SASSA has started issuing October 2020 module for approval and subsequent payments. Payments are mostly made in double for September and October.

Prior to this, SASSA had declined a huge number of the applicants numbering around 1.9 million of them with the excuse that “alternative Income Source Identified” for the August 2020 Payment month.

SASSA has come out to officially confirm that it was not a mistake or a technical error but was deliberate decision.

Some of these aggrieved applicants never understood why their applications have been rejected without any clear evidence. Others suspected that, sassa has adopted this strategy just to frustrate them so they eventually give up.

But on Wednesday, 30th September 2020, through an official Media Release, they confirmed that they have checked some of the applicants’ bank accounts. This was to check what they called “means test” to verify if any of the applicants have been receiving some form of ‘income’ or not.

After public outcry, sassa has rescinded its rejection rate and have started approving those affected applicants for the August Payments cycle.

October Payments Cycle

Although SASSA has said that, the SRD grant of R350 has no fixed payment dates schedule, previous payments cycle has been relatively good. But when it got to August Payments, there was a considerable delay in the approval and subsequent payments timing.

As we write this, SEPTEMBER and October payment module has start being processed as Approvals are still ongoing although there are no payments dates.

Applicants are advised to exercise patience.

Meanwhile, you can always check your srd R350 Grant status using this link

If you are are approved without pay date just wait, but if you’re approved with payday wait for at least 7 working days before calling Post Office Toll free (0800535455) to find out if your money is processed for payment. Sometimes they will send an SMS asking you to go to the post office for your money.

However, if you are paid at the bank, you can check your balance from the pay date or sometimes you might receive an SMS alert.

It might be recalled that, the srd grant of R350 was to officially end in October, but the president through his regular speech, extended the SRD grant for three additional months ending January 2021.

Some applicants who use banks as payment option have received their September and October Payments.

Good News is that sassa has started issuing pay Dates to applicants who have been approved for months now without pay Dates.

Applicants are advised to switch their payments points to their preferred bank for easy payments.


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  1. I was declined from May to July ,because of UIF that ended in April .I check yesterday and see August is APPROVED ,September is Pending… I was at post office and they say I am not on system ? What does this mean….because I have no income . Please advise me ASAP!!

  2. I applied for my mother and the just got 350 once in the month may so what is going to happen now since shes been waiting and its October already

  3. please help my applications declined from May-August nd reason May-July says irp5 registered nd August says alternative source of income identified bt am nt working

  4. I see that August approval has updated on system .It was filed on 21/10/2020. and 23 is pay day….is that this month…

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