Can I Apply for the Reinstated SRD R350 Grant Right Now?

Can I Apply For the SASSA SRD R350 grant?

Many seems too frustrated and want to if they can go ahead and apply for the reinstated SRD R350 Grant. Below is the latest information available to us.

As at Wednesday, 28th July 2021, most South Africans who are eager for the new application of the reinstated SRD R350 Grant to commence are at crossroads.

But this i may call, is a self-inflicted pains and unwarranted. Why do I say so? The Minister of the Department of Social Development (DSD) Ms Zulu made an announcement just a day after president speech for the reinstatement of the SRD R350 grants.

She said the grant application is yet to start and as such every one who wishes to receive the grant will have to submit a new application. In view of this the old ones or people who were earlier applied for the expired one will have to apply again.

It was clear in her delivery that, SASSA is yet to announce the application process. So that obviously means application has NOT started yet and people should throw away their desperate and follow the official news to ascertain things for themselves.

It is true that this country is going through a lot of difficulties, thus why the president and the finance Minister had admitted the need to reinstate the SRD R350 grants, although not enough.

You can follow this website for updates and support as we wait patiently for SASSA to roll out the application procedure.

Never fall victim to scammers who are parading themselves online as SASSA officials for their own parochial interest.

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9 thoughts on “Can I Apply for the Reinstated SRD R350 Grant Right Now?

  1. I like the way South Africa caring out loud this is too much better for everyone i whole to get this 350 grant

  2. If sassa R350 covid19 relief grant is not going to be applied through online…. Thar means beneficiaries are going to flock at sassa office in large numbers ist going to be safe during this Covid19 pandemic outbreak???

  3. I would like to reconsider beacuse I was irp5 registered but I didn’t work or anything so how do I get that cash

  4. I would like to inquire about this R350 grant since I’m also not working currently

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