MTN WhatsApp Bundle and Social Bundles

MTN WhatsApp Bundles 2020 – MTN Social Bundles

This is a complete guide to help help MTN customers across south Africa to take advantage of the WhatsApp bundle and other social media bundles MTN has introduced over the years. You will learn how to subscribe to any of the packages either by using the USSD code or using their iOS or Android application platform.

MTN has awesome WhatsApp bundles for 2020 for which every one will be in love with. In the wake of government intervention that has forced the telecoms companies to reduce their data charges drastically. For instance, Vodacom, another competitor has announced to reduce it’s data charges by 30% to make it more affordable.

The emergence of social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube etc has made people spending so much on data usage than voice usage.

Now more people prefer to talk to their friends and loved ones on WhatsApp or Facebook messenger than placing a normal voice call.

As part of this new development the Telecoms too have to adopt a marketing strategy that will woo the customers and give them value for money and at a cheaper cost. MTN has WhatsApp bundle for 2020 as part of its social media bundle packages.

The aim is to help customers have more data pegged at a particular social media platform. For instance, there are bundles for Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

If you are a heavy user or someone who consume a lot of data on these mentioned social media platforms, then it is more economical to subscribe to any of the packages that suits your situation.

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Reason is that it is more cheaper as compared to the usual internet data bundles.

Though there are some disadvantages which will be discussed later.

Subscribing to WhatsApp Data Bundles

There are two ways one can purchase the WhatsApp bundle and the other social media bundles. The methods are simple and straightforward. Anyone can do it without a any difficulties. Before anything let’s see how to do that.

Using MTN WhatsApp data Bundles USSD code

This is the simplest of the methods as this can be done on any phone regardless of the operating system (OS) the phone is using. As such iOS, Android, Windows even if it is not a smartphone, whatever operating System can be used.
To start with :
1. Dial the short code *142#
2. You will receive a screen prompt like just choose the one that suits your need and you can afford. It comes in three different flavors according to the durations.
3. (I) Daily 50MB for R2
4. Weekly 250MB for R10
5. Week 100MB for R5
6. 20 Days 1GB for R30

MTN WhatsApp Bundle Package

In order to unsubscribe or stop the package, just dial *141*5#. A list of all the subscription made on your account will pop up just choose the number that corresponds to the service you want to stop.
A confirmation message will be sent to you indicating successful cancellation of the said package.

1. Since the bundle is designed purposely for WhatsApp, the volume of data is comparatively cheaper with the usual data bundles.

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1. The major disadvantage is that, the bundle is restricted to only WhatsApp application and nothing else therefore you cannot use it to access any information on any other internet platform apart from WhatsApp.
2. Base on that it is recommended that you should be someone who usually use the platform.
3. Second disadvantage is that all these bundles are time limited which must be used within a certain period of time and failure to use it will make the data volume goes waste.

MTN Social media bundles

Below you also find other data bundles plans for MTN customers in South Africa including Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and TikTok. Each of then gives the subscriber the data allowance to only browese on their respective applications.

Twitter Package
100MB a day for R5
500MB a week for R20

YouTube Package
100 MB a day for R5
500 MB a week for R20
1GB a month for R50

Facebook Package
100 MB a day for R5
500 MB a week for R20
1GB a month for R50

TikTok Package
100 MB a day for R5
500 MB a week for R20
1GB a month for R50

For TikTok, you have to dial the short code *136# and follow the screen prompts.

Note that you can also use MTN App to also purchase any of the above social Media bundles. Just follow the links here and download the app. The MTN app is available on both iOS (Apple) and Android platforms.

MTN WhatsApp Bundle and Social Bundles

After download launch the app and enter your phone number, the system will send you a confirmation code that proves that you owe the phone. Enter the confirmation code (OTP). With this app you can add all your MTN numbers and have the convenience to manage your accounts on the go.

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The good thing is that, the user is not charged for using the app to access your accounts.

The MTN app has other nice features that make more easy and freedom.

To subscribe to any of the MTN social bundles using the app, just navigate to the side called “MyMTNOffers”. There you can easily buy any of the bundles discussed.

But before you can buy the bundles either using the USSD code or using the app, make sure you have enough Main Account Balance that can buy the preferred package.

The competition in the telecom industry has given birth to some of these mouth watering data bundles. Most people were outraged when MTN increased their WhatsApp from R10 to the current rate of R30. That was a whooping 300% increase. MTN attributed the move to the fact that there was pressure on its 3G services hence the increase. They have maintained that rate up till now, two years down the lane.

If you have any challenges concerning the MTN social bundles, you can contact them on Twitter, or call their customer care hotline or visit any of their nearest offices across South Africa.

If you need any further clarification, please leave your comments or feedback in the comment box below.


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