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Mass Decline of SASSA SRD R350 Unemployment Grant

On Tuesday, 11th of August 2020, many applicants woke up to the news they least expected from sassa. Most of the applicants were declined on the reasons so alien to their ears.

Why So Much Mass Decline

Some were even shocked after receiving their first payment for the month of May and still decline to some reason they refer to as ‘flimsy’.

To some, this is an attempt by the government and his cohort to steal from the poor and deny what is due them.

Some are also of the feeling that, government and sassa do not have the financial strength to pay the srd grant of R350, thus why they are using such imperial tactics to decline their applications.

This is quite shocking especially those who have been paid in May, and are still wondering what has just happened in this twinkle of eye leading to the decline.

They observed that they have been unemployed during this so-called levels of lockdown due to the global pandemic.

It will be recalled that, a couple of months ago, sassa had to rescind its decision after wrongfully rejecting hundreds of thousands of applicants. They claimed it was due to the fact that they were using an old outdated database from various government departments for verification.

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Later after receiving the new and updated information about 85% of the rejected applications were reconsidered and approved.

Some of the Reasons For The Decline

Among the reasons why they are declined are
1.uif registered
2. Irp5 registered (irp5 is employee tax certificate)
3. seta intern
4. NSFAS registered
6. Source of income for last 18 months.
7. ID verification
8. Information mismatch etc
9 gov payroll registered
10. Identity verification failed.

What is even fascinating is that, someone who applied for NSFAS bursary and could not have access to the funds due to the inability to go to school.
In this instance, his or her information details are still on the NSFAS database as been funded but never received the money.

SASSA has to Go Extra Further

The question is how does sassa reconcile this issue and reconsider their application for approval.

The IRP5 or the employee tax certificate was among the top reasons for the decline. Had it not been this, most people had no idea what irp5 meant.

In such cases, sassa will have to, as a matter of urgency and as a social support agency, help clarify so that these applicants can have some form income either from their former employers if indeed they have worked in recent times.

What is even more baffling is the fact that among the requirements for one to qualify for this srd R350 Grant, the person must be unemployed. Now if someone has been unemployed for three years, how then do you reject the application and say he or she has other  source of income.

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Sassa did not make it clear to the prospective applicants whether the ‘unemployed’ they (sassa) is referring to was people who have never worked in their lifetime or not.

Now most of these rejected applicants are disgruntled and disappointed with turn of events.


Example from SARS Official website

In one FAQ question posted on SARS website published on 25 June, 2020. SARS has denied knowledge of the srd grant applicants who have been declined for SARS and uif related issues.

Below is the question and answers :

“25 June 2020 – ​FAQ published for COVID-19 SASSA grant applications being declined with
a SARS reason

Question – ​​I’m unemployed and applied for the COVID-19 grant at SASSA but it was declined with a response ‘Registered at SARS for PAYE’ or ‘Receiving an income’?

Answer – It should be noted that SASSA determines the criteria for paying of the grant or not. According to SASSA, to qualify for the grant, you need to be unemployed (not having any source of income) and not receive UIF or any other grants. Should this not be correct, please email SASSA on if any complaints.”

IRP5 and SARS and UIF Related Issues

For those with issue related to the SARS or UIF or irp5, you can contact Department of Labour or SARS to seek clarification.

Similarly, those with NSFAS, seta and others should contact their respective institutions to provide more information on that. That will even help in case you want to appeal.

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Those with personal details mismatch or Identity Verification Failure

if you are declined due to wrong name, surname, ID verification, please visit the and scroll down to the last section of the page and update or change your personal details. Make sure you enter the exact name as they appear on the ID document.

What You Can Do

Now people South Africa will have to make a decision to spread the pain ad how they have been treated.

Please share this post with your friends and relatives and social media platforms to let the whole world know about the issue.

That notwithstanding, they may be others who might indeed be employed or do not deserve to be receiving the grant, but sassa has to re-look at their criteria and make sure their appeal system is as transparent as possible.

You can also Appeal

Meanwhile if you still feel that you have been unduly rejected, you can send your appeal letter to the email address below : for redress.

God bless South Africa.


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35 thoughts on “Mass Decline of SASSA SRD R350 Unemployment Grant

    1. Hi dear, I’m writing this massage to get help. I have been declined from SASSA SRD and I’m not receiving àny income from else where I’m not working just need help

  1. Hi I am complaining about my payment that is declined reason for declaration it’s says am registered to UIF whereas I’ve never working before.Can you just give me explanation why i didn’t get my money because last time i got 350 but this time says it’s declined.

  2. I just wanna find out why ive been decline they send me a msg saying i have other income from other sources what does that mean

  3. My brother got approved for May and June but still no sms and I attached he’s fnb banking fetails so please help about how will I know if he’s money it’s in he’s account

  4. Identification mismatch how come when i try to fix it on the site it daily says already requested in last 24hours, so seriously it a system problem or what im i suppose to do now coz im unable to rectify the mistake and still get declined monthly based on the same massage/ reason. Plz help do advise coz im clueless. Its so unfair just because of a mis typing error.

  5. Gd evening i apply in June stil waiting i check again my status it show decline when i put in my idi how could it be please help me

  6. Reason for dicline SETA INTERN

    I am wondering how could Sassa dicline our applications know very well at LEARNERSHIPs you only get paid by attendance, no instution was open at stage 5 of lock-down meaning there was no income for students since lock-down started

    Point two some were just registered with SETA waiting for pagram to start… Due to pandemic it never started,poor people suffered alot because SASSA never made full investigation before they diclined people’s applications

    So here are the questions
    Those who got diclined will they get paid before end of October and how?

    Will they rate SASSA as professionals?

    Did SASSA complied with the rules of lock-down ?

  7. I was declined from May till August in May June and July decided the outcome showing existing grand but here in August it shows pending what must I do no

  8. Why decline because I’ve been receiving it since March and I don’t have any income from anyone and I want to buy Covid-19 medication after I was at the hospital for a month and now I have side effects of this pandemic. Please pay me I want to buy medication. Thanks

  9. Why the status of my brother said declined cause he doesn’t get any income please please please please pay him … He got the payment for May and June now instead of paying him for July August and September you said these income please pay him mara why people they have to suffer like this ???? Please make that payment thanks

  10. Government are playing us,let them count all declined application for this covid relief fund,when votes comes, is that number they will lose

  11. Was declined in may they told me irp5 registered whereas I’m not working in august was told I’m receiving a source of income but why I lost my job in april 2020 when the lockdown started we were told to wait and after that may we told not to come the business has been closed what’s worse is there was no uif what sassa is foing is unfair

  12. I only recieved may payment and i was declined because of iRp5 registered and i have not been employed or received any form of income,i have not applied for Nsfas

  13. Hi , All the payments went well , until August , it said “identified source of income ” when really I have no other sources of income . This is so not fair , why promise us something & then take it away .

  14. My message said declined because of other income. I would like to know which other income i am getting….Jesus a person waits so long for the R350 how does 1 survive….

  15. I have been declined for August due to alternative source of income identified, I have not been working nor am I currently working, please tell me where this alternative source of income is coming from coz I haven’t seen any of it, please send me proof of the alternative source of income, I want to know, send to, so I can investigate this further

  16. why I’ve been declined for August while am not working,and I don’t have that income they’re talking about it,please re-check carefully and verified your mistake

  17. They say irp5 registered while am not even working tried to appeal maybe someone use my number though other things as their cell number

  18. I don’t have any income, no job not working my children look after me for many years now. Please I need this money very urgent. Thank you

  19. My brother was working long time ago but fir 6 years he is not receiving any income he needs this the most

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