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Calls Intensified To Restore The Grants Top-ups of Child, Old Age, Disability Etc

Calls Intensified To Restore The Grants Top-ups of Child, Old Age, Disability Etc

When the president announced that the unemployed people’s grant should be extended after several calls from opinion leaders various groups. During the the president speech, he was clear about the intent of extending the grant which was introduced in May and would have ended in October, to January 2021.

Some people mistook this to mean an extension of all the grants being paid by SASSA. Right after the speech, the notion was that all grants have been extended for which most people were very happy.

But after few days, SASSA issued a statement indicating that the extension of the Grants only affect the SRD grant of R350.

Most recipients of grants other than the R350 have taken to social media and public forums to demand that government also extend their grants also.

For instance, they argue that, although the lockdown has been declined drastically and some working places have started opening up for business, there are still uneasiness due to employment.

They are now asking government to reconsider his decision to also include them and restore the top-ups.

Some mothers who receive SASSA grants are claiming that the child support grant they are receiving are for the kids, so they too should some form of support, as they too are not working.

As part of the requirements for one to qualify for the Social Relief of distress grant of R350, the applicant must not be receiving any form of grant from government. With this, since they are the recipients of the grant, they claim, they are not the actual beneficiaries of the grant.

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Government has put up its plans to restore and recover the economy after the global pandemic had a devastating impact on the economy. They plan to create hundreds of thousands of job opportunities across the country so that more people can be absorbed especially in government sectors.


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4 thoughts on “Calls Intensified To Restore The Grants Top-ups of Child, Old Age, Disability Etc

  1. Hi,I’m Weziwe Ngubane,since I applied on May but my application keeps on declined it’s says I’m UIF registered of which I’m not getting any income please assist

  2. I just want to find out about my application i have sent my info on May month but till this date no payment.

  3. The labour department don’t care about us but when the company does not pay them their making sure they get paid.i also registered in October last year and not yet paid .

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