From Post Office To Your Preferred BANK ACCOUNT, Read This

From Post Office To Your Preferred BANK ACCOUNT, Read This.

Last week, sassa announced that they have moved a step forward as way to ease the pressure usually seen at the post office. It became necessary as a result of overcrowding at the post office. Some who have been to the place recount their ordeal being in a a long queue for hours sometimes only to be told there is money shortage.

What? Are you kidding? Some even go there as early as 4am. It has been a eyesore. Only God knows the trauma these people have gone through.

Sassa therefore saw the need to make arrangements so that applicants who have been approved can switch from the post office to their preferred bank account.

Most applicants took the opportunity and have change to their respective financial institutions.

Now the question that has been going through those who switch to the banks is when are they receiving their grant in their bank accounts.

Sassa has clarified that, the switch only affect subsequent payments and not payments that have already been issued. In the statement, they said such payments will start from August.

” Please also note that the new banking details will only be used for future payments, after verification” – the statement said.

In effect if you are approved to be paid at the post office before you switch to the bank, you will still receive the approved payment at the post office.

Sassa has always said it takes up to 7 working days or even more depending on the volume of applications being worked on. So your pay date is not necessarily the day that you will be paid. For those who have switched to the bank, they should intermittently check their bank account balance.

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108 thoughts on “From Post Office To Your Preferred BANK ACCOUNT, Read This

      1. I also wana change from post office to bank account 62689561283 Thats ma Fnb Account

      2. Hi,I’m Mongezi Kamana I need to change my srd ssassa grant from post office to my bank.

    1. I changed from post office to standard Bank instant money and received my August, September and October money only
      But from November to January i didn’t received any money and I am asking why??

      1. I also need to know i use to get it from postoffice then early january i changed to capitect since then i never recived 350 since january till now..?🤷🏽‍♂️

      1. I applied via cousins sbank acc with same surname but is telling me to attend post office but the bank details has been approved

          1. I want to change my 350 grand money from my bank to post office please help me

          1. Pls can u help me ive been approved for July n August n hav been send a OPT number however wen i went to the Atm it stated that the pin expired. And n wen i went to the post office numerous times they tell me im not on the system so wot am i suppose to do cos ive never received any money yet. Pls explain wot im suppose do.

          1. I changed from post office to capitec I found approved message and when I check my status it has pay date but in my bank account still nothing so I want to know that how long it’s going to take to receive it on my account

    1. Morning did got my first payment from Post Office and did send my Bank details for second payment.

    2. I need to receive money via bank Account..i don,t want to receive money from postOffice. Please help me.

  1. Hi,my son apply nd send all his detail including bank s detail,now he received a message that he have to go to the Post office to collect his money,so I like to know that,how can that money go to the post office not on his bank because he send bank account

  2. I applied on my and. My application was approved .then I received my first payment for May ,shouldn’t my question is why shouldn’t I get the cash for three months since it sltook longer than i expected. But when I check my status it showed for approved for may and june..
    While I got for may only .

  3. Hi h was approved may my paydate was 19 and after that 23 but i gave bank acount without me nowing that fnb closed it.i went into the bank and they told me and they cant open it again .where do i go for that 2months payment.wil they pay it in august in new acount that i gave on the 7 August.or what

  4. Since I was approved n sent ma banking details nothing has happened I went to post office n inform them dat I gave sassa ma post office banking account they said they will call me n inform me what happened to ma money till today it’s 3 months now don’t know whether I will ever get it

  5. I changed from post office to bank and I’m approved for July what should I do?to go to post office

  6. I would like to know where should I send my banking details because I tried to send them on the link from the SMS that I got that says I should go to post office.I did not get even the first one even though I slept there more than 18 times in post office they usually say there is no network ,there is no money ,it is the day for other payments no R350 are allowed Please help me because I really need this R350 I am unemployed I have no parents I leave alone .I do washings in this village of mine in order to get food.

  7. Hi I’m Kenneth I want to change from post office to bank account the problem I have with the link they ask you to use the cell number use to register my problem that number is closed now it was a contract how do I add my account can you help

  8. i applied for SRD grant on since from 11 May 2020 but i never recieve any massage for payment its been 3 months now that i’ve been waiting

  9. I have been approved 3weeks ago but still haven’t receive a sms yet to go to the post office almos everyone that has applied after me has received their money

  10. Hi im Nonhlanhla Mavundla i never received my August 350 now is September just want to know if is possible to get it?…my stutus still pending…for August thank you.

  11. My son has been approved for jun and jul went to post office with app num. Was told he must wait for sms to say money is at post office still waiting.

  12. I’d like to know this I’ve checked my status then it says my payment has been approved on the 24th of August for June & July then I send them my banking details last week so should I go to the post office or wait for it on my account

  13. Hi my daughter did apply from the first of thisR350 up until now she never get this money she only get pending &then declined so what must I do anyway

  14. I have applied for my brother nd it’s approved the problem is he doesn’t have an iD we went to home affairs he filled out the form but still no I’d so wat should I do we hve papers as prove tht he applied for an I’d

  15. Today I checked my status and it said declined,this happened after I changed to post office to back
    Why mara because this money help me so much like right now I really need it 😔

  16. Pls help me understand why i was send an approval msge aswell as a OTP pin, bt when i went to the Atm it states the pin is expired. I also went to the post office numerous times and im told im not on the system. Ive never received any money, what am i suppose to do. Pls explain what i should do to get the money.

  17. How to change my 350 at post office to my bank coz i find on app they are allready pay me tha uagust bt i didnt find there,iddnt find even october

  18. I need to receive money via bank Account..i don,t want to receive money from postOffice. Please help me.

  19. Since I was approved I sent my banking details from 03 August I try again now 01 November l update l get SMS say successful of banking details nothing has happened live in farm’s sometimes I go to post office say there is no network or there is no money so please l want to change from post office to my bank account my account is 10129250838 standard bank

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