MTN data share airtime share

MTN Data Share and Airtime Sharing

What’s so cool if you have enough data or airtime and you are able to share it with your friends and loved ones on the same network. With MTN data share and airtime share services, you are always on the job.

The following are the reasons why MTN’s data and airtime sharing is so welcoming for most users:
1. You or friend might be in need of airtime to make an important call or access the internet for a very useful and urgent information.

2. In this country where crime is so rampant, you can share your airtime with others to make a call that can bring some relief to the persons in distress.

3. It might also happen that you have more data or airtime which might soon expire and go waste, why don’t share it?

4. Still others would want to show some love ones, and they want buy them the data or airtime themselves, it becomes a great way to show love.

MTN data share airtime share

MTN Data Share

Let’s start with Data sharing in South Africa. Of late data has become like a “precious mineral” because the internet is now the motorway with so much to offer.

With this service, you have the chance to share your contract or monthly data packages with up to twenty (20) different MTN numbers.

To activate DataShare
For Pay As You Go Customers, follow these simple steps to share your data.
But note that before you proceed to share, you should have link (added) the person’s phone number.

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1.Dial *136*2*163# to purchase a data bundle.
2. Dial *136*5# to activate the MTN Datashare
3. Select Option 4 which corresponds to “Manage Data Bundles”
4. Select option 2 : DataShare. It is at this point you can link or delink numbers.
5. Select the number you wanna share the data and the volume of data, you want to share and send.

6. To link (add a new number) or delink (take away a number from the linked numbers).

You might ask if there is any cost attached? The good news is that this service is free of charge and no string attach

For those on contract packages with MTN, call the short code 135 to activate the service.

The MTN DataShare package is opened to all customers including Pay As You Go, MTN Flexi, MTN Classic and MTN Choice.

However, MTN Sky Contract customers are not eligible for this service. Also MTN Sky bundle customers are eligible but are only entitled to only one MTN number.

Inclusive data, once off data bundles and monthly plan data bundles can all be shared.

If you are linked to a DataShare package, you can delink yourself but it is the owner of the data that can add (link) you back.

The service is inbound to only MTN users as such no customers of other telecoms networks can be linked.

In a situation where you are linked to bundle bucket of the one sharing, the DataShare data will be consumed first before your main account. Otherwise you will have to delink yourself and after the the DataShare bucket owner links you again.

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For further details of this service, please do well and follow this link and have all your queries resolved.

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MTN Airtime Share – Complete Guide

MTN Airtime Share is also referred to as Me2U. It is a service that allows customers to share airtime with their friends and loved ones.

Below you will fins out how various categories of customers can access this package and those who are eligible.

To activate just dial 141 and follow the voice prompts and enter the corresponding keys to activate and share your airtime. You can however, use the USSD code *136*3# or *136*6328# to also activate it.

Note that the *141# and *136*6328# are only used for airtime.
But *136*3# can be used for SMS, DataShare and airtime.

Pay As You Go Customers
If you are a pay as you go customer, you can share SMS, airtime or data bundles to other pay as you go customers, My Choice Topup, Anytime Topup and off Peak Top customers. The airtime or bundle will be deducted from your airtime account.

Minimum amount
The minimum amount of airtime that can be transferred is R2 and in increment of R1 thus R2, R3, R4, R5 etc. The system will not accept decimals.

The threshold of transfer
You can transfer a maximum of R1000 worth of airtime a day and R10, 000 a month.

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For the recipient, you can receive up to R200 a day and R1000 a month.

For those on contract can call their service providers to register for the MTN Me2U services

Just like the DataShare package, this airtime sharing too does not attract any fee, it is free of charge.

So go ahead and show some love.


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