Musa Keys Biography

Musa Keys Biography

Musa Makamu hails from Giyani and was born in South Africa. He is a music producer, composer, and DJ who is famously known as Musa Keys by his fans. He is of Zulu heritage. Musa Keys got his start in the music industry at a young age and quickly taught himself to play different kinds of musical instruments, including the piano and the drums.

Musa Keys music

In addition to that, he enjoys painting and the world of fashion. Fans had a positive reaction to his first mixtape release and this resulted in his creation of other musical works. There’s more to know about this famous South African music producer and songwriter here in this article, so keep reading.

Musa Keys Biography

Personal Data 

Full Name Musa Makamu 
Nickname Musa Keys
Age Around 25 to 30 years
Place of Birth Giyani, South Africa
NationalitySouth African
spouseNone yet (single)
Occupation Songwriter and Music Producer
Net WorthAround $300,000
Social Media @Musa.keys (Instagram) 
Total Amount Of Followers On Instagram62.9k followers

Early Life And Education

Musa Keys was one of two children in his family and was raised in the sandy streets of Giyani, where he was born. When Musa was only 13 years old, he started making music by playing the piano in church. This was the beginning of his musical career.

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Other Personality Profiles

Musa Keys quickly grew enamoured with the idea of making music on his own after being drawn to the beautiful melodies and gently rhythmic synthesizers. He studied at Damelin College to study sound engineering, but he dropped out after his second year, stating that he could teach himself what he needed to know about the field.

Musa Keys Biography Career

Musa Keys Career

Musa Keys & Konke

Musa Keys released his first record on SoundCloud in 2013, and the rest, as they say, is history. Musa Keys swiftly established himself as one of the most famous Amapiano artists in South Africa thanks to the millions of streams that his songs have received and the collaborations that he has had with some of the most well-known musicians across South Africa.

Musa Keys Songs

Musa Keys Awards Won

Musa Keys was awarded the South African Music Awards on the Record of the Year Category in August 2022

Net Worth

Musa Keys is doing quite well in every line of work that he has attempted to pursue. It’s believed that he has a net worth of $300,000.

Social Media

The amapiano singer is active on social media and is attracting a significant number of people where he demonstrates his way of life, relationship, career, and other aspects. Musa knows how to flaunt designers and his dressings are amazing. Additionally, the artist puts a high value on a variety of things, including the fashion industry. The way he dresses and the clothes he chooses to wear make him stand out. Musa Key is on Instagram and he has over 62.9K followers. His username is @Musa.keys

FAQs About Musa Keys

Where Did Musa Keys Go To School?

Musa Keys Biography and Lifestyle

He made the decision to pursue a career in music when he was relatively young, having fallen in love with music at a tender age. So, after his graduation from high school, he enrolled in Damelin College to study sound engineering, but he left the program in the middle of his second year.

What Country is Musa Keys From?

Musa hails from Giyani in South Africa. 

Is Musa Keys a DJ or Musician?

He is a music producer, composer, and DJ who is famously known as Musa Keys by his fans.

Is Musa Keys in a Relationship?

Musa Keys is currently not in a relationship with anyone and he is unmarried. 

Does Musa Keys Have a Child? 

He Is not yet married and currently has no child


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