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Check How Much Are SASSA Payouts After The Increase

How Much Are the sassa Grants Payouts

Since the 2020 budget was read, government throughout the sassa, the agency responsible for the administration of social security in the country, made known the amount on increment each category of sassa beneficiaries will receive their sassa payouts.

It must however be noted that the final amounts are the highest being paid to beneficiaries. Not everyone will receive the highest amount as it depends on the condition that will require how much that should be given.

The application goes through a rigorous processes to ascertain if the the applicants duly qualify for the grant or not.

Below is the increment each category saw as read in the 2020 Budget.

Old Age, War Veteran and disability grants saw an increase of R80, Foster care saw R40 increase and Child Support grants also saw R20 increase.

Sassa pay increase
SASSA payments 2020


In view of that, Old Age Grant is now R1860, War Veteran Grant will also be R1880, Disability grants will be R1860, Foster Grants now R1040 and Child Support Grant will now also be R445.

You can visit here for the sassa payments dates.

There are claims in circulation on social media that, sassa will increase their payouts cash due to the pandemic and its subsequent lockdown. The lockdown has put a lot of pressure on parents who are not working.

Visit sassa website here 

We are tracking sassa closely to hear if they will officially announce the said intervention (increase) to help cushion already struggling households.

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