How to Check your SRD SASSA R350 Application Status.

Ever since SASSA opened the applications for the unemployment grant of R350 otherwise known as Special Social Relief of Distress, millions of people applied.

Last week SASSA started sending approval messages to some qualified applicants to submit and confirm their banking details.

They did a test run and paid only 10 people to see if the general payments will be successful. Out of the ten, 9 were successful and the remaining one issue was sorted out successfully.

Since then SASSA has been sending approval messages to more and more people to submit their payment details. This week, in sassa official Statement, it was revealed that even those without bank accounts can still use their registered mobile wallet or ewallet the receive payment.

This became necessary since most of the applicants are unemployed and have no bank accounts.

Now what has become a headache to most applicants is the fact that they can not check their status to see if they qualify or not (although SASSA stated the qualifying criteria).

Such people are in limbo and worried since they don’t have a means to Check their status as to whether they qualify or not.

Click on the button below to see the Status Checks Procedure

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150 thoughts on “How to Check your SRD SASSA R350 Application Status.

      1. Applied 14 May 2020 via WhatsApp and still no reply. Seems that portal not working becos when I request status it starts process all over again

          1. Hey I want to know how do I get the second payments approval for the unemployment social grant

        1. Hi Vanessa kan n mens apply vir die 350 via whatsapp of moet ons ingaan sassa toe self?

          1. I received msg on 30th June saying my I’d details don’t macth I want to know why Nd my status of application I’m want my money coz I’m unemployed

        1. Hi my name is jabulane Dennis Lekama I’ve applied long time ago and last month my application has been approved but till today I didn’t get anything

      2. I have applied via sms they have replied my application but it’s been two weeks now they didn’t pay me

          1. Hey I would to know how can I apply again since my Srd grand is declined because I didn’t register PAYE and I really need the uneployed social grant because I am not working and I am not getting any Money

      3. My brother has applied in May,but he’s failed.Dont know why because he is not working .He is 53 yrs with no source of income.

    1. How long must I wait for my answer of approval of the R350 Sassa grant?I applied three weeks ago and no answer yet.

    2. Hi I have not got a reply since I applied on the 11 of May 2020
      What is happening
      Status still pending

        1. Hi there guys please help out if you can. I have been approved for June mouth and it’s August mouth already so waiting for a payday for June and don’t know what July going to say I give up with Sassa really

          1. I register on May
            I get an approval on July 10th and also get my first R350 payment’
            I didn’t get nothing😠😠😠

    3. i was declained for sassa unemployment grant, but when i reapply it says its pending please check whats the problem thank you

  1. 084 6448083 cel no op dieselfe no

    ref no 9I0637
    skop dit uit

    1. same here it says please enter valid reference number now 🤔???I have tried to check on the sassa link page and I found that there is a data free site called Moya that I have a status “pending since the week i applied was when this entire ussd code became available?? The WhatsApp unati keeps on advising that she is just a robot and does not understand when I enter what I thought was a reference number twice so what is going on? when you call into sassa they advise that you will be called back and that the centre is unmanned?? help anyone!!!!feeling extremely frustrated😭😭😭😭😭as if the livelihoods uncertainty wasn’t a big enough pill to swallow?

  2. Applied 14 May 2020 via WhatsApp and still no reply. Seems that portal not working becos when I request status it starts process all over again

      1. Hi my brother has applied in May .Till today he never get sms mor nothing .No response to his application .His ID no 9505135767084.He is unemployed .Phone no 0839401520.When I check his status is declined.We want to know why is declined yet his not working.Pls help

      1. Many times ive tried to check my status if im a proved since today i ddn’t get any massage came from sassa but guys applied before me they received money

  3. Hi I applied for R350. Grant. When I go to check it says pending I applied in April via whatsapp it said successful. Then I applied 11 May. Via srd it says pending

  4. Since I sent everything via WhatsApp, email, SMS always when I check my status says pending

  5. Was approved in May but still waiting for payment date to go collect money or the SMS to go to post office people apply long after got approved and post office date to go collect there payment but me still waiting what’s going on with sassa

  6. I applied and I was approved, got a payment sometime in May. Now its a mountain to climb to get other payments. When I checked my status it said 28 May, now is saying pending. It’s so sad because even though this grant is drop in the ocean but during these tough times of Covid19 pandemic it’s really helpful. Please help speed up the process my cell phone number is 0670915889.

  7. I was approved but if I send the message back that I want to get paid via FNB e wallet it does go through it been weeks now and m hungry please help me guys

  8. Hi .I received my R350 last month but this month they say it has not reflected yet,so how do one check when to go and get their because you stand for the whole day on the line and you are told it is not yet in,I received it on the 20/06/2020 and I went on the same date

  9. I apply in May12 even now i did not get any pay my status says May declined June pending pls help

  10. hi sorry sassa but we are about to lose our minds here whats going on im declined for may but im at home for so long cant even remember for how long now…we need answers plz not bad ones good ones sent those sms…

  11. My ID NR is …….6405040171089
    MY e-mail is

  12. The current SASSA system is a total mess, unprofessional and unhelpful. People haven’t get paid since May , others over paid or under paid. There is no sorting process if you pay people in advance, give the people their money and get it done. It is evident beyond doubt Sassa is a shambles, that’s why there is no proper problem resolution platform for individuals. You playing with peoples livelihood as little money as it is. Guys get your act together ,get the system running properly if you can’t step as side and let new willing workers do it.

  13. Why was I declined again.. I was retrenched in April 2019 and received uif until May 2020. I am 53 years old and are unemployed..No Sassa claims that I have a registered irp form.. What that does mean… I don’t understand. Please explain..

  14. my id number 8709125099083 i apply in may bt stl waiting for respond from u guys please check for me and let me know hope all is well

  15. My name is SPHESIHLE SOBAZILE i application was on March but i never receive even the approval sms until now i need to know why because all the people who was applying after me they’ve got their payments but mine still pending help me sassa for once just a reason why

  16. Hi
    I would like to know why I’m denied social relief because I’m no longer employed.

    Pls advise

  17. Hello please help I applied for my daughter who’s 18 years because her Grant stopped in her birthday month n I have since applied in August and it says declined “Sars” something I don’t know what does that mean

  18. Good day I went to the post office twice to find out about my grant and it say that I’m not on the system but I received an SMS to say I am and I got a number Aswell I went to the atm to withdraw it and the say try again. On the SMS they ask my banking detail and I did provide it for them plz advise what to do thank you.

  19. I whating for a long time for my srd 350 but. Am decline and have no income am unemployed 53years old and they dont gave no work for old people what must i do

  20. I was approved but have not received any money. I was approved from September to December so far.

  21. I would like to know Wich months it’s still not payed . N y this may I don’t get my pay day it’s been first time this happened .. help out plz

  22. I already did. Applying sassa convict 19 money but I never received any response from possoffice to collect it


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