Has SASSA Declined Your SRD R350 Grant Application?

Sassa under fire for ‘wrongful declined’

Exactly month ago, sassa claimed it has started paying the qualified applicants of the Special social relief of distress srd, which was later turned to be test payment for 10 people out of which 9 were successful.

Since then, sassa has been approving and paying some applicants and still most people have had their applications pending almost after one month without any proper response.

They wondered why can’t sassa tell them if they qualify or not.

After so many stories from sassa, today 15 June, 2020, hoping to see their status updated only to be met with SMS from sassa saying their applications have been declined because they have other sources of income.

This has left many wondering because they claim they have been unemployed for over four years or more.

An they don’t understand why they have declined that stipend that can actually serve as a source of sustenance.

According to them, they see no tangible reasons why sassa would do such a thing and are now alleging that sassa is using this as an excuse to deny them what’s their due.

Below are some of the comments so far received on social media :


“It’s Sad to see people that don’t really qualify for the Social Relief Grants getting paid while qualifying citizens are still waiting for approval 😒Rsa sh*t country🚮😪”

“Sassa declined us and says we receiving income..when we hav been unemployed for more than 3 years…Sassa need to get there facts straight before an uprising happens…when we try and call them to state our queries their lines are busy we can’t even get thru…#SassaMustFail”

..”you currently have income from other sources”…

I’m confused which sources r thy referring to..cz I’m not receiving any cent …
Yet I agree I was receiving money from Nsfas then later Nsfas rejected me… which means from there I didn’t receive any cent…

Then nou Boom..U currently what what …aibo..!!.sassa!”

It is disheartening to see people who have lost their jobs or others who have remained unemployed for many years and had to go through this stress, which they had wished the promise was never made in the first place.

Below are screenshot of some copies of the said message that informed applicants their applications have been declined :

Declined sassa srd message

In our next article, we will delve into the possibilities why SASSA declined some applicants.

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25 thoughts on “Has SASSA Declined Your SRD R350 Grant Application?

  1. Yes very strange just lastnite i sent they a query that my application has been pending so long. This morning i received and message thats it declined.. so what now. With no other income at all what resources are they using to say that there I have income from other sources. Plse explain and how do i contact them to clarify this.

    1. Hello Belinda, it might be your employment history. So all of us are calling on SASSA to be specific with the content pf the SMS. They are to reveal to applicants why they decline their application.

    2. they declined me so I would like to know why I applied in May it’s July now please I would like to have a good reason why the declined me

      1. why promise us this money we are not working so we were so happy for this money now our hearts are so sore thanks for this country God bless them

  2. I was depending on that r350 and now where am I now Gina get money because SASSA is playing with our feelings

  3. ALL THIS IS JUST MAKING LIFE IMPOSSIBLE .PLEASE PROVE /SHOW THE APPLICANT WHERE THEY ARE REGISTERED IN EMPLOYMENT OR WHEN THEY COLLECTING UIF …the whole point was to assist the unemployed now WHO has been employed these past months ….even the vendor was not ….stop thieving by making excuses that do not exist just say …WE WILL KEEP YOUR R350 …if you lucky you might get it this is a lottery srd grant…..do what is normally done ….give 1 in 1000 people the srd so it doesnt look too bad…..if the computer data base systems are picking up people working who have not for more than a year or more OR vice versa ….the data system is just unreliable!!! ….. what can be trusted ???To step away from the srd grant for a second …when I tried getting a disability grant ….the amount of DIFFERENT people I had to go through to collect a form and then scrutinised carefully and of course the district surgeon etc etc…..and i was turned down SO i will never understand how people collect disability grants for “ghosts” applicants that do not exist ….you mean that all these different people each seen all these non existent people ….wow our system is amazing ….

  4. I’m just wondering why sassa have been declined my application coz I don’t have any income I last work at Shoprite checkers on 2016 but now I’m not working yet please check properly I’m unemployed

  5. My unemployment grant application was declined and i only saw when checking my status and it just say decline,I have been unemployed from 01 Aug.2019.You call their lines to no avail,very heartbreaking

  6. I haven’t worked since 2014 and I was declined so I don’t understand where is my source of income sassa please explain in detail why I’m declined

  7. I did apply but my status says decline I think it’s because I am a beneficial for my little sister foster care Grant,is that fair becouse l am just a beneficial it’s not like am getting anycent and l am not working

  8. Mxm this government and its people are just exploiting the vulnerables because of the division within, why Ramaphosa said this on the national television and his minister’s said other wise, hope people can see now what are capitalist all about, they must just futsek.

  9. I’m also unemployed and I really need an income, Sassa have declined me I do not know why I need answers..

  10. I was wondering if government know that we didn’t receive our money for may and July we only get money for June how did that happen because government say we will get a double payment but even now we didn’t get a double payment

  11. Hi I’m not working don’t receive any money from no one sassa decline me said I receive nsfas money I don’t receive anything from nsfas I’m unemployed I apply the 11 may WS pending June July decline end July decline until the 11 of August decline they say I receive nsfas money an I’m not receiving anything

  12. May declined June pending
    Why because I never worked I need to understand why I am not getting any money I don’t have any source of income

  13. I’ve applied on May and it declined stating that I have source of income which is not true coz am unemployed and I did follow up using my reference number that was given to me on my first application and it went on pending but before July ended it went back on declining and am unemployed , Here it’s my Reference 8JM4WE , 9811170459086 Mgangane L

  14. Hi
    I’ve applied for social relief fund on may but was declined. May,June and july the reason being that I’m uif registered and I haven’t been working since last year july.
    Kindly advice.
    Nthabiseng Grace Mashamaite

  15. I’ve been applying since May it declined stating that I’ve been receiving NSFAS which is not true I stopped receiving NSFAS last year 2019 .

  16. Hi my brother in law was declined on may until now he is still waiting, status says he has to submit irp5 of which he has 3 years being unemployed so he went SARS they said they have nothing to do with this srd application

  17. Hi Belinda I applied was approved untill August and after that I was declined reason being IRP was filed but how can that be .I’m unemployed since July 2014 I dont understand .Thank You

  18. My application was declined reason being source of income and am not working i dont even receive my child grant but still am declined i dont know why

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