Latest Updates – Unemployment Grant of R350

Ever since the President announced the unemployment grant of R350 which the South Africa Social Security Agency (SASSA) was to take the administration of the grant, it seems most people are quite desperate over the applications.

The Social development minister had announced earlier the qualifications and requirements and for that matter the applications for people to access the grant.

The minister made it clear that plans were far advanced to start the applications hoping that payments will start by the middle of the month May.

They tested a WhatsApp number (0600123456) which is the same number ministry of health was using for people to make enquiries about the virus.

The email address was also to be used. She also made it known that other platforms such as USSD or SMS and even online applications are being looked into.

For those who might not have access to phones or internet, some volunteers are ready to help such ones to also apply.

Now more and more are worried and are expressing their dissatisfactions on social media saying they are simply not happy with slow pace of SASSA in activating the applications processes.

What is more worrying is that some have sent their applications to the email address several times without any reply and are therefore wondering if the grant will materialize.

In view of these developments, some scammers or unscrupulous people are using the situation to spread fake news on social media.

SASSA has to debunked so many post in circulation on social media. Samples are shown below.


The latest development as far as the applications of the unemployment grant of R350 which was announced, is that SASSA has NOT finalized or completed the applications/registration process, therefore applicants have to wait.

They are likely to open the applications before the close of this week ending Friday 8th May, 2020.

SASSA has been under serious pressure due the nationwide lockdown because of the global pandemic. People will have to exercise the maximum constraints and patience.

The public is also cautioned not to give their ID, bank accounts or contacts details to anyone who claims to help them apply.

Click here to see the applications process and (documents) for documents needed nor the applications.

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  1. I was approved and I also added Absa for eWallet but I haven’t received any sms claiming I have to collect the 350..

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