Kwame Kilpatrick Biography

Kwame is a prominent politician in the United States who served as the mayor of Detroit during the years 2002 to 2008. He served his constituents as a Democratic State Representative in the state of Michigan from 1997 to 2002. After being found guilty of perjury and obstructing justice in 2008, he decided to step down from his position as mayor. He was even given a jail term that lasted for four months, but he was released after a period of probation that lasted for 99 days. 

When he was the current Mayor of Detroit, he said on several occasions that he is familiar with the city since he was born and raised there. He was accused of many scandals, one of which included taking bribes. After serving time in prison, Donald Trump granted him a pardon.

Kwame Kilpatrick Biography

He lived a lavish lifestyle that included visits to luxurious spas, hosting parties, drinking expensive wine, and eating at upscale restaurants. It was said that he was discovered at a party that was full of strippers, and this led to a significant amount of controversy. Get to know the basic facts about this famous politician below.

Profile Summary

Full NameKwame Malik Kilpatrick
Date of Birth 8th June 1970 
Place of BirthDetroit, Michigan, USA
Gender Male 
Birth SignGemini 
Age52 years (as of 2022)
Religion Christian
Height6 feet 5 inches
Relationship SatusMarried
Married SpouseCarlita (ex-wife)
ProfessionAmerican former politician
Democratic Net Worth$7 million 

Early Years and Family

His father Bernard was a military man who served in the US armed forces, while his mother Carolyn was a politician. He was born in June of 1970 to Bernard and Carolyn. Kwame kilpatrick finished all of his studies in Detroit before moving on to Florida for his graduation. He has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from an accredited university.

Marriage and Family

He was married to his long time lover, Carlita in 1995. He graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in law. His father was quite the basketball player and politician in his own right and that is to say that Kwame followed in his father’s footsteps. His full sister’s name is Ayanna, and he also has a half-sister named Diarra.

Kwame Kilpatrick’s Career in Politics

Kwame Kilpatrick talsk

After running for office in the United States Congress, he was elected to serve as a representative for the state of Michigan. He was the first person of African-American descent to succeed in achieving this goal. Due to the fact that he barely turned 31 years old, he held the record for being the youngest mayor ever.

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On the other hand, he utilized public monies to settle a personal lease dispute, which sparked a significant amount of criticism. He served as Mayor for a total of two terms after being elected. During the course of his political career, he asserts that he has been the target of racism and has often been referred to as a Nigger.

Several Facts About Kwame Kilpatrick That You Probably Were Not Aware Of

The rise and fall of Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick

Firslty, he was apprehended in the middle of a rowdy party taking place at his Manoogian Mansion, which included dancers and strippers. It would seem that his wife was gone, but she returned suddenly and viciously assaulted a dancer while she was there. Carlita said in a subsequent conversation that the stripper, Strawberry, had unwanted physical contact with her husband.

Later on, the exotic dancer lost her life as a result of being killed; she was struck by many gunshots as she sat in her vehicle with her lover. It was done to keep her from testifying in court regarding the party that took place at the Manoogian Mansion. Her family holds Kwame and his wife responsible for the unfortunate event.

Secondly, he had an affair with Christine Beatty, who was his head of staff. Despite this, he spread rumors about the affair and claimed that the rumors were very upsetting.

He said that it was discouraging for her and that the reporters had no right to pass judgment on someone’s personality without first being acquainted with their actual selves. As a result of the fact that he has always been in the company of powerful women, such as his mother and his aunt, he has a great deal of respect for women.

Controversies About Kwame Kilpatrick

Kilpatrick was accused of throwing a raucous party at the Manoogian Mansion, the city-owned mansion for Detroit’s mayor, in the fall of 2002.

  • During the party, Carlita Kilpatrick, Kwame’s wife, allegedly returned home unexpectedly and brutally assaulted an exotic dancer.
  • Although the State Police investigation was cut short, Michigan Attorney General Cox and the Michigan State Police found no evidence that the party occurred.

Tamara Greene, an exotic dancer who is 27 years old, allegedly performed at the Manoogian Mansion party and was attacked by Carlita Kilpatrick.

  • When Greene and her 32-year-old boyfriend were riding in their automobile on April 30, 2003, they were shot and killed close to the intersection of Roselawn and West Outer Drive.
  • The 40 caliber Glock pistol used to shoot Greene many times was the same make and type as those that the Detroit Police Department had at the time authorized for official use. Investigators suspected that the murder was a “deliberate strike” by a Detroit Police officer.

Sentence and Pardon

Kwame Kilpatrick Biography And Christian Study

Kilpatrick was found guilty on two dozen charges, including racketeering, extortion, mail fraud, and tax evasion, on March 11, 2013. Kilpatrick was sentenced to 28 years in federal prison in October of that year. Kilpatrick was imprisoned in the Federal Correctional Institution, Oakdale in Oakdale, Louisiana.

  • The United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit affirmed his convictions in August 2015, but ordered that the amount of restitution Kilpatrick owes be reassessed. In June 2016, the United States Supreme Court refused his appeal.
  • In June Kilpatrick started seeking a pardon from President Trump during his last days as president of the U.S in June 2018. With fewer than 12 hours left in his presidency, Trump granted pardon to Kilpatrick, thereby enabling him to be released 20 years sooner.

Kwame Kilpatrick Net Worth

It is estimated that Kwame has a net worth of eleven million dollars. He was a politician by trade, and he led a very lavish lifestyle to match his profession. It was projected that he made 174,000 million dollars as a result of his position as a member of the House of Representatives.

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