Breaking News: Good News As SASSA Start Approving September 2020 SRD R350

Good News As SASSA Start Approving September 2020 SRD R350

After days of waiting in vain for the sassa srd R350 Grant, now there is light. On Sunday October 11, grant applicants started seeing approved on their dashboard after days of pending which left many devastated.

This comes days after the Auditor General made revelation indicating about 30, 000 government employees were found on the payroll of the srd R350 Grant.

Because of this some prominent members and opinion leaders are calling for the CEO of SASSA to be sacked or honorably step down.

Earlier sassa has asked applicants to switch from the default Post office pay point to their preferred bank account.
This is to enable and speed up the payment process and devoid the overcrowding at the post office.

The applicants had to choose partnered banks including Capitec Bank, FNB, Standard etc.

In addition, those who don’t have a bank account can choose the Ewallet option with any of the partnered bank and they reiterated that those who choose the Ewallet should make sure that the SIM card is registered in their name officially.

The srd grant of R350 was instituted by government in April and payment started in May.

The other side of the payment have been that some applicants still have not been paid since May. Others have not been paid their June and July and August although approved with payments dates.

Sassa has reassured applicants that all those who have been approved will be paid accordingly and no one will be denied what is due him or her.

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Those who have been approved without pay date are to note that the pay date are generated automatically by the system and such applicants should not panic. This is to allow space between the number of people visiting the post office at a time.

If you are approved with pay date, be reminded that the pay date on your dashboard is the day sassa effected payment. In view of this, for those who will receive their payment at the post office will have to wait for the SMS asking them to go for their money at the nearest post office.

However, if you are expecting to be paid at your preferred bank, check your bank account regularly if the money has been deposited into your account.

To check your current SRD grant status please visit

The temporal grant will be ending this month October.

An update to this story is that as Saturday, 12th September some applicants started receiving their grant money in their bank accounts. It must be noted that those those who are being paid through accounts do no need a second SMS but their bank alerts do. So if you are paid through bank, you can check your account balance to confirm if you have been paid or not.

However, those who receive their grant at the post office will have to wait for the SMS asking them to visit the nearest Post Office to collect their money.

Some too have been approved without pay date, if you are part of those applicants, we advise that you occasionally call Post Office Toll Free Number to check on your behalf using this number: 0800535455

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Meanwhile, there are proposals underway by the government to pay what it is termed “basic income grant” to the unemployed youth an amount of R500 monthly.


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41 thoughts on “Breaking News: Good News As SASSA Start Approving September 2020 SRD R350

  1. Can url ewarllet me please i can’t open up b account i dnt have n Id document ewarllet me one this number I got lots of them Ian try for maands 2 get this transaction please

  2. My comment is I just get paid R350 for may only and I just want to know what going on,or you make a corruption for this money?

  3. What can I do to change my contact number that I applied with because my sim got stollen with the sim, how do I add my new contact number.

  4. Hie how is this thing working do we get the money after some months or everymonth coz it comes after a while to me

    1. I don’t understand I didn’t receive payment for two months and other people did received their payment

  5. Why if u got paid three times after that u didn’t get another payment because it happen for 6 months what about other 3 months and why if it approval but no pay date and no money in account according from post office?

  6. I’ve been paid for only two months, I kindly ask to be given the date of my new payment…It show pending.

    Thank you

  7. siince l aplied for 350grand l have never recive anymoney at postoffice l have not recive sms to notifyme when to go to postoffice to colect money til today yesterday l want to postofice at tlhabane but l was turnd away they say l have not aplied but l have aplied several times. l have lost hope

  8. Been paid my May ,June and July grants but then August was pending until it said declined and the reason being I have another source of income which I don’t know about since I am not employed nor receiving any uif or any kind of grant ,I wonder what criteria they use or where do I get that other source of income they say I’m getting

  9. Hi my status says decline for August and the reason says alternative income source identied and am not working please can you help

  10. I had received payment for 3 months and then for August I was declined cause apparently I have “another income source”. Now my September status shows pending……how do we interpret that. Would like to know….

  11. Hi I have received my may.. june…july payment…then August I got declined…it says i have other source of income…which is false… I haven’t worked since 2012… could you kindly rectify that for me

    Thank you

  12. I was declined in May,June and July reason identification verification and in July I was given a chance to rectify and in August I was approved with no paydate ,So will I be paid for 4 months or only 1 month?Thank you.

  13. For the whole covid 19 srd grand I aply since may but been decline till September, and now I want to check for October, they don’t show anything,, why is that

  14. As
    Ireiceve payment for 3 months May June n July but August n September ididn’t receive anything and I’m approved but no paydate 😥 why?

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