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Is the SRD R350 Grant Extended?

Is the SRD R350 Grant Extended?

This might be amusing to many people, but thus what is trending on most popular social media platforms and other news portals.

They claim that the social relief of Distress grant of R350 is extended because of the ongoing lockdown and the sudden spike in the numbers of people infected with the virus.

Recently, the president during one of his addresses to his party (ANC) members, made it known that, they want to consider the introduction of basic income grant for the less privileged and those with little means and source of living.

So for the records and setting the matters straight with accuracy, there is no extension of the SRD grant of R350.

Anyone who sees such information anywhere on the internet or offline should simply ignore it.

We have made checks on all official government media platforms both social media networks and news websites and even SASSA, but none of them can confirm this malicious claim.

What the government intends to do is to raise funds that can support this policy of basic income grant.

This program is being piloted in Germany, where government will identify people who are unemployed and do not have any source of income or financial or economic support.

South Africa has been number one hit of the global pandemic which have had serious impact on the already struggling economy.

South has one of the highest unemployment rates in Africa with about 30% of its workable populace not working.

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Government is trying its best to create job and policies that will eventually help relieve its people from abject poverty.


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