If You Have Applied For R350 And Waiting Approval, Read This

As part of SASSA’s effort to speed up the payment of the pandemic fund announced by the president to cushion vulnerable people and those who are heavily impacted by the novel virus. The agency through its Twitter page has assured applicants that payments will start tomorrow 15 May, 2020.

They have however urged the applicants to exercise patience as they try to sort out all those who qualify before payments are made.

Millions of people have applied for the social relief of distress grant of R350 for the next six months starting from May through October 2020.

SASSA has provided four main channels people can use to apply for the grant.

After successful submission of the applications, applicants will have to wait for SASSA to confirm using all the data at their disposal to verify the eligibility of the applicants.

If the applicants meet all the requirements, they will officially be notified and payment channel requested. The applicants will have to provide how they can receive the money either through their bank or mobile money transfer..

Applicants are therefore to be on alert as they wait for notification from SASSA.

Meanwhile, there is no other way for the applicants to know whether they are approved or not unless they receive official confirmation from SASSA.

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54 thoughts on “If You Have Applied For R350 And Waiting Approval, Read This

  1. Good morning since i have applied using USSD I’ve never received approval massage from sassa.it says thanks you have successfully submitted your application will let you know when your approved.

    So can I try to apply using WhatsApp or Web via email since I never get approved or get any feedback from sassa

    1. When you are approved, you will be notified officially from SASSA. Don’t give your details to anyone until that

    2. Hi I’ve used the *134*7737# and it said it was successful submitted no approval yet .

    3. Dear Mr/Mrs
      I applied for SASSA SDR grant and I was robbed my Phone so I don’t know if I was Approved for SRD Grant or I wasn’t approved. I also want to know that what must I do to know that I qualify for the grant

  2. Good Evening
    I have been trying all the different ways of applying I have emailed for the past week I have sms’d and watts app and no response

    The resonse I got on watts app is
    I don’t understand. I am only a robot. And, although I love to help, I have a few shortcomings:

    – A long message scares me, I can only answer one question at a time.
    – At the moment I only speak English but I can say hello in several languages… I’m busy working on improving that!
    – You can ask me for _*HELP*_ anytime and I then I can explain what I can do!

  3. I replied using the email address that was provided. The following day i got a legal declaration and confidentiality notice without the attachedment. I have emailed and even went to sassa offices to get help without success. And i ended up repplying through the link.

    1. As far as your application was successfully submitted, sassa will have crosscheck if indeed you qualify after that they will officially get back to you for your payment account. Patience is the key.

      1. My friend was approved for May then declined and then approved again for May asking for banking detail. He used mine. June is pending yet no payment received.

  4. This government need to understand that this R350 is for relief….as i speak i don’t have anything to eat tomorrow….what i should is to wait ….wait wait wait till when?
    , do you still have to verify that we’re hungry noooooooo come on guys .. .

    1. Hi my husband apply in April on the 060 nr and still didn’t get any response from SASSA was he’s application submit.

      1. Was the applications submitted successfully? If yes, they will respond, just be patient

  5. I have applied for unemployment grant relief grant i was told to make affidavit at the police station i did that and sent it via email i got a consent form i filled it and sent it so i haven’t received any sms or call or reply from the email address i sent to

    1. You will have to wait as SASSA is still sorting data out. When your application is approved they will contact you for your preferred payment mode

  6. Received form from gov chat. When want to complete they asked for otp. I did not receive one when they send it. Then they send a consent form to help because I asked for otp. That file said cannot open . Now I cannot send information they need

  7. So How are we going to know if we don’t qualify…are they going to send us the sms telling us that we don’t qualify or..?

    1. You yourself should know. Anyway, you have the right to require why you were disqualified if any

  8. Hi. I applied via the used code and then again via watsapp, where I was given an otp number n filled the form. Also got a reference number but still no notification as if it was approved or not.

  9. I also applied for the R350 Grand but still waiting.Really in need.I am uunemployed,not receiving any money.Still waiting

  10. I’m approved but didn’t received any payout. I want to know if they will give a double payment if you didn’t received your frst payment in May.


  12. Hi I get my approved message from SASSA with a link where I must confirm my payment methode but it only login until I put in my I’d then it says fail I use the same phone number I do this application on.Please help me.Thanx u

  13. Applied 16 May got confirmation approved send e wall details got message said bank details approved. So far no payment. It is nearly 12 days ago

  14. Applied in May and my money not yet been paid and approved but no pay date. If they pay, will it be doubled now and why not yet paid?

  15. Good day sending message on behalf of my cousin,I’ve applied for my aunt and my cousin on the same day in May,my aunt received a message in june asking to send her bank details,she received a payment of r350 on the 19th june,where by my cousin still waiting approval since may

  16. Ngicela ningisiza nami angisebenzi kanti angikayitholi lemali eyakhishwa yilokhu ngi aplyile na apruva anizange ninginike imali

    1. Kanti mina ngingumuntu ozigadela izimont kuyabheda kimi ngicela ningisiza amen izinto anginazo ningangenzela uwallet ngiyikhiphe esitolo

  17. I’m trying not to lose hope In this srd Grant but apply In May approved in July now it show me for May approved and pending for June but still waiting for 1st payment until now still nothing but same person who got his 2nd payment today we apply on same day in May what is going on Sassa nd Gov. What’s the hold up with my application still waiting for payment date for my 1st payment date I’m currently unemployed for longtime is there another way to get information or what to do and finding out about my status

  18. Declined n not receiving any income, even uif.labour should have been listed me by mistake on its data-base.My I’d: 8111055801085, cell number 0836179153 + 0736582273.I’m no longer working from September 2019,I was not qualified UIF at all.

  19. My grant was approved in May already, and in June, but have not received payment yet.

  20. Can someone please explain to what is going on. I was approved in May and received 350 last week my June mouth was approved in May but have not received à payday or SMS up until know nothing

  21. Please help, how do one change payment from e-wallet to post office as e-wallet seems not to be approved.

  22. Dear Mr/Mrs
    I applied for SASSA SDR grant and I was robbed my Phone so I don’t know if I was Approved for SRD Grant or I wasn’t approved. I also want to know that what must I do to know that I qualify for the grant

  23. I received Sept. and Oct. But I was declined June, July and August. Identity verification failed. I have appealed for the 3 months but I still haven’t received any response yet. Why? Will I get SRD for those 3 months?

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