How To Apply for the SASSA Food Vouchers or Parcels

SASSA kickstarts food voucher programme
People waiting in line for their SASSA grant.

SASSA kickstarts food voucher programme
People waiting in line for their SASSA grant.

SASSA will be providing food vouchers to those affected by the recent looting and unrest.

“Instead of food parcels, SASSA currently provides vouchers for social relief of distress. They are redeemable at selected service providers, however in KZN these service providers had their food stocks looted and infrastructure vandalised during the past week’s unrest, thereby halting this kind of service in that province,” SASSA said in a statement.

It said this has worsened the situation of vulnerable and needy families who don’t have a means of income and rely on government interventions.

SASSA said in other parts of the country it will continue to provide social relief of distress in the form of food vouchers to needy families.

“The relief is provided as part of the standard social relief of distress programme administered by SASSA in terms of the Social Assistance Act,” the Agency said.

Furthermore, the criteria states that if you are already in receipt of a grant you do not qualify for social relief of distress, and an application, supported by documentary evidence is required for each person requiring support.

“This is targeted at people who are facing undue hardships, especially given the fact of what happened this week where there was looting and so on and in some instances there were killings,” SASSA spokesperson, Paseka Letsatsi, said.

To apply first make sure that you qualify.

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Follow the link below to check if you qualify before applying for Food Vouchers

Do you qualify for SASSA Food Vouchers or Parcels?


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