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MTN internet APN Settings in South Africa

The internet has become the highway which connects the whole wide world together. More and more people are getting connected on the internet. Now information is a life line which is helping save more lives and also making life more enjoyable.

If your are having smartphone in this case an Android device, there is a need to configure your device settings so that you enjoy the MTN internet services. The internet settings which is technically called APN settings is the configuration of the user’s device that serve as a gateway for internet accessibility.

Although most modern smart phones whenever a sim card is inserted into it, the system configures the internet settings automatically. But you can manually setup the APN settings to work.

Since devices come in different models from different brands running on different versions of the operating system (OS), the interface or the procedure might be slightly differ but the end results is the same.

However, you can use their APN settings short code to receive the settings directly sent to your device and just save it.

Usually if your data services are not working it might be your APN settings in not correctly configured.

Below you will find all the settings for internet for South Africa.

Readers should note that, the configurations differ from country to country. What that means is that, the APN internet settings for MTN South Africa might be different from that of MTN Uganda although it is the same MTN Group of companies.

Setting Up APN Internet Settings

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APN simply means Access Point Name.

Username: (leave it blank)
Password: ( leave it blank)
APN Name: (enter “internet”)
then save it. There may be a need to restart your device to fully complete the configuration process.

As an example if you are using an Android device like Tecno running Android 9.0 version, follow this screen shot to have it configured.

1. Click on Settings
2. Click on Internet & Network
3. Select Mobile Network
4. Select Access Point Names tab
5. You will see the default or automatically configured settings, but if it is not there, click on the plus (+) sign and enter the APN name thus ” internet” and leave the rest of the fields empty.
6. After that save it and activate it.
7. It is advisable to restart the device to complete the APN internet settings configurations.

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MTN 4G APN Internet Settings/Configurations.

4G (4th Generation) is the second best internet protocols second to the new 5G which will be powering internet of things devices.

4G offers high speed internet services which makes it easy to transfer huge data within few time as compared to the previous technology 3G and 3.5G.

Almost all telecommunications companies are rolling out the 4G services across the world for which MTN South Africa is no exception.

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As explained above the procedure is straightforward and anyone can do it.
But remember before opting for this service make sure you have a supported device and a sim card that are 4G compliant.

MTN APN internet settings

Look for settings and look for internet, Mobile network and select access point name and click on the plus (+) sign to add the settings inputs.

MTN APN Internet Settings
Name : MTN 4G (does not really matter what characters are placed here)
APN : internet
Proxy : Not Set
Port : Not Set
Username : guest
Password :  Not Set
Server :   Not Set
MMSC : Not Set
MMS Proxy : Not Set
MMS Port : Not Set
MCC : 655
MNC : 10
Authentication Type : Not Set
APN type : default 
APN protocol: Ipv4
APN roaming protocol: Ipv4
Enable/disable APN: APN Enabled (depends on the device)
Bearer: Unspecified
MVNO type : None
MVNO Value : Not set

As said earlier, you may have to restart your device to complete the process.

In case your internet is not working the way it should work, it is prudent to check your internet settings to see if it is correctly configured.

You can visit MTN here.

You can use the comment  box below to ask and offer a feedback for further discussions on the topic.

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