellie Tembe received her diploma from the Jackie Cameron School of Food and Wine in 2019 after completing the required 18 months of coursework.

Nelli Tembe Personal Life

Nelli Tembe came into the limelight when it became public knowledge that she was romantically involved with a highly famous and well-recognized South African rapper.

She was involved in a love connection with Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, better known by his stage as AKA, before the unexpected tragedy that befell her.

Following the couple’s rumoured announcement in February 2021 that they intended to take their relationship to the next level, the internet erupted in excitement about the two lovers.

Nelli Tembe and AKA are not bashful about sharing intimate details of their relationship on their social media platforms.

The drama surrounding their engagement was ratcheted up as Nelli Tembe posted breathtaking images of an engagement.

Nelli is and Rapper AKA

Nelli Tembe Career

Anele Tembe, who had a strong interest in cooking and had just graduated from culinary school, launched her kitchen in the Sibaya Casino and Entertainment Kingdom in Durban shortly after graduation.

Anele Tembe said in a previous interview with Jackie Cameroon School of Food & Wine that one of her goals in life was to become the first South African woman to run a restaurant awarded a Michelin Star. But unfortunately, the young chef’s life was cut short much too soon, so she never had the chance to see her dream become a reality.

Nelli Tembe and drake’s relationship

Nelli Tembe Biography Photos

The young and stunning woman has been featured in the media on many occasions due to the images she posted online with the Canadian musician Drake.

People began looking into her life once it became public knowledge that she was dating AKA. Throughout those investigations, it was out that she had a tight relationship with Drake.

Whispers were floating about that the two of them had dated in the past.

It isn’t easy to discern whether the picture of Drake and Nelli Tembe together is genuine or faked. Neither Drake nor Nelli Tembe has ever stated that they are dating.

After then, there were purported photographs of her with Drake.

Nelli Tembe Death and Funeral

While vacationing at Cape Town Pepperclub Hotel with her fiancé, AKA, on April 11, 2021, Anele Tembe reportedly committed suicide by jumping from the hotel’s 10th-story window.

Nelli Tembe Biography

AKA revealed to Thando Thabethe that he and Nellie had gotten into a furious disagreement the day before she died, during which she made a suicide threat. As soon as AKA returned to the room, it was too late to save her.

Anele Tembe’s death was declared a suspected suicide by the police, although not everyone accepted the official account. Some threw fingers at AKA, saying he pushed her out the window, whereas her father ruled out suicide, noting that his daughter had never been suicidal. AKA denied these accusations.

After a funeral ceremony at the Durban International Convention Centre on April 16, 2021, Anele Tembe was buried in the Lala Kahle Cemetery.

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